The Body Shop Dreams Unlimited Body Butter Review

The Body Shop Dreams Unlimited Body Butter

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After the scorching summers and pleasant monsoons, now its autumn reminding us that the winter is not far. For peaple in the eastern part of the country its already Durga Puja season and its festive mood everywhere.

Thanks to IMBB I have become so much aware of beauty products and need to maintain and pamper ourselves. It’s not just make up that does the trick, treating our skin well pays in a long run. TBS is a very renowned brand when it comes to skin care products. So today I will be reviewing a skin product that I am using these days.


Price: Rs. 465 /- for a quantity of 50 ml.



My Take on The Body Shop Dreams Unlimited Body Butter:

Body Shop’s Dreams Unlimited Body Butter comes in the typical body shop butter tubs and the butter itself is pure white in colour. The blue tub and white butter looks so soothing. The texture is creamy and smooth and it spreads like a dream onto the skin…Aah! So much like the name. Its light, and as such gets absorbed very quickly and lasts long, I mean keeps the skin feel hydrated and nourished for a long time. It is not too runny and not too thick as well it’s not one of those sticky, messy butters. Its Light ( I know am repeating but its worth repetition), smells heavenly and makes skin very very soft and supple. It’s a kind of butter you can apply just after shower and put on your clothes immediately,:-P it won’t stain or cling to your dress. For weather like this which is yet not so harsh like in Jan-February dry and cold it’s simply awesome. This product not only keeps the skin feel like satin smooth but also smelling good. You can very well skip the perfume and still smell good after 4 hours. I personally like the smell it has.


It’s pure white in colour and texture is like any body butter but feel super light when applied. Hope the swatches depict what I mean. As its constituency isn’t too thick its good for humid weathers too. Especially I have seen its works effectively on areas like the elbows and knee joints. I applied after scrubbing and results were very good. I follow this routine religiously these days. Just one thing that I felt was that, instead of the tub packaging wish it was available in some light weight, transparent bluish tube with a flip cap, it would have been easier and hygienic to use apart from being travel friendly. Hope TBS people are listening.

Pros of The Body Shop Dreams Unlimited Body Butter:

• Very light yet effective body butter.
• Easily absorbed.
• Makes skin feel nourished and supple.
• Smells divine yet mild and long lasting.
• Spreads smoothly and does not leave skin greasy.


Cons of The Body Shop Dreams Unlimited Body Butter:

• May not be suitable during very harsh and dry winter months.
• Dry skin beauties might prefer other intensive butters.
• Wish it was available in tubes.

Would I Repurchase The Body Shop Dreams Unlimited Body Butter?

I love it, but no, I am greedy and would love to try other body butters from this brand.

Would I recommend The Body Shop Dreams Unlimited Body Butter?

Yes to anyone who loves the moisturized skin with that lovely smell.

IMBB Rating: 4.5/5. (-0.5 for not being available in tube)

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  1. I love tbs body butters *happy dance* *happy dance* but somehow i can’t divert myself from the strawberry one *happy dance* will sniff this in the store fr sure *happydance*

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