ELF Powder Brush Review

ELF Powder Brush Review

Hi Girls,

Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend. Today, I thought that I would write about something different than a makeup product, rather something that is very essential when starting out with makeup. This is a review of one of the cheapest brushes that are available out there. This one is the ELF powder brush.

ELF Powder Brush Review

What Elf Claims:

ELF Powder Brush

The picture describes it all.


As far as I remember 3$ or 5$.

Seriously, if I try to remember how I used to put on powders and all before getting this brush, I don’t really recall anything. I think that I always used that sponge or puff that came with the compact powder, but last year when my sister was getting married, I had a lot of relatives coming from the US. So, I thought why not get some brushes for myself. I do feel that it is pretty expensive to straight away buy MAC brushes, that too when I don’t even apply makeup on a daily basis. So, I researched a lot and found that the ELF brushes are actually good. I asked my cousin to get me some brushes from all the different ranges that are available at ELF.

ELF Powder Brush

When I opened my brush packet, I was so happy to see such nice and soft brushes. I believe that probably 3 brushes that I wanted were not as smooth. In fact, they are so rough that they cannot be used at all, but this one brush stole the show with its softness and nice bristles.

ELF Powder Blush

The ELF powder brush which I am reviewing, I believe that it is from the mineral range. I have one more ELF brush from this range apart from the one that I am reviewing.  Personally, I feel that both of them are soft.  This brush is so nice and smooth that it is actually a delight to use it on the face. Even if I am doing any of my sister’s makeup, I always get questions about this brush considering how soft it is. It actually feels like cotton on the skin, I mean literally cotton.

ELF Powder Blush

The bristles are not too dense and are pretty soft, so they cannot be used to apply any liquid foundations, but it is perfect for powder items. The bristles bend easily in any direction. When I bought MAC’s mineralized skin finish natural, I noted that all the brushes apart from this one scrape off the powder in such a way that there is fall out, but there is no such problem with this one.

ELF Powder Blush

The only thing bad about this brush which I can think of is that the bristles are too long, making it a bit difficult to put on powder foundations and all. Apart from this problem, this brush gets full marks from me.

So, if you are just new to makeup and want to have a few good brushes, you can definitely check out the mineral range of ELF.  They are cruelty-free brushes and even the handle is made up of bamboo as far as I can tell.

I have washed my brush so many times and I am pleased to tell you that none of the bristles have fallen off.  The brush has remained the same after washing.  This is definitely a must-have brush. You will just love the feeling of using it on your face.

Pros of ELF Powder Brush:

  • Cruelty free.
  • Soft and smooth.
  • Easy to apply powder products.
  • Anti-bacterial bristles.
  • No bristle fall out.
  • Inexpensive.

Cons of ELF Powder Brush:

  • Not available in India yet.
  • Too large bristles.

Would I Repurchase ELF Powder Brush?

Oh yes, definitely!

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21 thoughts on “ELF Powder Brush Review

  1. I have the elf total face brush, similar to this blush brush. I too was excited to have it, and it is certainly good for starters, but I am finding that it is not solidly constructed – there is a funny tik-tik noise between the ferrule (yours is black) and the handle. It sounds like it isn’t solid 🙁

    1. hii. ven i have that total face brush, it has maroon bristles right? i have never used that one.. it is soo harsh on my skin. i dont know if we re talking abt the same brush or not. but that brush of mine was the worst i had. this is really soft and nice.

  2. Thank you for the review harman… i saw this brush in one indian e-commerce site.. costs around 500 rupees.. was googling for the review as i wanted to be sure if my 500 is well spent.. Yahoo….!!!

    1. oooh 500 is a lot. but i think that for applying powder this brush is really good. and totally comparable to Mac and all. You should go for it.. its really soft and nice

  3. i’ve discovered a website called stylecraze where you get elf products. but since elf doesn’t retail in india, is it advisable to buy from it?

    1. hii.. i saw it just now. i think its okay to buy if you dont have anyone returning from the Us soon enough. I have ordered from them and got a very good and effective service. you could try it out for sure 🙂

    1. heheh Parita di you ve already bought so many 🙂 but you know if you follow Gossmakeupartist’s advice on how to set your face with powder, this could be the perfect brush for it 🙂

  4. nice review Harman 🙂 I saw this brush at stylecraze and was confused whether i should get it or not. now, i might order from there. 🙂

      1. i hope your not referring to the brown bristles and silver handle brush.. that one on stylecraze is one of the worst out there

  5. even i can’t find it now harman. might have gone out of stock. 🙁 i don’t think it was the one with brown bristles.

    1. thats sad 🙁 this one is totally worth it. You should really wait and not order the total face one. Its so bad

  6. Awww harman it looks so fluffy and soft. But yeah I also feel the bristles should have a been a bit shorter. It would have given more control. Looks cutee . 🙂

    1. I have not really used many different kind of brushes Rati di, but this feels amazingly soft on the face. I think at times good brands also tend to have hard bristles. Once a mac MUA was doing my eyes and his brush was so pointy.
      I think you must have seen gossmakeupartist’s 2 ways to apply powder as to not disrupt the foundation, this brush is prefect for that 🙂

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