Dove Beauty Moisture Face Wash For Normal to Dry Skin

I like Dove’s shampoo and soap range, so when I saw a face wash from them at Health and Glow the other day, I just had to buy it. It has the typical Dove soap smell, mild yet nice, just the way I like it. The packaging is simple and non-fussy, and the cap seals pretty well, though it can be a bit tough to open.

Dove Beauty Moisture Face Wash For Normal to Dry Skin

Product Description:

Dove has a unique ‘Deep Clean and Deep Moisture’ Action:

‘1/4th moisturizing milk moisturizes your face, and its ‘moisture locking function’ retains moisture for longer. Rich lather removes dirt and impurities effectively to give a deep clean feeling. Because perfect cleansing is cleansing with care!’

The cap of the tube is very tightly sealed, so it’s slightly annoying to have to use your nails to open it. The face wash has a thick, silky feel to it, very creamy, sort of like Pond’s face wash, but creamier than that.


Rs. 70/- for 50 g.

Here’s the swatch:

Dove face wash

When you apply it on your face, it does not foam, instead there’s a rich, thick lather and once you’re done, your skin feels really smooth and soft, so much that it almost seems like you’ve applied a moisturizer on it. It also gives this sort of clean feel that I don’t get with a lot of other brands. I personally have combination skin, a dry face but an oily T-zone, so this works for me. However, I wouldn’t recommend this for anyone with oily skin or skin that’s prone to breakouts.

Dove moisturizing face wash

Overall, I love this product and it works for me. It’s perfect for the end of the day when my skin feels all bleh from the exposure to pollution and wind and what not, so I use it after I remove my makeup and it feels amazing.

Pros of Dove Beauty Moisture Face Wash For Normal to Dry Skin:

  • Reasonably priced for the quantity.
  • Does what it claims to do, moisturizes the skin very well.
  • Leaves behind a clean, fresh feeling.

Cons of Dove Beauty Moisture Face Wash For Normal to Dry Skin:

  • Personally, I found the cap very irritating to open, but this may not be that much of an issue for others.
  • Not suitable for those with oily skin.

Would I Repurchase Dove Beauty Moisture Face Wash For Normal to Dry Skin?

Definitely because this suits my skin type very well.

IMBB Rating:


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11 thoughts on “Dove Beauty Moisture Face Wash For Normal to Dry Skin

    1. Thanks guys! 🙂 Pragnyadeepta, you could try the Garnier Deep Clean Wash with mint extract, it’s really good and has that cool minty feeling after you use it 😀 it’s for combination or oily skin.

  1. sounds good..but earlier i had used a dove face wash (forgot the name) :silly: ..which was drying like a wasn’t interested in this now i think i will get it smday! :))

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