7 Things to Know Before Colouring Your Hair in Pastel Shades

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Today, I will let you know everything about having a pastel shade as your hair colour. So, have you ever thought of colouring your hair in pastel shades? Well, I love the lilac shade and I’m totally obsessed with it. For a perfect pastel shade, I have to bleach my hair and this is what stops me from opting them. First thing first, unlike regular hair colours, pastel hair colours are very different. The pattern of application is different and it also needs extra care. Colouring your hair in pastel shades gives that cute unicorn type feeling. They make you look unique and also make you a head turner. Pastel hair colours look undoubtedly amazing and beautiful if you choose the shade wisely. If you are thinking of colouring your hair with pastel colours, there are few things you need to know.

7 Things to Know Before Colouring Your Hair in Pastel Shades3

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1. Bleaching Your Hair is Must:

Like me, if you have naturally dark hair colour, then you have to bleach your hair first. If you naturally or already have pale hair colour then there will be no problem. So, bleaching your hair is a must to get the perfect pastel shade. You may need to bleach multiple times and the whole bleaching process is very complex. So, unless you are a pro at hair bleaching, it is highly recommended to opt for a good salon to get it done. There are chances that you could damage your hair by bleaching on your own.

7 Things to Know Before Colouring Your Hair in Pastel Shades

2. Whole Process Needs Time:

Since the first step in achieving the perfect pastel colour is to bleach your hair, the whole process of colouring needs time. This is something which cannot be done overnight. Bleaching gives a lot of tension to your hair. After bleaching your hair, they need proper care and will be given some time before colouring. On top of this, if you have multiple hair bleaching session, it will only add to the damages. You should try not to use any kind of heating tool on your bleached hair.

3. Colour Can Vary:

Still, with all the efforts and expenses, it may be possible that the final colour you get on your hair is not the same as the one you chose. It may be a shade lighter or darker than what you looked for. To confirm the hair colour, try to check the swatches first. This will give you the idea of how that colour will look on your hair. In other ways, you can liberally explain the colour you want to your stylist to avoid any surprises.

7 Things to Know Before Colouring Your Hair in Pastel Shades4

4. Pastel Colour Fades:

Whatever colour you have chosen for your hair, it will fade very soon, may be within a few days. When it starts to fade, some part of your hair looks still pretty while some look terrible. You have to take proper care if you don’t want to see those terrible green, blue or pink shades on your hair. Bleached hair already needs much attention and on top of that, pastel shades need much more attention as they fade out at faster rates.

5. Change in Hair Care Routine:

Having pastel shades as your hair colour will change your hair care routine. You have to wash your bangs with cold water only as using lukewarm or warm water only adds up in the fading process. You have to use colour protecting shampoo and conditioner for your coloured hair. In addition to this, you have to use a nourishing hair mask frequently to avoid more damaging due to bleaching of hair. You should not use a shampoo more than once a week to avoid the damages.

7 Things to Know Before Colouring Your Hair in Pastel Shades2

6. Needs More Attention:

As mentioned above, pastel colours fade at a faster rate, hence they need more attention. You have to pay a regular visit to your salon to keep the pastel shade on your hair intact. On the other hand, if your hair grows at a faster rate and you want your hair colour to be as it is, you may have to visit more frequently for touch-ups. It may dig a hole in your pocket and disrupt your schedule. After all, these bleaching and touch-up sessions at a salon can be expensive. Well, you can save a little money by using DIYs and take all the efforts to keep them vibrant at home.

7 Things to Know Before Colouring Your Hair in Pastel Shades1

7. Colour Transfer Everywhere:

When your hair is freshly coloured, they will bleed and it will be all over your pillow cases, bed sheets, etc. Whenever you wash your hair, take proper care till they dry and don’t wear any of your favourite dress. Your pastel coloured hair will spoil them when they are wet.

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