Gunpowder Grey and Purple Eye Makeup Tutorial

Gunpowder Grey and Purple Eye Makeup Tutorial

Hiya ladies!

You must know the feeling when after a long journey you finally reach back to the comfort of your home, don’t you? I am feeling exactly the same now. Confused? Well don’t be,I meant, I am back into my comfort zone, eye make up tutorials, after a very long break! Oh, I missed doing tutes SO much! well, finally and thankfully, I can do them once again, thanks to all your “get well soon” wishes.

Gunpowder Grey and Purple EyeMakeup Tutorial

Products used:

1. Garnier BB cream ( for priming)
2. VOV make up palette
3. Baxi Silky eyeshadow quad ( a Korean brand)
4. VOV eye brow powder set
5. Streetwear eyeliner
6. Maybelline hypercurl masacara
7. Elle 18 kajal

Gunpowder Grey and Purple Eye Makeup Tutorial products used

The following shades have been used for the look:

Shade 1 ( gunpowder grey), shade 2( blue-ish lavender), shade 3 ( pinkish purple), shade 4 ( silver)
Gunpowder Grey and Purple Eye Makeup Tutorial (3)

Step 1:

Moisturize and prime your eyes.
Step 2:

Groom your eye brows well. If you already have thick eyebrows, then you can use clear mascara to hold them in place

Apply a pale gold highlighter below the brow bone. You may use beige highlighter too. My warm yellowy skin tone demands that I use a little touch of gold everytime for that bright look.
Step4: Apply the gunpowder grey all over your eyelid.

Gunpowder Grey and Purple Eye Makeup Tutorial (4)
Step 5:

Extend the grey to outer 1/3rd of the lower lashline as well.
Step 6:

Now, use the blue-ish lavender to draw a thick line on the crease.
Step 7:

Use some pinkish purple eyeshadow and blend the harsh lines of the crease. Earlier, I used to use matte brown eye shadow for this step, until Sweta taught us that blending with an eyeshadow of the same color family helps in maintaining the color intensity,thanks Sweta.
Step 8:

Keep on blending until you can’t differentiate between the lines.

Gunpowder Grey and Purple Eye Makeup Tutorial (5)

Step 9:

Take some silver eye shadow on a flat brush and just dab on the inner half of the upper eyelid. This will add a glow to the lids. Learnt the usefulness of silver eye shadows from Neha.
Step 10:

Apply some silver eyeshdow in the innermost corners of the eyes as well.
Step 11:

Take gel eyeliner or liquid eyeliner in black and draw a “<” like shown in the picture. Do not extend the line all throughout the upper lashline.just take it till the middle,keeping very close to the lashline.
Step 12:

Fill in the “<” with the same eyeliner
Gunpowder Grey and Purple Eye Makeup Tutorial (6)


Finally, finish off with kajal on the waterline and a single coat of mascara on the lashes 
This is how it should look.

Gunpowder Grey and Purple Eye Makeup Tutorial (7)

Gunpowder Grey and Purple Eye Makeup Tutorial (8)

Learnt from Rashmita’s tutes that a bit of “hair show” in EOTDs can enhance its look. So, all those who thought that I am an expert in eye makeup, here is how that expertise came about. Fellow IMBBians are the best teachers! We all learn from each other, don’t we?? Take care ladies, will be back soon.


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72 thoughts on “Gunpowder Grey and Purple Eye Makeup Tutorial

  1. Hi Aprajita,
    I’m floored with your skills grl!! Every time I see your tutes, i nobody can beat that..but you prove me wrong with ur next tute. Your tutes are simply awesome. They make me believe that one can create great looks with simple and cheap make up products too. So, now I know, I don’t need those MAC eye shadows to get the perfect make up. Keep up the good work. Looking forward to the next one 🙂

    1. awww! that’s a huge compliment Nidhi! <3 🙂 🙂 yup, different looks can be created with inexpensive products too, we need not splurge on higher end prdcts always 🙂

        1. This conversation sounds funny to me.. hahaha… I agree with Nidhi Bhandari… just imagine what Ap’s can do without any expensive eyeshadows <3

        1. hmmm jomol thnkx aparjita and jomol…i went through the page ..The problm is I dont have a Camera :(…….will review on imbb as i get one 🙂

  2. Very Nice…. while seeing all the high end cosmetics & makeup tools.. you are the savior for me.. i just love all your tutorials they are excellent!!! and Yes i learnt a lot about Makeup, Skin & Hair care and all other grooming things for IMBB..

    Thanks to all of you!

    1. thanks a lot Gayatri 🙂 its my constant effort to create different looks with pocket friendly products, and i can’t tell u how happy i feel when u all like it! 🙂 thanks

  3. wow…love those eyes and yr tutorials…………the fact that the products dont burn a hole in yr pocket makes it even more lovely……….

  4. ohhhhhh my goddddd!!! i can never do eye make up like this… hats off.. i literally was hypnotized looking at the first pic.. 😉 fabulous job as ever… <3 :-*

  5. wow so beautiful.. loved ur eye makeup aparjita. 🙂 you have beautiful eyes. i have to surely wna give this one a try :-), thanks for sharing

      1. ya i love the way u do your eye make up, you rati n many are so talented and you all inspire me a lot :-), but i am bad at doing makeup, as i am just a starter 🙁

  6. beautiful Aparajita 🙂 love your tute 😀 this one is killer .. Aparajita you will make all of us eye makeup expert 😛 😉

    1. i can’t tell how how happy i will be if something like that happens! we all can then proudly say that we are make up experts without going to any profssnal 😉 😀 thanks manisha!

  7. Hey Aparajita, I’ve fallen in love with your eyes, gorgeous! 🙂 such a wonderful tutorial. anyway, can you please tell me the exact shop details from where you get all the Baxi products?

  8. omg.. hw u beauties click such heart warming pics yaar?? i loved loved loved di eye make up apps.. i ws mad over ur eyes since u posted this eotd on fb.. 😛 too gud apps.. am loving lavender lavender everywhere.. 🙂

    1. 😀 thanks a lot neetu! btw, i LOVED that pic of aadya( this is what we do when dadda leaves for office) 😉 its soooooooooo chweet

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