9 Hot Colours Combinations That Are Going to Rule 2016

Hi ladies,

In today’s post, let’s talk about some colour combinations you need in your wardrobe to rule the fashion scene this year!

black and white dress

1. Lilac and Bling

sequins dress

Lilac is a very pretty colour which goes well with so many colours from the colour palette. But if you want to bring out the elegancy of lilac, then you can pair this with metallic hues. Gold will be too bold, but silver will go so well to bring a great contrast to lilac.

2. Red, Black, and White

rati beauty ad

red and black fashion outfit

All of these three colours are classic. You can pair them with one another in countless ways and you can’t go overboard with these colours. While red is the epitome of bold, black screams mystery and white is all about creating a divine balance between the two colours.

3. Ice Blue and Pink


Blue and pink colours make a bold statement together, but when you use a muted shade of blue like ice blue, it really brings out the pink in your outfit. Ice blue really balances the femininity of pink and provides a great look and colour combination.

4. Pale Blue and Navy

navy and light blue fashion

They are both shades of blue and complement each other really well. If you want to give a slimmer appearance to your problem areas, then add the darker shade of blue there and keep the
rest of your outfit in pale blue hues.

5. Bright Orange and Olive

orange and olive outfits

Didn’t you hear, orange is the new black! It very well goes with everything, orange colour also has the potential to go with everything, if paired well. Since olive/military green is a very popular choice fall/winter season, it is only apt to pair olive green with a bright pop of colour like orange.

6. Cobalt Blue and Turquoise

shades of blue

They are both in your face, bold colours and are great too for colour blocking. You can mix and match both the colours or you can play safe by wearing a blue dress and pairing it with turquoise statement accessories. Choices are endless, you just need to experiment and find out what works the best for you.

7. Tan and Maroon

maroon and tan

Tan can look a little drab sometimes when you pair it with lighter hues. But when a deeper hue like maroon is paired with tan, it seems like they were made for each other. Try for yourself to find out.

8. Plum and White

wine and white outfit

Plum is the colour for fall and winters, and when plum is accompanied with white, the colour which is so pristine and serene, the outcome is truly gorgeous. Plum breaks the monotony of white like no other colour and makes it stand out in the crowd.

9. Red and Denim

denim with red cardigan

Red screams bold and vibrancy in the outfit and denim is all about a laidback and comfortable style of clothing. When they both meet, you get endless options to try and style your clothes.

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