VLCC Skin Glow Facial Kit Review

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The beauty guide says that it is really important to get a facial done once in every 15 days or so to have healthy and glowing skin.  It’s been a while since I had a facial done. I am a lazy bum and I don’t really like visiting parlours, hence I get these mini kits for myself. My mom is a sweetheart and gives me super relaxing facial sessions. I got a new kit from VLCC and I think they have recently launched some of these variants in the stores. Read to know more about this particular variant called “glow facial kit.”

VLCC Skin Glow Facial Kit

Rs. 175 for a kit with 5 sachets.

Product Description:
VLCC skin glow facial kit’s unique formulation, enriched with saffron, cucumber, mulberry and nutmeg extracts, provides deep hydration to your skin and gives it a glow and radiance in 15 minutes.

VLCC Skin Glow Facial Kit

My Experience with VLCC Skin Glow Facial Kit:

This facial kit comes in a bright sunny yellow box.  This box contains 5 sachets – cleanser, scrub, massage gel, cream and face pack. The sachets come in the same colour and are good enough for one use. What I like the best about this kit is that it comes for only one use unlike some other kits from VLCC. Hence storage is not an issue. As far as the price is concerned, it is by far the cheapest facial kit I have used. You get 5 sachets for just 100 bucks, isn’t that a great deal? I will write a little about each content in detail below:

VLCC Skin Glow Facial Kit

(Note: All of the above-mentioned contents were used along with chilled ice water because if they are used alone, they become a bit dry on the skin).

Step 1: Cleanser cum toner (with comfrey and aloe).

VLCC Skin Glow Facial Kit

Directions: Apply on the face. Massage for 1-2 minutes and clean the face with wet cotton.

The cleanser is white in color and the consistency is very moderate; neither runny nor too thick! It has a good consistency which is very gentle to the skin. It has a very fresh floral fragrance and you feel super relaxed as soon as the cleanser is massaged over the skin. This is like a make-up cleanser which cleans all the dirt and impurities on the face thus making the face ready for further steps in the facial routine. My face looked instantly clean and bright after massaging this cleanser.

Step 2: Facial scrub (with walnut and berberis).

Directions:  Massage gently on wet face for 3-4 minutes and wash off.

VLCC Skin Glow Facial Kit

This facial scrub is light brown in color and granules are noticeable. The texture does look harsh and rough, and I was happy because I love harsh scrubs. This scrub has to be applied on wet face and fingers have to be dipped continuously in ice water during the massaging process or else it tends to become abrasive. The scrub has a nice, pleasing, fruity fragrance. The scrub felt really nice on my skin initially, but it got a bit harsh later on. I felt that it was actually pricking my skin. Hence I used more ice water and less scrub to get a gentle massage. Although it was a bit harsh, the scrub cleaned my skin well, removing all the impurities from my skin. I touched my nose and clogged pores were reduced, but it did not clean out all the pores.

Step 3: Facial massage gel:

Directions: Massage gently till it gets absorbed.

VLCC Skin Glow Facial Kit

The gel is of baby pink colour and the consistency is perfect to get a soothing massage. It has a beautiful saffron fragrance with hints of watermelon. The saffron scent is very refreshing and calms down the senses. The gel was the best one in the kit. It felt really soothing on my face and I was in heaven. It did not irritate my skin at all. After using this, I could see a little glow on my face and my face looked brighter than usual.

Step 4: Facial cream (with mulberry and neem)

Directions: Massage gently for 8-10 minutes and wipe off.

VLCC Skin Glow Facial Kit

The massage cream is white in color and the consistency is moderate. The cream glides very smoothly on the skin. You can massage it for 15-20 minutes. It also feels very soothing on the skin and gives a proper boost of hydration. The dry and dull patches had vanished. The fragrance was a little odd, that of a mouth freshener. Overall, it was a good massage cream that could be used to improve blood circulation.

Step 5: Facial pack (with olive olive oil and rosemary)

Directions: Apply evenly and leave it for 8-10 minutes.

VLCC Skin Glow Facial Kit

The pack is white in color and the consistency is thick. I had to add water to the pack to get an even layer on my skin, without which the mask would have felt heavy.  Before applying the mask, I took steam for 5 minutes and cleared all the blackheads and whiteheads from the nose area. The mask was okay, I did not feel like it did much for my skin. The fragrance was also not very pleasant, it was a bit weird. The pack dried in 10 minutes and it was easy to wash off.

Overall, I would say that my skin was extremely clean, soft and supple. The texture of the skin became smoother and the dry patches had vanished. Also, my skin felt really hydrated after using this. It made my skin look healthy and i felt relaxed after the facial routine. But, I did not see any glow on my face. My skin looked the way it looks without this facial, hence I would skip this kit in the future.

Pros of VLCC Skin Glow Facial Kit:

  • Priced reasonably.
  • One-time use kit, no storage issues.
  • Each pack has unique and pleasing fragrance.
  • There were no dry or rough patches on my skin.
  • Thoroughly cleaned my skin.
  • Made my skin smooth and supple.
  • The facial routine relaxed me completely.

Cons of VLCC Skin Glow Facial Kit:

  • Did not impart any glow to my face.
  • The scrub is a bit harsh on the skin.

Would I Repurchase/Recommend VLCC Skin Glow Facial Kit?
No, I will not repurchase and would not recommend it either. I have used a lot of facial kits and this is definitely not the best one of the lot. I would prefer a fruit facial kit from VLCC, it is the best that they have to offer.

IMBB Rating:

Getting facials becomes an essential part in skin care routine once you have entered your 20’s.  They say you need to get a facial done every 15-20 days to restore your skin’s health.

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