Vega CP-01 Cotton Pads Review


Vega has launched many new products and is slowly expanding into the beauty zone. It started off with beauty tools and accessories but now has lip balms, wet wipes and such. Be prepared to expect detailed reviews by the dedicated IMBB reviewers. Today I am reviewing Vega CP-01 Cotton Pads.

Vega CP-01 Cotton Pads Review

Price: Rs. 110 for 50 pads
Product Description:
⦁ Super soft
⦁ Dual texture
⦁ Stitched edges
⦁ Lint free
⦁ Waterjet technology

Vega CP-01 Cotton Pads Price

My Experience with Vega CP-01 Cotton Pads:

These cotton pads are securely stacked in a plastic bag. The plastic bag has a reusable, easy to seal mechanism which permits repeated use without the loss of adhesion. Basic product details, price and manufacturing information are mentioned on the pack. The pack contains 50 pads and is lightweight and easy to carry.

Vega CP-01 Cotton Pads Pouch

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These cotton pads are not expensive but have a great quality. They are made of premium quality cotton and the size fits in the palm of the hand perfectly. It is neither too big nor too small, and does an amazing job of applying makeup remover, toner or any such liquid to the face.

Vega CP-01 Cotton Pads Sides

The cotton caresses the skin and, as it is lint-free, you do not find stray fibres tingling you. It definitely is super soft and the stitched edges make it very user-friendly (some cotton pads tend to rip apart). The unique thing is the dual texture; one side has a plain woven texture and the other side has a slightly rigged surface with parallel surface.

Vega CP-01 Cotton Pads Packaging

I use the woven side when I am removing my lip or eye makeup and the other side for face makeup removal or toner. I like that it helps in deeply cleansing my skin, prevents excess product absorption and the two sides can be used separately. The texture and the softness of the cotton pads have made it a new favorite and I wish to purchase it again.

Vega CP-01 Cotton Pads Demo

Pros of Vega CP-01 Cotton Pads:

⦁ Dual texture
⦁ Soft on the skin
⦁ Doesn’t absorb too much product
⦁ Applies the products well
⦁ Both sides can be used separately
⦁ Travel-friendly pack

Cons of Vega CP-01 Cotton Pads:

⦁ I wish it was easily available and in bigger packs

IMBB Rating: 4.5/5
Would I recommend or repurchase Vega CP-01 Cotton Pads?
Yes, definitely!

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