8 Interesting Ways to Use Micellar Water in your Beauty Routine

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Micellar water is quite popular as it is capable of performing four different jobs at the same time; removing makeup, cleansing, toning and moisturising. Micellar water contains micelles that attract and dissolve the dirt and foreign impurities from your skin. You had often used micellar water as a makeup remover but do you know that it can serve many other purposes other than removing your makeup? So, today I will be discussing the interesting ways of using micellar water in your beauty routine.

8 Interesting Ways to Use Micellar Water5

Read on to know them.

1. Use in double cleansing ritual:

Some women are fond of using the double cleansing method. You can use micellar water in the very first step of double cleansing ritual and follow-up with a mild facial cleanser. It will not dry out your skin. Also, if you are not in the mood of using your regular face wash, you can use micellar water alone.

8 Interesting Ways to Use Micellar Water

2. Makeup remover:

If you are still using different products for removing your makeup and cleansing your face, then you must invest in a micellar water. It makes the makeup removal process much easier. You can use micellar water for removing the makeup from your eyes, lips and face. Are you struggling to remove the waterproof mascaras from your eyelashes? Start using micellar water 🙂

8 Interesting Ways to Use Micellar Water4

3. Cleanse your body:

Micellar water can be used to freshen up the body instantly. It can be used as a spot cleanser or refresher when you don’t have time to take a shower. If your underarms are not feeling fresh, you can just swipe a cotton ball or a paper towel with micellar water over them. It will instantly make them clean and refreshed. Besides, you can keep a bottle of micellar water handy to use it for cleaning your hands. It can be used to clean the dirt from your body as well.

4. Remove false lashes with an ease:

Removing your false eyelashes is a cumbersome process. But, you can let the micellar water do the work. Place a cotton ball dipped in the micellar water, and position it over your closed eyes. It will soften the adhesive thereby, removing your false eyelashes.

8 Interesting Ways to Use Micellar Water6

5. Makeup corrector:

You can use micellar water as a makeup corrector too. If your hand accidentally wobbled while applying an eyeliner or a liquid lipstick, take a cotton swab dipped in micellar water and swipe over the mistakes. Any makeup application mistakes can be easily removed with the help of micellar water.

8 Interesting Ways to Use Micellar Water1

6. Facial mist:

Micellar water is a multi-tasking product that comes as a blessing for many purposes.If you want to refresh your skin, you can undoubtedly use micellar water as a facial mist. It will effectively cleanse, tone, moisturise and refresh your skin. However, do not use it as a facial mist over your makeup.

7. Fragrance remover:

Sometimes, you end up putting so much pressure on the perfume pump that you instantly become the reason of a headache. Take a cotton swab dipped in micellar water and swipe it over the areas where you have applied the perfume. It will remove the traces of fragrance in just a few swipes.

8 Interesting Ways to Use Micellar Water3

8. Makeup brush cleaner:

Using a baby shampoo for your cute makeup brushes is a good way of keeping them clean. However, if you are not feeling like cleaning them with the shampoo, you can take the help of micellar water. You have to swirl your brushes in the micellar water for a few seconds and then wipe off the excess.

8 Interesting Ways to Use Micellar Water2

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