Caloe Dermadew Lotion Review

by Fly Girl on December 22, 2011 · 16 comments

Caloe Dermadew Lotion Review

Okay, I know I am staring to talk about caloe lotion in winters, most of you would be like why, but I would tell you why.  Off late my skin has again betrayed me, changing its properties suddenly. From super-duper-vuper oily, the transition to dry and patchy has been very silent.

Caloe Dermadew Lotion Review

Winters do that to my skin and I have to revise all my shelf of products dramatically for this very sole reason. Oh well, I can’t complain, can I? No breakouts, no oil blot sheets, and slap on plenty of moisturiser ;) I love dry skin! Yeah said it, there, lol!

This lotion which I will tell you about today is a calamine lotion for dry skin. I have been using this for the past 2 months and it keeps my skin moisturised without excess oil on the surface.  That’s how I like it as in winters.

Caloe Dermadew Lotion


Each ml contains:

• Purified water.
• Anhydrous lanolin.
• Lanolin.
• Stearic acid.
• Sorbitol.
• Propylene glycol.
• Cetyl alcohol.
• Triethanolamided.
• Dimethicone.
• Perfume.
• Methyl paraben.
• Disodium EDTA.
• Propyl paraben.



Rs. 180 approximately for 60 ml, do not remember for sure.

moisturizer for dry skin


Pros of Caloe Dermadew Lotion:

  • Probably the first and only caloe lotion for dry skin I have come across.
  • My mate in winters.
  • Keeps skin soft and supple on the inside and matte and oil free on the outside.
  • Winter perfect for all skin types.
  • Very runny texture, so you do not need to rub in much for this to get absorbed into your skin.
  • Also acts as a natural foundation of a sort and has a tint to it.

Cons of Caloe Dermadew Lotion:

  • Not one apart from the fact that I am uncertain about the availability of this tube.

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