7 Must-Try Ideas that’ll Give You a Drastic Hair Makeover

Hope all of you are going great. So today I’ve written an article about awesome hair ideas that will give your hair a drastic makeover. I am sure you all love to experiment with your looks and hair. Most of the times, these experiments lead to amazing makeovers. So, here are few ideas that will give your hair a drastic makeover.

1. Add some color

hair color
Opting for highlights or global hair color can transform your look completely. Colors like deep browns, burgundy, chocolate browns look amazing on every India woman’s complexion and they are apt for global hair color too. If one doesn’t want to go for global hair color, highlighting your hair is the best option. As ombre is the trend of the season, do check it out too.

2. Do some chopping

long bob
Women with long hair can experiment a little bit and bid goodbye to their long hair by opting for shorter hair. They can try various haircuts like bob cut, pixie cut, shoulder length beach wavy hair etc

3. Change your hair texture

ombre hair color
Women with straight hair can change the way their hair looks by opting for hair perming. Similarly, women with wavy or curly hair can opt for treatments like Cysteine or Keratin for a complete makeover.

4. Bang bang!

One can get a simple makeover by just getting bangs or side bangs. Bangs and side bangs can drastically change the way you look and can lead to a makeover as well.

5. Straight + permed

One can also straighten their hair till the length of their neck or shoulders and opt for perming or curling for the rest of the length. This is one of my all time favorite looks and it definitely suits everyone.

6. Get a flattering haircut

You can ask your stylist to give you an amazing haircut and an amazing makeover by keeping the shape of your face in consideration. For this, you must make sure that your stylist is a trusted one and you have seen his portfolio so that you don’t regret it later.

7. Experiment with everyday hairstyles

everyday hairstyles
One can also try new hairstyles every day for a new look every day. Instead of just leaving your hair open or tying a bun or a ponytail, one can experiment a little bit and try different types of braids or a half-up braid as the options are limitless.

I hope that you all liked these ideas and you would consider these to get an instant but drastic makeover. 🙂

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5 thoughts on “7 Must-Try Ideas that’ll Give You a Drastic Hair Makeover

  1. Hi Sayali.I loved your post.I know hair colouring can really give a makeover but I am too scared of it.I don’t know why but I feel I will loose my hair once I start using chemicals or colour on them.I still want to get a keratin treatment done as I have wavy hair.

    1. Hey Yamini ,
      I would suggest you to try out cystine instead of keratin, as cystine is always recommended by the stylist over keratin and it is as well considered a safer option 🙂

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