10 Beauty Products to Pamper Yourself on a Day Off

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Today’s post is all about relaxing and taking it easy on a day off. The weekends seem to come and go that we don’t even seem to realise it. So, let’s take a look at some of the ways in which you can really maximise your time to unwind and relax. Here is a list of 10 beauty products that can help you relax and rejuvenate when you have some time to pamper yourself.

Beauty products to pamper on a day

1. A Deep Cleanser for your Face:

To start things off for your relaxing beauty routine, you need a cleanser that will do its job really well. Choose from among cleansing oils, cleansing creams and gel-based facial washes, depending on what suits your skin type the best. You need a cleanser that will thoroughly cleanse your skin without irritating it and leave it feeling nourished and prepped for the skincare to follow.


2. A Detoxifying Face Mask:

No beauty ritual is complete without a face mask. When you’re trying to unwind and de-stress, you should opt for a clay mask or a mud mask that will deeply cleanse your pores and prep your skin for the treatments to follow.


3. A Cooling Eye Mask:

While you have your face mask on, make sure not to neglect the tired under eye areas. By picking up a cooling eye mask, you can make all the difference to your relaxation beauty routine. Store your eye mask in the fridge until you are ready to use it. Apply the cooled mask to your delicate under eye areas to reduce puffiness and to feel rejuvenated.

4. A Hydrating Facial Mist:

Once your face mask has done all the deep cleansing, you want to follow that up with a cooling and hydrating facial mist. It will instantly relax, revive and hydrate your skin while prepping it for any serum or moisturiser that you want to follow up.

5. A Relaxing Foot Soak:

There is nothing as relaxing as a foot soak on a day off. You can easily prepare a DIY foot soak from the comfort of your home. Take some warm water in a bucket to soak your feet. Add some baking soda, some bath salts, brown sugar and olive oil to the water. Keep your feet soaked in this mixture for around 15-20 minutes to get ultra soft feet and to feel completely relaxed as well.

6. De-stressing Bath Salts:

If you’re lucky enough to have a bathtub at home, then you must make use of it. If not, make sure you use the bathtub in your hotel on your next holiday 🙂 A bath can be a very relaxing experience. Throw in some fragrance, relaxing and softening bath salts into your bath water to help yourself feel calm and de-stressed.


7. A DIY Body Scrub:

While you’re in the bath or shower, it’s a great idea to indulge your skin with a body scrub. It’s super easy to whip up a DIY body scrub using sugar, coffee and olive/coconut oil. The scrub will help you exfoliate the dead skin cells and get the blood circulation going in the process of a massage, which can be very relaxing.


8. A Nourishing Bath and Shower Oil:

Follow up your bath or shower with an aromatic dry oil, which is both nourishing and relaxing, and it is also non-greasy. It provides the sufficient moisture for your skin thereby, making it look healthy.

9. An Intensive Hair Mask:

Make sure not to neglect your hair while you’re busy pampering your body. A deeply hydrating hair mask will literally allow you to get your hair out of the way while nourishing it from the roots to the tips.

10 Beauty Products to Pamper Yourself on a Day Off4

10. An Overnight Hydrating Face Mask:

Finally, you could put on an overnight face mask before you get into bed. Not only will this work all night to hydrate your skin, but it will feel deeply relaxing and luxurious to wear an overnight face mask to bed, and you will be sure to wake up with super soft skin the next morning.

10 Beauty Products to Pamper Yourself on a Day Off8

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