Jovees Anti Tan and Clarifying Herbal Face Pack Review

Jovees Anti Tan Pack

Tanning is I suppose everyone’s problem in Indian summer and if you are working or live in a metropolitan then this problem gets extravagated. So sometime back I bought this tanning pack from Jovees.
jovees anti tan pack
The Jovees Anti Tan pack is a tanning and clarifying herbal face pack (the product claims to be). The pack also claims to improve skin’s well being and purely herbal. This is what is written on the back of the pack.

“Jovees Sun Tan Pack is the result of an extensive research on herb and their power to heal and improve skin’s well being in hot weather conditions. This specific pack uses hydrated herbs which help the skin from tanning, remove discoloration caused due to exposure to sun and other polluting agents. The therapeutic properties of the herbs help to clarify the skin and bring glow and sheen to it.”

The product does what it claims. It helps in protecting the skin from tanning. But still you need to apply a nice sun screen before stepping out in the sun. The basic function ehich this pack is supposed to do I think is after coming back from a day in the sun, you apply this pack ad this product will help you to remove all dirt, dust and tan you might have got. In all the pack is a good product for the summers.

The active ingredient present in Jovees Anti Tan Pack are:
1. Carrot
Carrot is very beneficial for the skin. It helps fight against sun damage. Carrots contain carotenoids and powerful antioxidants. Carotenoids help to protect, and condition the skin. Antioxidants in carrots increase the skin’s immunity against sun and also help in healing sunburn.

2. Wheatgerm
Wheatgerm is very high in vitamin E and essential fatty acids and because of its high vitamin E content, which is a natural antioxidant which helps to prevent rancidity, getting rid of skin irritation including skin dryness and cracking

3. Oliliveum
Olilivium or simply Olive Oil helps promote a smooth, radiant complexion and also help maintain elasticity of the skin.

4. Honey
Honey is used in skin care as a moisturizer and anti-irritant. Honey is known as natural humectant which means it has an ability to attract moisture and hold it. It keeps your skin moist without oiliness.

5. Rosa
Rose extract and rose oil have a host of beneficial affects on the skin and are great for promoting a youthful complexion with good tone, elasticity and an even colored complexion.

6. Centifolia

7. Fullers Earth

Popularly known as Multani Mitti is very well know skin care ingredient. It has been used for ages as a natural skin cleanser, toner and astringent. It is a superb all natural product for removing skin oiliness, blemishes and for acne control. It improves the complexion by facilitating better blood circulation and keeps skin soft and glowing.
jovees anti tan clarifying pack

Pros of Jovees Anti Tan Pack

1. Instantly clarifies the skin removing all dirt and dead skin.
2. The pack smells very nice.
3. It comes in a tube form so is very hygienic.
4. The pack gets dry very soon, so you don’t need to sit for hours letting it dry.
5. The consistency of the pack is quite good. It is not very thin or runny as many face packs are.
6. For the price, the quantity they are giving is good.

Cons of Jovees Anti Tan Pack

1. After washing the pack off, the skin becomes all dry.
2. You need a nice moisturizer after removing the pack.
3. The packaging is not so attractive.

Price of Jovees Anti Tan Pack: Rs. 115 for 75gms

I will surely like to buy this product again.


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  2. wwoow .. gr8 ingredients list 🙂
    bt no idea where would I get it ?? i so wanna try it :woot:

    Thnx fr reviewing it here 🙂

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  3. try this
    besan +glycerin+curd +cucumber
    apply on tanned area everyday u will definately see the difference.i have tried it
    but it takes time and u have to do it evryday

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