Bourjois Regard Effet Duochrome (62 Brun Mordore) Eyeliner Review

Bourjois Regard Effet Duochrome (62 Brun Mordore) Eyeliner & 12-Blue Evasion Kohl and Contour Eyeliner Pencil

Greetings for the day to everyone!!! 🙂

This is my first ever review & I’m pleased to write it for IMBB as I have learnt a lot about makeup & beauty from this blog. So thought of sharing some product reviews myself. 🙂

So the product I am reviewing today is the Bourjois Regard Effet Duochrome eyeliner, shade (62 Brun Mordore). Looking out for some skincare products in H&G few days back, I was tempted with the ongoing offer in Bourjois of Buy 2 get 1 free. So being a lover of eye makeup products, I landed at the Bourjois counter & the helpful SA swatching all the eyeliner shades on my hand. I was not much tempted with the Kohl pencils at first but when she swatched the duochrome pencils, I was happily surprised and ended up buying the golden brown shade for myself.

What Bourjois says about this product (Price : 330/-)
Contains a high concentration of pigments for intense effects. A formula with natural wax for a smooth glide application. Available in 6 shades.
bourjois regard effet duochrome eyeliner
The line includes the following products:
# 57 – Noir Emeraude, a dramatic green shade with black undertones
# 58 – Noir Bleute, indigo blue shade with black undertones
# 59 – Violet Rose, a pink and lilac hue(very pretty shade)
# 60 – Gris Perle, a pearly gray shade
# 61 – Vert Dore, a light green shade with gold undertones(me want next)
# 62 – Brun Mordore, a golden brown shade(captivating brown shade)

And this is how the 61-Vert Dore and 57-Noir Emaeraude shades would look on you 😛
bourjois regard effet duochrome eyeliner

What do I feel about my Duochrome Eyeliner

I was AWESTRUCK by the 62 Brun Mordore shade when it was swatched on my hand. I was on a continuous search for this brown shade and instantly fell in love with it. Basically the Colorbar I-Glide pencils were on my list but didn’t get them anywhere in Hyderabad so when I saw this unique Brown color with nice golden shimmer to it, I had to have it. Price of both is even the same.
bourjois regard effet duochrome eyeliner

bourjois regard effet duochrome eyeliner swatch

Pros of Bourjois Duochrome eyeliner

• Excellent choice of colours. All the shades are to die for. They are unique and beautiful.
• Its quite pigmented. Just a few gentle swipes and you are all set to go.
• Very creamy in texture, doesn’t tug the eyes. I didn’t feel as if I am applying an eye pencil. The claim of natural wax like texture is very true.
• Its waterproof-I put my hand under running tap water but no difference in the color. Even after wiping my hand 3-4 times, color faded out but not completely.
• It can be easily smudged by your finger after applying if either you want to create a Smokey look to use it as a eye shadow.
• Multi-purpose in use : Can be used as a eyeliner, eye shadow, highlighter and Kohl too. Applying it on waterline also doesn’t sting one’s eyes.
• Its really Duochrome-It looks like two colors in the price if one. 62 Brun Mordore gives the look of both brown and golden.
• Can be easily sharpened without breaking.

Cons of Bourjois Duochrome eyeliner

• Lasting power-It will last for 4/5 hrs to the max. Can’t call it a con coz every eye product starts fading after this much time.
• Not a con but just a note. This brown color especially will suit fair complexioned girls well. It will not show up well on ladies with dark eyelids or dark eye circles. They can play with all rest of the shades easily.

Nothing else. I love it. 🙂
Will I re-purchase: Definitely, I want the light green & violet Rose shades.

My Ratings for it will be 4.5/5 You girls use it & rate it yourself.

Bourjois Kohl & Contour pencils have already been reviewed here by Ami. You can check that review on IMBB. I just want to show the swatches of 12-Bleu Evasion (Price-240/-)and 80 Vert Expressif (free gift). Again both can be used as eyeliner /Kohl/eye shadow pencils. Lovely shades and they have more lasting power than Duochrome eyeliners.

Swatches of all the 3 together are:
bourjois kohl contour pencil

bourjois kohl contour pencil swatch
L to R: Duochrome eyeliner 62-Brun Mordore, Kohl & Contour pencil 12-Bleu Evasion and 80-Vert Expressif

Now last come my pics wearing the 62-Brun Mordore and the, Kohl & Contour pencil 12-Bleu Evasion
nids eye look

nids eye look
Thanks for reading my first post as a review on IMBB. You guys have already seen 2 of my makeup haul post and appreciated them. Hope I did well in this review too.. 🙂

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62 thoughts on “Bourjois Regard Effet Duochrome (62 Brun Mordore) Eyeliner Review

  1. Wowwwwwwww..your eyes are looking soooooooooooooo pretty!! :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: Nids!! These pencils are amazingly pigmented and the price is also good!! 😀 😀 😀

  2. Hey Nids…great review…..after seeing these on your eyes (BTW you have lovely eyes), I want the brown and the blue one………green one I am not sure

    1. :thanks: :thanks: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: jomol…
      nice u liked the shades… As I said they can be used as eyeshadows too so u can try the green 1 too.. a gr8 shade.. or violet 1.. thts luvly too.. :beauty:
      I already had Navy blue from Avon so didnt take it..

