Baby Blue Smokey Eye Tutorial

Baby Blue Smokey Eye Tutorial

Hey Ladies,

Here is another smokey eye tutorial for you to enjoy!  Again, don’t forget to let me know what other smokey eye you want me to create or if you have a picture of a smokey eye that you would like me to recreate, link the picture down in the comments and I will try my best.

 Baby Blue Smokey Eye Tutorial

Products Used For This Eye Makeup:

  • ELF Mineral Eyelid Primer.
  • NYX Jumbo Pencil in Baby Blue.
  • NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk.
  • Coastal Scents 36 Eyeshadow Palette.
  • Clinique High Length Mascara.
  • Profusion palette.
  • L’Oreal Liquid Eyelid.

Step 1:


As always, I primed my eyes with an eye primer and applied a baby blue base on the lid of my eyes blending it out evenly.

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Step 2:



Next, I took a baby blue eyeshadow and applied it on top of the blue base on the eyelid. With a patting motion, you will get the most pigmentation out of the eyeshadow.

Step 3:



In this step, I took a flat brush and picked up some matte white eyeshadow that I applied under my eyebrows down to the crease of my eyes.

Step 4:



Taking a darker blue eyeshadow with a blending brush, I blended that color in my crease to give the smokey eye more dimension. I used only one layer of this eyeshadow, but if you want it to look more dramatic, you layer this eyeshadow to darken you crease even more.

Step 5:


Since I am not using any black eye pencil, I decided to use a white pencil on my lower waterline. I find that this is making my eyes look ‘’innocent.’’

Step 6:



I applied a super thin layer of a black liquid eyeliner and I forgot to take a picture, but before I used a shimmery white that I placed around the tear duct (also dragged in out a little towards the outer corner of my eye).

Step 7:


The last step is me applying a thin layer of mascara. That will make it more wearable.


That’s all!! To everyone who is new to creating smokey eyes, please do not give up. It took me a while to be so good at this, but I also got so frustrated at times. Even now, I sometimes notice that my smoke eye is uneven on both eyes which drives me nuts!!So, exercise and keep trying! You will be a professional if you keep trying. XOXO

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39 thoughts on “Baby Blue Smokey Eye Tutorial

  1. Loved it Sahar 😀
    I am also in learning phase now…. sometimes it comes out good some times not that good, and my husband feels I am westing my cosmetics by doing hit and trial at home… but without practicing how will I become a pro …
    nice post.. good luck!!

  2. same problem for me too i get nice smokey eye for right eye easily. For left eye i have to do neatly and carefully.
    else d ryt eye n left eye outer corner shapes luk different

    1. aww im sure you will become a pro if you keep trying 🙂 i have that problem when i do a swinged out eyeliner -_-

  3. its one the most beautiful smokey eye color ive ever seen…I alwaz thot smokey eye means bold and dramatic..but this is so innocent and soft and pretty..cant wait to try it!!!

  4. i want priyanka copra smokey looks..she have matte look and smokey eyes most of time
    and i really like it..
    sahar can you please do it..

  5. Sahar… I’m sure you would be bored by the compliments by now.. but let me tell you once more… you are so breathtakingly beautiful!!! 🙂

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