The Body Shop Chocomania Body Butter

The Body Shop Chocomania Body Butter

Hey All,

So, I am back with another TBS review, this time on a product from their yummy “Chocomania” series. I am a big fan of TBS body butters and I like to call myself a chocolate connoisseur 😛 I love chocolate and I firmly believe women can never have too many shoes or too much chocolate 😀

The Body Shop Chocomania Body Butter

The Chocomania Body Butter has this Description:

This decadently chocolatey Body Butter gives extra long-lasting hydration. It contains 13 Community Fair Trade ingredients – the most we’ve ever put into one product. It leaves skin sweetly scented, and feeling softer and smoother.
• Provides 48-hour hydration.
• Leaves skin feeling softer and smoother.
• Buttery texture.
• Quickly absorbed.
• Indulgent chocolate scent.

The package has a delicious-looking heart dripping with chocolate. One feature the product claims to have is 48-hour hydration for the skin. I have very dry skin, so seeing this definitely lured me into buying it, aside from the delicious smell! It smells like freshly-baked cake or brownies and is just decadent.


Rs. 795 /- for a quantity of 200 ml 6.7 oz or 192 gm.

The texture is creamy and smooth and it spreads like a dream onto the skin. It also gets absorbed very fast and feels rich and lasting. The smell is so yummy, and I was tempted so many times to just try and taste it, but then, I realized it’s body butter and not chocolate 😛 It lasts fairly long too if you apply it properly to dry areas. This is definitely one of the best body butters I have purchased from The Body Shop so far.

Here’s a look at the texture – looks like any other body butter but the smell, oh my God!! Also, it’s slightly light brown in colour, I apologize for it not being clear in this picture.


It is super silky-smooth on my skin, although now that summers are here, I do feel sometimes that it might be too rich a body butter to be used in hot weather. However, it’s good for dry parts of your skin and it does live up to its claim, I don’t get that horrible cracked look I usually do on my legs due to dry skin after using lotion the next day!

To sum up:

Chocomania butter

Pros of The Body Shop Chocomania Body Butter:

  • Lives up to its claim of 48-hour moisturization.
  • Smells delicious, divine and decadent – great for choco-addicts 😀
  • Spreads smoothly and does not leave skin greasy.
  • Easily absorbed.

Cons of The Body Shop Chocomania Body Butter:

  • May not be suitable during the summer.
  • Expensive.

Would I Repurchase The Body Shop Chocomania Body Butter?

Oh yes, this would be at the top in my list of best body butters from TBS!

IMBB Rating:


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29 thoughts on “The Body Shop Chocomania Body Butter

          1. I finished my strawberry body butter two days back……..want a body butter urgently….will check this out…. :yahoo: :yahoo: waise you in hyd, even though its summers, we still need body lotions and butters…he he :hihi:

            1. I use them alternatively so not a single one is over now 😛 it all depends on my mood. I also bought the Love etc gift cube for myself 😛 it has a tiny body lotion and a shower gel of Love etc in it :yahoo: :yahoo: accha Jomo how is the weather there>?

              1. Its damn damn hot….I am sitting inside, but if a step outside for a while, I am like dehydrated and all….but its better at night….but still can’t switch off the AC……I had bought the cube of strawberry shower and body lotion….didn’t quite like it…its toooooooooo chotu :headbang:

                1. Yahaan pe in B’lore also it is hot but luckily there is some breeze and some surprise showers sometimes. It is quite small 🙁 why do they assume it should be tiny if it’s a gift. Pffffttt. :pan: :pan: :pan: :pan:

    1. It isss like in the shower cream review, I want to do a whole day of chocolate pampering 😀 use all these and a chocolate facial and then relax the whole day 😀

  1. Damn i shuld have picked it up when the offer was going on…will definitely pick it when they have an offer on the chocomania range next time..Nice review Nandini 🙂

  2. Wow Nandhini,

    So yum,….I have the shower cream from the same range and it is awesome too,…

    Btw did you try the body scrub , please do a review

  3. i sniffed this at the store sometime back Nandini and it was so fake chocolate flavour kinds :silly: i love dark chocolates and it was not chocolatey enuf for me :struggle: But glad you are liking it :))

    1. Accha 🙂 I quite liked it though Spiced Vanilla is my favorite so far in terms of yummy smells 🙂 I love the Nature’s co coffee face scrub though, so fresh!

  4. I somehow found the chocomania body butter a little strange. I am a huge fan of TBS body butters and being a chocolate junkie I picked up this body butter instantly. No doubts on its moisturising benefits …. I also tend to use body butters on my lips and the area around my mouth when the skin becomes very dry, and this body butter was horrifyingly bitter. I did not have a problem like this with any other body butter. This body butter could be problematic for young mothers who have infants at home. Please let me know if anyone else here has had this problem. The taste was so chemical like that it has put me totally off on this new range 🙁

    1. Don’t do that 🙁 I don’t think body butters are meant for lips, use their lip butter instead 🙂 the shea one is really good..I haven’t used the lip butter from this range though, lip butters usually do tend to be slightly different.

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