10 Tips for Glowing Skin from Kitchen Shelf

Hi, I have been using these remedies since a very long time and it has worked for me.I believe that reforms start from the Kitchen.These are the cheap and best remedies.You don’t have to spend even a rupee on them as they’re easily available in your Kitchen shelf.

  • Add black cumin powder to little olive oil and apply it on your face.Leave it for ten minutes and wash it.
  • Add one teaspoon of honey ,one teaspoon of glycerine to two teaspoons of lemon juice and apply it on your face.Then wash it after sometime.Your skin will be bleached naturally and become fairer.
  • Make a paste of tomato pulp and honey apply it on your face two times a day.This will improve the complexion of your skin.
  • Mix multanni matti ,sandalwood powder and rosewater and apply it.This face pack is excellent for an oily skin because it removes the excess oil from your skin and it tightens the pores as well.
  • Mix sandalwood powder, lemon juice, cucumber paste,turmeric powder and lemon juice and apply it.This will remove the tan and brighten your face.

Make a face pack of :

  1. 2tsp of besan
  2. 1pinch of haldi powder
  3. Few drops of lemon juice and little milk
  • Leave it for 15 to 20 min and wash it.This is a moisturizer for a dry dull skin
  • If you apply fresh butter on your face and neck everyday your face will become baby soft and supple.
  • Everyday ,if you apply til oil mixed with turmeric powder to a girl child all over her body while taking bath,when she grows and attains puberty unwanted hair growth in face and body will be arrested and she will have a plain smooth skin.
  • Apply Pure castor oil on your face and massage it.Keep it for 20 minutes and wash it.This will remove scars on your face and give a glowing effect.
  • For an Oily skin,Apply a Mixture of curd,Haldi [turmeric] powder, sandalwood powder.This will remove excess oil from your face and will rejuvenate your skin.


74 thoughts on “10 Tips for Glowing Skin from Kitchen Shelf

  1. Hey Gia’s mom…………great tips…what’s more cool is that all the ingredients or things required are easily available in the kitchen………..thanks a lot!!!! :-))

      1. Hey Gia,
        i tried the castor oil today, i had a small jar since some time, but i neveropened it, so today i thought i will inaugurate it with your lovely tip. i didn’t know castor oil was so thick and so sticky, it feels (on finger) and smells YUCK… but feels great on face… i massaged for 5-10 mins, was getting too impatient for 20 mins you suggested. my face definitely felt glowing, don’t know about scars , i think that will take atleast a few applications, but i’m gonna try for 20 minutes from tomorrow 🙂
        BTW your youtube videos are sooo adorable !!

  2. I will try honey glycerin etc etc on my face. I want to become gori gorii.. :cute: :cute: :shy: :shy:

    You so much remind me of my mom :weep: :weep: :wilt:

  3. Hii Gia’s mom..Besan would be my favorite 🙂 🙂 Oils I really don’t need any extra for my face..as it is very oily..

    Jomol: Why don’t you shift to some other post? I don’t want to dirty Gia’s mom’s neat and tidy article or I can mail you the stuff 😀

  4. very nice tips. I mix multaani mitti , sandalwood powder and rosewater and use it twice a week. I have very oily skin. this pack has helped me a lot.

  5. Gia’s Mom Aunty..lol…I would like to know the benefit of using black cumin powder with olive oil..pls tell me 🙂 BTW those tips are awesome..you simply rock…your last article on ethnic necklace collection was wonderful..

  6. hello aunty……….
    very nice tips………u actually remind me of my late dear papa….he used to stress the importance of oils a lot……….and i stil follow his tips…………
    i esp liked the til oil and turmeric paste to br apllied to a girl childs body to make her body hair free………..if god blesses me with a daughter ever…i will definitely do it………
    thx aunty………..

  7. Great tips!!…even I am a sucker for kitchen stuff tips…they are effective and dont cost a bomb!! will surely try a few of them..thanx. :yes:

  8. heyyy guys!! i cme across ths bog just by chance yday n ve 2 say tht i got totally hooked n i was just reading all d reviews till 4 A.M n skipped my gym in d mrng!! i ve a daughter who has just turned 1 n i want 2 knw wat all ubtans can i use 4 her for her2 get fair n nice.her body is very dark as compared 2 her face n thts y m a lil stressed..plzzz help!!!

