NYX Single Eyeshadows: Ocean and Greyish Brown

NYX Single Eyeshadows: Ocean and Greyish Brown

NYX Single Eyeshadows Ocean and Greyish Brown

These are my very first and the only single eyeshadows from NYX.  I do have their Pearl Mania and pigments, all ordered from Cherry Culture with a friend.  When I was ordering, I had a tough time selecting shades online and ended up with just two for starters and some other pigment types. I knew I wanted safe colors and especially colors that I could use on some occasion like the blue in here. I do like blues and khaki for the eyes and I can wear khaki eye colors even without an occasion as I think khaki is a great color for Indian skin tones.

Never mind, I could not get some beautiful khaki ones in NYX like the “Hunter Green” and I was also eyeing the “Smokey Mountain” and “Herb,” all khaki based, but I did not. Ultimately, Greyish Brown sounded so wearable that I went with this, for such a straightforward name.

NYX Single Eyeshadows Ocean and Greyish Brown

The “Ocean” one is a frost/shimmer shade and very blue and bright blue rather in person. It is very silver based and more like a mix of silver and turquoise for me and shows up pretty well even without a base. The sad part is that this is the third shadow I have reviewed in two weeks that is shattered. I had ordered it with someone else and this is how I received it.  I could salvage the powder part in some stackable container, but still thought would share the shade and its gory history with you all.

NYX Single Eyeshadows Ocean and Greyish Brown

The shade is very smooth and soft and very pigmented and more of the silver in it comes off rather than being just blue.

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NYX Single Eyeshadows Ocean and Greyish Brown

The grey-ish brown is aptly named and I can call it “brown” if I want and moreover “grey” too and even “brownish grey.” On second thoughts, brownish grey is a better name for it as in person, it looks more grey than brown :stars: This color I must say is good but has disappointed my expectation of pigmentation for a NYX shadow. On its own, its good, but when I compare the softness with the “Ocean” one, this one seems a little hard, not bad, but was just expecting a little more from it. It’s a flat matte base shade with very mild shimmer flecks in it. Overall a fantastic crease color and a fabulous color for soft smokey eyes and also great for outer V.

NYX Single Eyeshadows Ocean and Greyish Brown

For this one, I think using a base is a good idea for it to show up more and not appear like some dark circles around your eyes.  It is decently pigmented and smooth and quite okay for the price.

NYX Single Eyeshadows Ocean and Greyish Brown

Both shadows stay on fine for me and do crease within say three hours without a base as I have oily lids. The color payoff is decent too.  Overall, I am happy with the purchase I made and will be buying more.

Last Word on NYX Single Eyeshadows: Ocean and Greyish Brown:

These are fun shadows, good pigmentation and a variety to choose from.  The packaging is so compact that it makes it even more fun to hoard. I will be buying more in “Herb” and “Smokey Mountain” for sure.


Greyish brown: 3.2 on 5
Ocean : 3.9 on 5

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25 thoughts on “NYX Single Eyeshadows: Ocean and Greyish Brown

  1. hawww I so liked the grey brown one and you said it lacks in pigmentation. :(( I have used NYX eyeshadows and I totally liked them., :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

  2. Nice selection wish the brown one was more pigmented…. i wud call it taupey brown….. i wonder hw much stuff u have in make up nw :stars: :stars: do u get the time to use all the stuff daily :toothygrin:
    :thanks: fr sharing Neha

      1. Add me on facebook Neha as i dnt knw ur id!!! mine is Natasha Bhatt (Nats)….
        Hoarder ask me ….me too 😀 😀 and yes jaldi se valentine waali lipsticks ka review kariye na …m already buying the coral and rose waala shade dnt knw abt the other ones….. :toothygrin:

  3. nice shades :yes: … the ocean is similar like my sleek palette vala blue but tht one is insanely pigmented n shimmery :makeup: :makeup: … grey is okk types.. wud not b visible much mayb :methinks: :methinks:

  4. can anyone tell me where in hyderabad can I get to buy NYX products? There was one small stalll thing at Inorbit but last evening I could not trace it.Must have shut down or something..Help Help!

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