My Favourite Lotus Herbals Products

My Favourite Lotus Herbals Products


I had previously professed my love for Lotus Herbals products 🙂  They make some really good products and one of the few brands whose products I repurchase often.  I find that Lotus Herbals has a good balance of skin care and makeup products, some Indian brands concentrate more on makeup and some on skin care, whereas Lotus Herbals has got some amazing products in both the categories.  Here’s a list of my favourite skin care and makeup products, most of which I keep repurchasing because they are so good, so here’s a dekko 🙂  Some of the products are not there in the collective pic, but I have used each and every product that I have included in my list here 🙂

1.  Lotus Herbals Purestay Foundation:

Price:  Rs. 595

Lotus Herbals Purestay Foundation

One of my absolute favourite foundations – it is lightweight, does not break me out, gives me good coverage, blends nicely, oil free, matte finish, doesn’t oxidize much, does not feel cakey or whitish on the skin – its what I look for in a foundation.  Also, it comes with SPF 20.  The only con is that it transfers a lot, so I have to set it with a powder.

2.  Lotus Herbals Divinedew Sindoor:

Price:  Rs. 125

Lotus Herbals Sindoor

Comes in two lovely shades Love Drop and Rosy Blush.  I have used the Rosy Blush one and also have gifted it to my friends because its herbal and safe on skin, free of toxic ingredients.  What I love the most about it is the ease of application, the sponge tip applicator makes the application so easy and mess free.

3.  Lotus Herbals Strawberry Lip Balm:

Price:  Rs. 125

I have picked up so many Lotus Herbals lip balms, mostly raspberry and strawberry ones to gift and to use as well.  They are good for chapped and dry lips, especially good for these winter months.

4.  Lotus Herbals Pomegranate and Plum Energizing Skin Polisher:

Price:  Rs. 245


One of my favourite scrub/exfoliators ever.  It has the right kind of granules that give smooth and soft skin instantly.  It sloughs off dead cells completely.  It might not be suitable for sensitive skin, but its a great exfoliator, I repeat.

5.  Lotus Herbals Color Dew Nail Enamel:

Price:  Rs. 110

Red nail polish

I have most of the shades from this range, they are much better than Lakme and other nail polishes.  They are acetone, DBP, and toulene free.  The packaging is also very different from other nail polishes available in the market.  The colours are awesome, if you haven’t checked out these already, you should!

6.  Lotus Herbals Whiteglow Massage Cream:

Price:  Rs. 375

Lotus Herbals Whiteglow massage cream

A really good massage cream that does not break out even oily skin, but I should much more than oily skin, its good for dry skin because I have seen glow on my mother’s face and my friend’s face, both of whom have dry skin after using this regularly.

7.  Lotus Herbals Whiteglow Skin Whitening Hand and Body Lotion:

Price:  Rs. 295

Lotus Herbals Whiteglow body lotion

Keeps the skin hydrated through the day, comes with SPF 25, makes skin soft and smooth.

8.  Lotus Herbals Purestay Lip Gloss in Plum Delight:

Price:  Rs. 395

Lotus Herbals Plum Delight lip gloss

My current favourite, I love the colour, the texture, and the feel of this lip gloss.  A must-have for all skin tones.

9.  Lotus Herbals Safe Sun Sunscreen with SPF 20 PA + UVA and UVB:

Price:  Rs. 145

Can I not mention sunscreens from Lotus in this list?  Lotus makes sunscreens even for oily and acne-prone skin types, which is a rarity.  I love Lotus Herbals sunscreen and I am currently using the SPF 20 one 🙂

10.  Lotus Herbals Whiteglow Skin Whitening and Brightening Gel Creme:

Price:  Rs. 325

Lotus Herbals Whitening Gel Cream

A good day cream for oily skin types because this one is not greasy and provides the much-needed hydration and moisturization to skin and contains natural ingredients and SPF 25 too.

11.  Lotus Herbals Apriscrub:

Price:  Rs. 125

Another favourite of mine, it exfoliates well and takes care of blackheads, suitable for all skin types, I have repurchased it so many times 🙂

12.  Lotus Herbals Pure Color Lipstick:

Price:  Rs. 245


Priced reasonably, these lipsticks come in gorgeous shades, creamy finish with nice luscious texture, I love these lipsticks 🙂

This was my list, what are your favourite products from this brand? Do mention in the comments 🙂

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21 thoughts on “My Favourite Lotus Herbals Products

  1. Even i like lotus products jomol *hifive*, i have their lippies, they work well for me.. And the brightening gel creme too.. *happydance* *hifive*

  2. My most loved Lotus products are , Nail enamel, they dry so fast and they need too much remover while removing *haan ji* and Lotus sunscreen *haan ji*
    But I dislike their “whitening glow body lotion” *ghost*

  3. I love lotus products too! Their gel sunscreen is my HG! Also like their body lotions and lip balms.
    Was curious, does their lotus pure stay foundation photograph well? Coz it has spf.

  4. *clap* *clap* Jomol.
    I love their Suncreens,lipbalm and presently loving the whitening scrub ( not for whitening *nonono* thing but that it exfoliates amazingly)
    You have Inspired me to try the pomegranate scrub and foundation.

  5. Nice post Jomol. I like thier Detan face pack….works pretty well. Also, their papayablem cream is really nice for blemishes and it smells heavenly 🙂

  6. Jomo my fav are – lipsticks esp the my peach and maroon one. Nail paints are pure love, totally loving the TM and sunscreens of course. Totally getting teh apri scrub on your reco *happy dance* *happy dance* *happy dance* *happy dance* *happy dance*

  7. My fav are purestay foundation, kajal, sindoor, whiteglow scrub, sheamoist lotion and de tan face pack. I used to love the kiwi skin polisher but it has become unavailable for the last 6 months. But i hate the whiteglow gel creme, it gave me horrible pimples!

  8. i have lotus purestay compact n blusher n im in love wid those things…i found lotus compact much better than chamboe even. n after seeing ur post im so tempted to buy the other products frm dis range.. *powder*

  9. That’s a good review, I was looking for a good scrub and thanks to u, u ve also tempted me to try pomegranate scrub *thankyou* *preen* *hifive*

  10. Amazing list jomol di *clap* *happydance* . My fav are their sunscreen, glosses and lipstick *happydance* . Have heard so much about their foundation *pompom* *pompom* *happy dance* ..will definitely try it and the skin polisher too *happy dance* *happy dance* *jogging*

  11. The 3 in 1 matte sunscreen tops the list for me. The apricot scrub is something I cant live without.. yet to try the lippies and body polisher.. thanks Jomol… *happy dance*

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