  9. Awwww dis post remind me of my grandma who used to rub sandlewood and turmeric root on wooden slab to make a pack 4 me everyday :-* .I wanna visit her now 🙁 .
    Not that i’m sayin ur a grandma :footmouth: :footmouth: :shutmouth: :quiet: :shame: :beatup:

  10. Hi Gia’s Mom..
    My husband is having pimple scars on his face, he got oil face too…he feels so bad about that sometimes.
    so can you please give me some tips to clear those marks using kitchen stuff.

  11. hi,
    My name is Kirti . I am a working woman age 28 not yet married. I am a recent reader of ur article n i found it awesome!! I wanna know that i have combination skin, shiny nose, normal to dry cheeks n a forehead with some lines on it. Is the besan pack gud for me on a daily basis to clean my skin?? Also i wish to know can i totally avoid using soap? how to clean my skin morning n night without using any soap/ face wash? plz let me know . thanks n take care!!

    1. Hi Arch,
      Thanks for replying. Hmm seems like u do lots of efforts fo ur skin!! is’nt it?? Ya u guessed me rt me a bit lazy when it comes to skin care the result of which is the lines visible on my forehead..
      Nice to read ur reply too!! It would be great if we do keep in touch with each other though.
      Take care n bye!! :-))

  12. glad to c ur post mam … am 21 years old.. i have dry skin.. i have tried olive oil but it makes my skin dark..in ur second tip yo have mentioned sandalwood.. i have red sandalwood in my home… can i use it.? my forehead is lil dark compared to cheeks.. i want to get rid of this too.. can yo plz suggest me home remedies.? also i use castor oil for my eybrows to enhance hair growth.. yo recommend to use in face wont it enables hair growth in face .? even honey , butter n cucumber too makes my face dark.. lemon causes irritation…plz help me mam…….. plz reply mam coz ppl r asking yo not bothered to reply………… :struggle: :starving: :duel: :idk: :jaiho: 🙁 :((

  13. Hiiiiiiiiiiiii I am working womern in Midc area its chemical & all pollutin there .i had skin tone wheatish fair [ like wheat] and dark circles under eye …earlier before marraige my skin was glowing , but now it is very duly ad seems very dark ….Pls suggest me

  14. hai,

    i am going to try the castor oil massage. i am very curious to see the result, the tips are really interesting, i am hearing for the first time about the castor oil massage :thanks:.

  15. I go with my daughter on her sports tour every now n then, as it my skin is dark, not very dark, n even if i apply sunscreen i get tan on my face pls suggest some home made or then cream which i can apply during the tour

  16. anybody reading this post and have an idea pl. respond

    heard abr oil + turmeric for hairfree body and face.but my question is when do you apply? I shall assume bathroom before bath. but wont it get messy all turmericy on the floor? also, how long do you leave it on girls? they dont have any patience to wait you see :scream:

  17. i heard that castor oil aids hair growth… won’t applying it on your face make the facial hair darker and prominent… I have seen results on my eye lashes and scalp… so am not sure about rubbing it on my face

  18. hey,dis things r so gud 2 apply on face.firsttly i was varied about 2 use it on my face but now i m sure it’s 2 gud to apply on face thanks 4r giving such type of gud tips…..

  19. thanks for the useful tips. i m in my forties,n most probably menopause is nearing, my skin is normal,but these days there are black spots on my face , the skin around my chin is usually dark from my young age, is there any home made remedy

  20. I have pigmentation on the top of my cheeks,I have tried laser treatment and lots of others creams.I am Asian what do you recomend

  21. Hi …………………

    My name is shreyamanya actually madam , my skin colour whetish . i am not happy. Please suggest me how to change in my skin colour , always , i want glowing and healthy skin without any marks ………………… * 🙂

  22. Take 2 spoon full of sandalwood powder and 1tablespoon olive oil and 1 tablespoon castor oil. Mix it well and make a running paste. Apply it to your face, neck and hands. Leave for atleast 20min. Then wash it of with water. Rub softly with towel. Your skin of face and hands will feel softer, glowing and fairer. Try it daily for 7 days and then as per your needs. Being fair is not a big deal..deal is to maintain it throughout

  23. hi ,
    I’m 43 my skin is not glowing as before and it has tanned now with some big pores and some black tiny dots near the upper cheeks area and yes it is oily too.
    can u help me with some home remedy to keep skin glowing and tight till I turn 60.My doter is 8yrs old n don’t want her momma 2 look old…….wht do I do ……..I wannna keeep her happpy……she is my life

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