Eye Makeup For Ethnic Wear With Golden Theme

Eye Makeup For Ethnic Wear With Golden Theme

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Like I promised in my last tutorial that I would be doing my further tutorials based on what readers want.  So, here I am with the first one of the lot.  I find a lot of girls asking me what kind of eye makeup they should sport with saree or lehenga which has golden/copper zari work on it. So, I came up with a pretty simple look which would suit each of your saree with zari work, no matter what the base color of the saree is. This one is for you Deepika 🙂 hope you like it.

Products Used:

Makeup Products

1. Lakme compact powder.
2. Lakme eye quartet in desert rose
3. VOV make up kit.
4. VOV 2 color eyebrow powder set
5. Maybelline hypercurl mascara
6. Elle 18 kajal
7. Golden eye crayon.
8. Streetwear eyeliner in black.

Step by Step Tutorial:

Step 1:

Prime your eyes with your favorite primer or concealer and groom your eyebrows with an eyebrow powder or a dark brown eye shadow.


Step 2:

Use a golden highlighter below your brow bone. I have used the pale golden shade form Lakme Eye Quartet.

Step 3:

Take a golden eye crayon and apply it over 2/3rd your upper eyelid.

Step 4:

Use some powder golden eye shadow over the crayon layer. You can use just powder golden eye shadow and leave out the crayon part if you have a properly pigmented golden one in your kitty. I have used VOV eye shadow in golden and the eye crayon.

Gold Eye Crayon

Step 5:

Take the copper shade from the Lakme eye quartet in Desert Rose and apply on the outer 1/3rd of the upper eye lid.  Blend the golden and the copper properly at the point where they meet.

Gold Eyeshadow

Step 6:

Take a matte brown eyeshadow and blend the harsh edges on the crease.

Step 7:

Draw a thick winged line with black eyeliner on the upper lash line.

Upper Lash Line

Step 8:

Finally, add loads of mascara and kajal and you are done!

This is how it should look!

Golden eye makeup

You can tone it down a bit by lightly brushing some matte brown eye shadow over it. Be confident and wear any lip color (sans red) of your choice with this look.

Eye Makeup

Coming up is the eye tutorial request of another reader next.  Do tell me yours!

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92 thoughts on “Eye Makeup For Ethnic Wear With Golden Theme

  1. Beautiful and gorgeous as ever Aparajita! 🙂
    One question- I’ve seen you using eye crayons in other tutes too?
    I soo want them! What brand are they?

  2. your eyes look lovely aparajita..i always notice how precisely you apply kajal…is it possible to have such precise application with elle18 kajal?

    1. thanks mily! 🙂 i generally use maybelline colossal kajal. but i find no difficulty using elle 18 one too…. maybe when the tip gets blunt i will just use a brush to apply 🙂

  3. Lovely eye makeup. I always look forward to your eye makeup tutorials…
    btw I have a small query , am asking this to you as you seem to do eye makeup effortlessly – normally when I apply kajal it always collects on the outer corner of my eye after an hour or so . Do you have any idea how i can avoid it ? I love wearing kajal but because of this I am unable to wear it confidently.

    1. thanks sonali 🙂 it may be because you have oily waterline. try this! take matte black or dark grey eyeshadow on a thin pencil brush and apply over your kajal 🙂 the powder will set the kajal and it will last longer 🙂

      1. Hi…thx for reply. Just one more question , is it safe to put eyeshadow on waterline ( I wear lenses) and also if you could suggest some particular matte one that could do the trick. Sorry for asking so many things…actually I am very new to this world of makeup!!

        1. my sis wears lenses too and i have tried this on her… 🙂 just a slight dab, not much 🙂 i use the matte grey n brown from VOV 2 color eyebrow powder set

  4. wow aprajita this one is so good. no many product required :0 I have watery eyes so kajal wont stays long I’ll use waterproof eye pencils. Wonder when I’ll be able to create that wing 😉

    1. try it manisha! its really very easy 🙂 try resting ur elbow over a surface and just move ur wrist while creating the wing. it makes the hand steady 🙂

  5. that is a lovely one… i also have a request… can you please do a full copperish kind of eye makeup tutorial for me?? pleeesh pleesh… 🙂 🙂

  6. Would like to see an “bridal eye makeup”… But this one is so easy and simple. As a beginner I think I can do it 🙂

  7. lovely eyes you’ve got dear.. Can you pls tell me the eye crayon brand that you’ve used here?… i really wanna have it…

  8. Woow.gorgeous.. i wanted this desparately..

    I don’t know weather i can find this crayon in mumbai, any idea where can i find it in mumbai?

  9. Aparajita will u plz do an eye makeup for glass wearers….I have oily combi skin and fair complexion…love to wear eyeliner so something for me that is simple, light and beautiful pretty please 🙂

  10. Aparajita ji, I have never commented on any makeup tutorial as it’s a line I don’t want to cross. But I want to add something here- when I imagine the whole process of doing makeup, clicking pictures, editing them, etc. and I still see a job well done, I realize how much the person is enjoying what she is doing. After Rati, Neha and Deeptima I got this feeling from you.

    So good show. 🙂

      1. Cheers…….u absolutely deserve this praise…..I was going through the guidelines for writing a post to imbb and was like OMG these posts are a result of so much hard work and dedication…..and your tutorial is absolutely wonderful….. 🙂

  11. Too gud appu.. loved ur look n tute.. am getting mean to ask u personally for choice of lipcolor n eyeliner shade for matching red n green shaded saree.. :p pls do tell..
    I wud also love to knw abt eye make up for same, though I hardly get time for eye definition knw.. :p bt atleast I wud save ur tute for future concerns.. it may help many gals I believe.. 🙂 wt shud I say abt u u r really amazing n believe me u r encyclopedia of make up for me.. 🙂 I wud be highly obliged to knw answer of my query..

    1. thank u so much for those lovely words neetu! :* :* i have a cherry red saree with green border with which is pair black smoky eyes and a hint of moss green in the inner 1/3rd of the lower lashline. lipstick i opt for some peachy n*de shade with lots of gloss 🙂

    1. arey babare! that’s too great an honor for me 🙂 neha and nafisa are the reigning queens dear, check their EOTDs 🙂 u will fall in love<3 but anyway, ur words made me jump with joy! 😀 thankooooooz :*

  12. such beautiful eyes and a fab tutorial. I read all the tips also and thanks for it. Very useful and helpful. Lovely comments too. You certainly deserve all the praise.

  13. Gorgeous!!! attractive eyes 🙂 You have very beautiful eyes… 🙂 no words to explain 🙂 I m scrolling this page up n down 😛 I like all your eye make up tutorial you are doing great job… Applying makeup itself difficult for me but you clicking after every steps waaaaaaaaaaa You are awesome girl…

  14. I used to enjoy Rati’s, Deeptima, Sahar eye tutorials so much and now adding yours in my favorite List. keep up the good work Aparajita. loved this one so much

    1. thanks a lot gurpreet! 😀 u know there was a time when i used to stare in awe at sahar’s tutes…. never thought that i would try at hands at this too someday 🙂 after all these days, i have learnt so many here at IMBB. so the credit is not entirely mine 🙂

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