Turquoise Eyes Glowing Skin Makeup Look

Hi Everyone 🙂

I did this makeup look in Croatia. I always imagined making my glow ‘glow’ when I am in some beachy location. Well, a dream come true. I so wanted to put my head out in the sun and let it work my glow. Honestly, I have these little stupid dreams that keep me going and keep me excited. 😛 I did this gorgeous turquoise blue liner and added a bit of blue shimmer on top.

Turquoise Eyes Glowing Skin Makeup Look

It’s a nice break from a regular black eyeliner and totally puts you in a holiday mode. 🙂 Finished off with lots of highlighter, and a bright pop of lip color. This is a full-on makeup look – lots of pop on skin, cheeks and eyes.

Turquoise liner look

Glowing skin makeup

You can do a n*de lip with it if you find it a little too much. I personally wanted a full-on holiday mode bright makeup look. 🙂 Hope you like it and give it a try. 🙂

Turquoise Eyes makeup with glowing skin

Tip : For a super glowing skin, layer up the products – powder on top of liquid instead of adding thick layer of just one product. It would give you a better result. 🙂

Turquoise eye makeup

Products Used:

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14 thoughts on “Turquoise Eyes Glowing Skin Makeup Look

  1. Wow such an gorgeous summery look ??love ur top and ur earrings too .. sunrise at it lips ??turquoise adds a lot of zing to ur glowing face

  2. Wow you look absolutely gorgeous and yes the holiday is giving your skin a beautiful natural glow. Thanks for sharing this look with us!

  3. Oooh…ma’am, you look so fresh and bright in this look. And you look like a total girl-boss in the second photo. Loving your holiday pics so so much.

  4. This is such a vibrant and fresh look. You look stunning, as always. You used bright color and yet the whole look seems so subtle and gorgeous. Love the blue eyeliner.

  5. OMG you look like a perfect diva 🙂 I loved how you paired blue and orange with loads of highlighter and those rays of sunshine make the look so amazing and gorgeous.. 🙂 this look screams brightness and fun, loving it totally. 🙂

  6. This is such a vibrant colour. I am wearing coloured liners a lot these days. Bought Inglot Duraline and the possibilities are endless now 😛 😛 😛

  7. Great makeup look…. You’ve matched everything so well Rati di ? I am surely gonna give it a go…. And I love your hairstyle too…..

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