Top 10 Refreshing Face Mists for Summer

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Tiring summer days will be here soon and your face would love a splash of water every now and then. While you cannot wash your face with water all the time, face mists are definitely a good replacement. The mists refresh and revive the tired skin within seconds and prepare it for the busy day ahead. You can use the water before applying makeup, after applying makeup or anytime within the day. These mists are generally super lightweight, does not contain much chemical and great for multiple uses every day. In this post, I will tell you about 10 face mists that can refresh your skin in the summer. Go through the list and pick your favorite now.

Top 10 Refreshing Face Mist for the Summer

1. Khadi Face Freshner Mint and Cucumber

This is the most affordable and effective mist available in the Indian market for the summer. The mint and cucumber refreshes the skin and the fragrance is perfect to refresh your mood in dull summer days. You can use it as a cleanser to remove the dirt and grime and also to tone the skin. It is super lightweight and does not contain any harmful chemicals. This is very affordable and is perfect for college-goers during the summer.

2. Colorbar Earth Rose Mist

Top 10 Refreshing Face Mist for the Summer Colorbar

Colorbar has recently come up with some natural products and this one is a great product from that range. The watery mist settles in your face within seconds making the skin calm and smooth. It instantly refreshes and awakes the skin. It never feels heavy or cakey. You can use this in place of your toner for your day time skin care routine. It also gives a boost of moisture without making the skin oily which makes it a perfect choice for summer.

3. Innisfree Green Tea Mineral Mist

This Korean brand has come up with a face mist that is infused with the goodness of antioxidants from green tea. This lightweight mist gently moisturizes the skin without making it greasy and thus suits all skin type throughout the year. It is free of paraben and other harmful chemicals too. You can use it before or after makeup or anytime during the day to refresh the skin. The mist is perfect to soothe down your irritated skin in summer.

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4. MAC Prep + Prime Fix Plus Lavender

Top 10 Refreshing Face Mist for the Summer Mac

The very trusted MAC prep and prime spray is now available in a variety of fragrance and this lavender variant is the perfect one for summer. This multitasking product can be easily carried around in your bag and you can use it in various different ways. It acts like a toner and the antioxidants prepare the skin to be fresh and ready for makeup application. It hydrates the skin perfectly and you can use it at the end of makeup to get a soft, dewy glow. You can also use the mist before applying your highlighter to get the desired insta-glow!

5. Chanel Hydra Beauty Essence Mist

This face mist loves with the goodness of Hyaluronic acid, vitamin C and E and multiple other antioxidants that instantly hydrates and moisturizes the skin and also improves the texture with regular use. The spray mechanism allows dispensing the product evenly and it dries down fast without feeling sticky or tacky. The energizing mist refreshes the skin every time and regular usage makes the skin soft and radiant.

6. Kama Ayurveda Pure Vetiver Water

Top 10 Refreshing Face Mist for the Summer Kama Ayurveda

This light, non-greasy, no-nonsense mist is great as a makeup setting spray or a mid-day skin feed. It suits every skin type and is particularly helpful for those with sensitive skin. It instantly cools down the skin and helps to soothe sunburn. The product also cures rashes, irritations and occasional eruptions. Regular use of this mist will definitely improve your skin texture.

7. Forest Essentials Facial Tonic Mist Vetiver Water

Here is an another vetiver water to soothe and rehydrate your skin. The skin often looks dull and dry in the summer and this mist can definitely help you in such problems. It takes away the dryness instantly and soothes the skin within a minute. It also moisturizes the skin lightly and thus oily-skinned beauties can skip their day time moisturizers if they use this one.

8. Pixi Skintreats Glow Mist

Top 10 Refreshing Face Mist for the Summer Pixi

This mist is a great option for dry skinned beauties in the summer. It takes away all dryness within seconds and makes the skin soft and smooth by hydrating it well. It makes the skin look soft and fresh. You can use this after your makeup to get the soft and dewy glow. It never causes any breakouts either. If you do not like the super matte summer looks, this can give you the dewy, fresh look in the hot, summer days.

9. La Roche-Posay Thermal Spring Water

We spend hours in the AC environment in summer which often gives us dry patches. This mist helps to get rid of any such issue and also makes the skin hydrated, soft and smooth. It suits all skin types perfectly and is a great option to revive dull skin in summer. It moisturizes the skin naturally and thus can replace your moisturizing cream too. You can use this multiple times every day and regular usage gives your skin a soft and subtle glow.

10. Eminence Organic Skincare Stone Crop Hydrating Mist

Top 10 Refreshing Face Mist for the Summer Eminence

This mist not only refreshes your skin but the salicylic acid in it prevents the summer breakouts too. It feels very lightweight on the skin and sinks instantly without adding any residue or tackiness on the face. It makes the skin rosy, revived and radiant instantly and clears out the skin with daily use. It also has sun defense products that protect skin from sun burns and rashes. The product is free from all harmful chemicals and women with sensitive skin can easily give this a try.

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