Zoeva 109V Face Paint Vegan Brush Review

Hello Ladies!

Here is another brush from my latest haul, Zoeva 109V Face Paint Vegan Brush.

Zoeva 109V Face Paint Vegan Brush

With our ZOEVA Face Paint Vegan you can apply all liquid and cream contour products effortlessly. The soft vegan taklon hair picks up and applies the color evenly. The unique flat and square design creates the illusion of an actual shadow.

Euro 12.80

Zoeva 109V Face Paint Vegan Brush 2

My Experience with Zoeva 109V Face Paint Vegan Brush:

Who does not want to be a pro, when it comes to contouring? I mean it completely changes the way you look. But at the same time, it is not that easy. I generally would not want to have that chiseled look always but yes would definitely love to use it for parties and functions. If you want it too, then you would need the basic tool a brush for it. Trust me the game of flawless shadows is just not possible with fingers, a brush is must. Zoeva brushes are most apt for the beginners and very wallet friendly for providing professional brushes at an affordable price.

Zoeva 109V Face Paint Vegan Brush 3

Zoeva is very particular in the way their brushes are packed. The brush comes in a really soft plastic zipper bag. Also, the brush is packed in a plastic cover, wherein the bristles are carefully covered with a thick plastic casing. The number and name of the brush is written at the back of the zipper as well as on the brush.

Zoeva 109V Face Paint Vegan Brush 4

109V Face Paint Vegan Brush is a flat, squared contour brush. The length of the brush is 14.5 cm and the bristles are from soft vegan taklon hair. It is feather soft on the skin. Its touch is absolutely satin like. The bristles are black in colour and the ends are white. They have the same brush in their Luxe category as well but its bristles are completely white and that is the reason I opted for this one. White bristle tend to look more untidy after using a couple of times. This brush is for professional sculpting, shading and contouring.

Zoeva 109V Face Paint Vegan Brush 5 Zoeva 109V Face Paint Vegan Brush 6

The flat brush helps in applying the product with ease. Being a square brush, it helps in creating the illusion of shadows, where contouring is done. This brush is more apt for using with liquid and cream contour products. The brush is sleek enough to be able to contour just below the cheek bones, on the sides of the nose and for framing your face along the hairline. The blending with this brush is flawless. It will not look streaky or patchy. It works superb on blending the harsh lines and giving a flawless finishing.

Zoeva 109V Face Paint Vegan Brush 7

The brush handle is in black colour and has a nice smooth, glossy, shiny finish. The handle is a bit chubby but fits your hand perfectly. Although, it is smooth in finishing but the grip is very good and it does not slip from the hands. The ones who are a pro at using makeup brushes will love it. The beginners, like me need a little practice to get used to it, as you will learn more with every usage to master the uses of this brush.

Zoeva 109V Face Paint Vegan Brush 8

I have not noticed any bristle damage or fall during cleaning. It remains soft as ever. The greedy me is happy!

Pros of Zoeva 109V Face Paint Vegan Brush:

  • Great packaging to protect the brush from getting spoiled or damaged.
  • Flat, squared contour brush.
  • Bristles from soft vegan taklon hair.
  • Being sleek helps to contour easily.
  • Good hold.
  • Useful for liquid and cream products.
  • Good for precision and finishing.

Cons of Zoeva 109V Face Paint Vegan Brush:

  • Availability in India

Would I Recommend Zoeva 109V Face Paint Vegan Brush?
Yes, definitely.

Would I Repurchase Zoeva 109V Face Paint Vegan Brush?
This seems to be very good brush and proper maintenance will take them a long way. I would like to try their other brushes as well.

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