Homemade Green Tea Face Pack

Homemade Green Tea Face Pack

Homemade Green Tea Face Pack

How are you ladies doing?

I was a little busy with work and work-related studies. Β Somehow, I managed my time and sat down to pen this useful stuff for you lovely ladies. Β I have started making my own face packs and face scrubs and I am enjoying preparing it and I am loving the benefits I get with the naturally made products. Β Thanks to IMBB for inspiring me πŸ™‚

Following my DIY Lush Sweet Lips Scrub and Papaya Oats Face Scrub,Β I am now here to tell you how to make a green tea face pack. I drink green tea with honey every morning, very religiously, as green tea has loads of benefits. Β Now, let’s see what do we need to prepare this easy green tea face mask.

Ingredients Needed:

Homemade Green Tea Face Pack

  • 2 bags of green tea.
  • 1 big spoon of rice flour. Β You can do the rice powder by grinding a little quantity of rice in a mixer without adding a drop of water. Make sure the mixer is dry. That’s more important.
  • 1 Lemon.

Before we see the preparation, let me tell you the benefits of the ingredients I have used.

  • Green Tea – It is full of anti-oxidants, slows down the ageing process and rejuvenates the skin cells.
  • Rice flour – Its the best kitchen ingredient to treat blemishes and pigmentation. It is also used as an anti-ageing ingredient. Besides this, rice powder has good exfoliating properties. This also helps in making your skin look brighter and healthy.

So, here is the step-by-step preparation of the Green Tea Face Pack:

Firstly, brew a cup of green tea and let it cool, by itself.

Homemade Green Tea Face Pack

Take a spoonful of rice powder and add the green tea extracts to it. Keep stirring it to avoid clumps of the rice powder. Keep the consistency a little thick, as you will be adding lemon juice to the mixture.

Homemade Green Tea Face Pack

Now, when the rice powder is nicely made into a paste, add drops of lemon juice as required and the pack is ready for use.

Homemade Green Tea Face Pack

You may also add a spoon of honey, but I have not done it here. My mom was standing besides me and she is dead against applying honey on facial skin. Its the myth you know!

Homemade Green Tea Face Pack

I used this pack and found the rice powder to be a good exfoliant and a skin brightening agent. My skin looked bright and radiant in just 15 minutes and I was happy. I used the stuff from the kitchen and I did not spend a single penny for this brightening pack.

Homemade Green Tea Face Pack

This face pack will do wonders if you want instant brightness, but use it regularly, say once a week to improve your skin tone. Β I would suggest preparing a fresh batch of the pack every time you use, to get great results.

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58 thoughts on “Homemade Green Tea Face Pack

      1. I will add honey also πŸ˜› even my mom goes crazy, if i apply honey on face or hair.. but i have applied many times πŸ˜‰

  1. looks so easy. definitely will try at home tonight. i have loads of green tea packets but i was getting acidity from it so i stopped drinking it. now they wont go to waste thanks to you..:)

    i had a question for anyone who can answer – I think I have kind of ruined my face by trying too many things on my face. I have tried all kinds of things recently ranging from scrubs, face packs, toners, moisturizers, cleansers etc in the quest to find that one perfect skincare regime. anyways lesson well learnt so am sticking to my tried and tested routine now. But sadly though in the process i have these black marks on my face especially the nose and cheeks. is there any one sure thing that will help it? I am in my mid 40’s, normal to combination skin type.

    thanks in advance..

    1. Aru try kumkumadi tailam…. I would vouch for it. It will restore your skin definitely, use it at night all over face including eye area and stop using night cream till u use that

      1. Thanks so much all of you. I am quite beginning to believe that homemade remedies might be best. i live in Hyd so will try and get to the red sandalwood powder. lepakshi is kinda far but will try and make a trip sometime.

        @Archana – can i by it online or are there specfic store that will sell it?

    2. Aru, i have the same problem and my mom says that once i stop all chemicals for skin,my skin will look more healthier..but I dont listen to her πŸ˜›
      Now that i ve stopped the stuffs that comes in market, making big holes and zero effects and I’ve started playing around with the kitchen ingredients I’m happy with the results..

