Vega Retractable Blush Brush Review

Vega Retractable Blush Brush Review

Hello IMBB Sweeties! :puchhi:

I am back with another makeup brush review that I bought 2 weeks back. I was eyeing this brush since 1 month when I last saw it at website. So here is my take on it.

vega retractable blush brush review

Taken from

Price– Rs 140 I got this at Rs 105 after discount
What the Company Says?

vega retractable blush brush info

vega brush

My Experience:
On the very first day when urban touch website uploaded this brush, I didn’t order & just waited and to my astonishment, :woot: it was temporarily out of stock within few hours. So I thought this must be really good that why so many people buying it on the first day itself. I placed my order immediately when they got this in their stock.

blush brush

In the picture that I had seen at the retractable blush brush looked bit different than what it really is, check the foremost pic. The bristles looked very smooth and soft :haanji: but on the contrary I found them to be quite scratchy on my cheeks :yikes: while applying blush. The bristles are not very smooth and many of them are poking here and there. :yuck: The bristles are quite dense though. After washing 2-3 times, I found bristles are not that strong and I was losing few with each wash. With each wash they got more and more coarse. :shocked: The packaging is very attractive and travel friendly that easily fits in your brush but quality fails. This blush brush is more dense and coarse than regular Vega blush brush available for Rs90 that I have too. Instead of applying blush, these days I am using it as powder brush but it picks lots of product so from my side I am quite disappointed. :((

blush brush



vega brush

Pros of Vega Retractable Blush Brush:

-Packaging is very attractive.
-Its travel friendly, easily fits in your purse. :thumbsup:
-The bristles are quite dense and fluffy.
-Can be used as powder brush too.
-Reasonable price for Rs-140
-Made up of natural hair that picks the right amount of the product. (Mentioned in the cover but I don’t agree to it).
-Easy to blend the blush. (I don’t agree, mentioned in the packaging cover)
-Available at all cosmetic stores.


Cons of Vega Retractable Blush Brush:

-The bristles are feel very scratchy on my cheeks. :yuck:
-Doesn’t blend the blush properly.
-The bristles are very coarse and poking here and there. :pan:
-They pick a lot of quantity of the product.
-The bristles are not strong enough and you lose few strands with each wash. :haanji:
-The regular Vega blush brush is far better than this at lesser price.
-The packaging is so slippery na that when I hold and use blush or loose powder it just slips from my hand.

Rating:-2.5 out of 5

Will I repurchase? :nababana: Just one word- Never !

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65 thoughts on “Vega Retractable Blush Brush Review

  1. i have a retractable kabuki brush which i ordered from ebay … and although it arrived broken i sumhow managed to mend it … now it works just fine and i simply adore it !!! the bristles are xtra soft on your skin …not a single bristle has shed each tym i wash it .. and its super cute !!!!

        1. I feel like looting her of that cute cute boorosh. Not fair. :smug: :smug:
          Everywhere I see,I can find only boring brushes or if it is cute,poora ka poora bekar kaam karega. :scream:

  2. taps..hw many brushes do u have….?????????? :waiting: :waiting: :waiting: every third 4 day u review a new brush..give sme to me na..inne saro ka kya krogi… :waaa: :toothygrin: :toothygrin: :toothygrin: :toothygrin:

    1. :tongue: 😀 Me very greedy re, you wont believe i have everything thing two or more in number, whther it is my favorite skin care product or my eyeliner or kajal or brushes even ! Tum mujhse le lena, soch rehi hun kuch weeks baad sab sale mein de dun! :tongue:

    1. I agree. It looks so nice at first…I would have bought it if I had seen it anywhere…But a coarse and utterly inconvenient blush brush only deserves :spank:

      1. i know it sounds so useful. like you can carry it around and all. bt this toh is such a waste. I mean who wants a scratchy jhadoo type feel on cheeks. :yuck: :yuck: :yuck:

      1. i think i had one blush brush from vega longg back and it was nice bt then i totally shifted to sigma . now toh cant use vega brushes at all. The quality of brushes really does no justice. :pissedoff:

      2. Jigyasa when i bought the vega poder brush i was confused whether to use on my face or to use it to paint my wall! 😆

    2. Rati i have body shop blush brush, not the retractable one, i found the regular body shop blush brush much better and cheap comparative to the retractable one, so didnt buy!

      1. I thank you for trying and testing it….I wold have been murdered if I wasted money on this thing…Murdered by myself,that is! :lol2:

        1. You are always welcome, its bad but for rs 105, i dont except much, you must have heard- itne me itnaich milega!! :tongue:

  3. e baba-at first I saw ur blush brush and thought wowwwiee-but of what use is a brush if its scratchy :waiting: :waiting: -only today I was examining my brushes and found my vega blush and large powder brushes to be scratchy too-may be the same quality of fibre is used here too :scream: :scream: :scream: I like my oriflame blusher brush a lot :rose: :rose: :rose:

    1. I have regular vega blush brush and even powder brush, but this retractable blush brush is more coarse and rough than those even!

    1. the vega brushes had nice quality before-I have a very good eyeshadow brush from Vega-I bought about 2 years ago-but if u see their current eyeshadow brush you will think its a jharu :hunterwali: :hunterwali: :hunterwali: :hunterwali:

      1. the eye shadow brush from vega is very soft the foundation brush form vega is awesome too, very soft but others are ok ok!

  4. tell me someone which are better? Sigma brushes or MAC? is it a stupid question? :methinks: :methinks: :methinks: :methinks: :methinks:

    1. suma you know have been using both and i feel sigma brushes are pretty good. It’s been almost an year i have bene using them almsot everyday and they are still in pretty good condition. i have two two sets. 😀 bt i guess there is no replacement for MAC 217 and 219 in sigma. sachhi.

      1. oooh ok ok.. I have been planning to invest big time in some branded brushes…till now i ve been chalao-ing kaam with Vega and FACES… so u r saying MAC 217 and 219 and rest from Sigma?
        thankoooooooooooooooooooo 😀 :clap: :clap: :puchhi: :puchhi: :puchhi: :puchhi: :puchhi:

  5. I’m waiting for some money to accumulate then me too planning to buy from sigma. At least their eye brushes. Abhi ram me using drugstore only- but they are also not so bad.

  6. Disappointing! I have the Vega blush brush (normal one) and I like the shape so much that even though its scratchy I like using it more than my softer but flat shaped TBS blush brush!

    1. Yes ankita i have the regular vega blush brush too! I like tht a lot!! But this one is much horrible buddy! The regular one is much more soft than this!

  7. I have tried only a couple brushes from Vega and didnt like any of them. But they were one of the first ever makeup brushes I bought so they still sit in my brush case 😉

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