    1. :thanks: thanks to u Rads for liking….BUY BUY.. A must buy eye product.. wud be a luvly item in ur other eye makeup products.. :yahoo: :yahoo: :bravo:

  3. Hey nids…..such pretty eyes….and I loved how bindi looks so pretty on you…..somehow my face is bindi-resistant…. :toothygrin: ….doesn’t suit me
    neways…..i loved the brown one so much :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

    1. Thanks Jinal :rose: :rose: …I luv wearing Bindis :inlove: :inlove: .. I had this luv for Bindis from my college days itself & used to make cute bindi designs with my eyeliner.. Always got complimented for them :blush: :blush: :blush: :blush: ..
      I’m in luv wid the brown shade myself 😉 😉 ..wud use the blue 1 as eye shadow,luks luvly when smudged with hand..& didnt hav any mehndi kind of shade so tht green 1 wud b a liner too for me.. :)) :))

      1. ohh thats a good Idea…..eyeliner as e/s looks good and is long lasting too. I used same technique for a tutorial here. :))
        And u shud really wear bindis all the time….looks gorgeous on you :-*

        1. n yeah Jinal, try wearing very small sized bindis.. knida ones u used in ur nail tut yesterday.. n use ur liquid eyeliner to make small designs wid them.. tht wud definitely suit u.. try out once :waytogo: :waytogo: :waytogo: ..Then send me the pics so that I can adore ur beauty wid Bindi.. :beauty: :haanji: :haanji:

    1. yeah noopur.. i am nidhi.. all best girls hav this name.. :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:
      & :thanks: :thanks: for liking my buy.. :)) :))

    1. hi amritha.. u can get bourjois in Shoppers Stop n all Health & Glow shops.. where in hyd do u stay BTW.. i’m also from hyd.. :))

      1. hi nids…:),I dont stay in hyd but i constantly keep shuttling between cities (work … excuse I can come up with).I keep popping into the H&G outlet near Paradise CIrcle but they dont have bourjois…:(.Hey can u recommend a good H&G outlet cos most of the ones that I have seen r pushy… :wilt:

        1. Okkk.. better ckh out the H&G at Ameerpet then.. thts gud.. I visit the one at Inorbit Mall here. U can find H&G outlets at Banjara Hills, JUbilee hills,Madhapur, Hitech City,even Abids.. visit Kathiawar Stores at secunderabad.. its also very near to paradise circle..they too hav all the brands.. :waytogo: :waytogo: :waytogo:

  4. Hey …looks good on u. and u got pretty eyes 🙂

    .i bought one of these and after that i started doing my own duochrome effect by using black /brown with diff colored eye pencils and sumtimes even 2 diff colors mixed…and it works quite well i must say 🙂

  5. frOm where i can get this :struggle: , i put up in Delhi.. 🙂

    i vil love to Purchase all three :woot: Of them 😉 :yahoo: :yahoo:

  6. Bourjois is available in Shoppers Stop,Lifestyle n H&G shops here in hyd.. i think the same goes in delhi tooo.. there r many delhites here.. they can tell u better.. ask rati .. :))

  7. Nids I have Noir Emeraude & I swear I’m in love with the Bourjois eye pencil , I use it often :yes:
    Also, Colorbar is available at Hyderabad Central, but the SA there speaks in tooti pothi Hindi or Telugu, so little diffiicult to communicate sometimes. 😉

    1. really Colorbar is available in Hyd :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot: .. wow.. thts such a relief for me.. i thought i wud nvr b able to play wid the luvly colorbar cosmetics.. thnxx for the info,uzma.. :thanks: :thanks:
      N yeah Bourjois Duochrome eyeliners rocksss…. :star: :star: :star: :rose: :rose: :rose: :heart: :heart:

    1. oh wow insiya :yahoo: :yahoo: .. u know these eye pencils r my first purchase from bourjois tooo 😉 😉 .. so same pinch in advance… :handshake: :highfive:

    1. :thanks: :thanks: bhumika..the SA was offering me black in Kohl & contour pencils bt I have so many blacks .. thts y went for this blue n mehndi green 1.. :))

  8. Hi Nids, I bought the same eye liner in the colour noir emeraude and i am disappointed with it. :nababana: It’s a pretty color no doubt, but it starts fading away after one hour or so. And even the colour pay off is not good while applying :smug: I have to keep on applying a few times then only it shows a little. but the contour clubbing eyeliner which i bought in blue remix is excellent.Why cant they make this green one also with the same quality though they are of the same price? :bash:

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