    3. Aruna, u can try the homemade Vitamin C serum here on IMBB.
      OR u could go for the TBS Vit C capsules. I have been using them myself n I find a lot of difference in marks.
      Vitamin C boosts new cells’ growth which can also prevent aging n clear the existing marks.
      N please find one CTM routine that suits ur skin. In my case its been Clinique all the way. I swear by their products.

      1. i do have that 1 routine that works (or rather i shud say that it dosent harm my skin). it is Olay total effects cleanser and moisturizer, Lotus white glow scrub and Lush Brazened honey face pack. I think once I calm this obsession of trying different thngs, automatically my face would look better. And yes one should definitely not play around with various skincare products especially as you grow older. when you are young you probably still have the luxury.

        1. a very simple thing for pigmentation is using onion juice. it stinks, i know coz i had blemishes from blackheads that i scratched, boils that formed after i ate mangoes till i dropped dead.
          i was asked to apply onion juice. to let it dry and wash off. ideally dont apply anything for half an hour. then you can wash ur face and apply moisturiser.

          another non-stinky way is to apply some tender coconut flesh mashed on blemishes, it lightens them beautifully.

    4. Hi Aru,
      I had tiny blemishes around my nose and cheeks. I used to use Lush Catastrophe Cosmetic face mask which helped to an extent of about 70% in clearing them. Then I tried a thin paste of baking soda as a face mask everyday which helped too. But on my would be mom in law’s recommendation I bought Red Sandalwood Powder from these little Lepakshi shops in Hyderabad and they really made my skin clear. You can make a paste and just rub in into your skin and let dry and rinse. It really works, but I don’t know where you live, so see if you can get your hands on Red Sandalwood.

    1. honey turns ur hair grey and my mom believes it to the core πŸ˜›
      But i dont think so..thre are many girls whom i know have used honey for facial treatment..and no greying of facial hair πŸ™‚

  2. the pack is super easy to make and spinds super good…esp for the antioxidant part! great recipe dear πŸ™‚

  3. the pack is super easy to make and sounds super good…esp for the antioxidant part! great recipe dear πŸ™‚

  4. Rama wow I love your home made beauty recipes… I am going to start making face packs on my own now..

    Thanks for this awesome recipe.. πŸ™‚

  5. rama…thnx for this easy to make face pack..never thought of rice flour as an ingredient in face packs, and tht it has anti-ageing properties..guess wht!!! I tried out the pack , and it did brighten up the skin and did not dry out my skin like besan face packs.. absolutely love it.. will try it out next week too!!!! πŸ™‚

    1. Hey Nidhi..My mom believe that honey makes ur facial hair go grey πŸ˜› but i dont think so..u can try adding honey to face packs.:)

  6. Thank you for sharing. Yes, it is best to use natural products. I’m a bit hesitant to use lemon on my face though.

  7. oh! this is sooo awesome rama. i am def going to give this a shot. dont have rice powder at the moment but guess would buy a small packet to use it regularly. I dont use honey much solely because i can’t stand the smell of it. πŸ˜› i am glad it works effectively even without honey. πŸ˜€ thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

    1. Hey Rati, I tried without honey and it is good..honey could be an add on πŸ™‚
      and glad that u like it.. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  8. Another great recipe!! Thanks a ton Rama πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ I loved you Papaya oats scrub too. I am definitely giving this a shot. Green tea is great for skin. I have been using the green tea toner (recipe was shared by Parita. Thank you Parita :)) and I can see a huge difference in my skin.

  9. This is a new kind of homemade face pack. Knew about green tea is a great antioxidant but never thought of this. Will try this solution it;s quite interesting and seems good and effective too!!!

  10. Hie,

    thanks for this great idea. i am going to try this weekend with honey minus lemon (i feel itchy when apply lemon on face ).

    i am not aware of ‘the myth’ associated with honey … Could ypu please enlighten me πŸ™‚

    Thank you for a wonderful write up.

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