Boots Natural Collection Eyeshadow: Aqua Shimmer

Boots Natural Collection Eyeshadow: Aqua Shimmer

Boots Natural Collection Eyeshadow Aqua Shimmer

Many readers would guess its me just by the name, but I do have to share my experience with the UK brands I got. There are so many of them that I am still coming around to using them and so many are yet sealed :stars:, but I have got things which are mostly affordable, like these shadows, which I believe costed me some 1.99 pounds, around 160 rupees or lesser I believe, and so these are guilt free because if I don’t like it, I can throw it off you know. :dance:

aqua shimmer

Don’t these remind you of the Coastal Scents Hot Pots, at least in size, okay at least the pan size. These shadows are so pretty and tiny, almost of the size a 2-rupee coin and so comfy to carry them around even in your jeans pocket.  I totally fell for them since they were singles and still so nicely packed and came in so many shades in glitter, shimmer and matte finishes.  Needless to say, I got many :preen:  Some of them are very impressive, some are so-so, and this one falls in the latter category.

aqua shimmer

I got this one in “singles” and there were many duos and trios available as well.  Later, I read that the duos are real good, but when I tried the testers at Boots, I found them a little similar to the duos even in color combos and hence I don’t know why I preferred to pick up the singles, perhaps for ease of use, to each her own!

The shade that I got now is a metallic one with mild shimmer, and it’s an aqua blue, but not so aqua.  It is a mix of blue and silver with a lot of sheen to it. The texture I must say is somewhere between above average to good.  The pigmentation is good too, but more towards silver side.  It is nice for a fresh shine on the eyes, but too much silver is in there.  I wish it was more aqua and the blue in there was deeper.

aqua shimmer

The texture feels soft too and glides on easily and blends.  My only problem is with how less it shows up, but I am happy for the price I paid.

There is no major fall out too and it needs to be layered on and on for the aqua to show and without an “even base” and little “done up face,” it looks rather funny on me, but when I tried it on with a jet black eye liner, it really brightened up my eyes.

I would say this kind of blue is nice for a blue look where you need a lighter and shinier blue for the inner corner or maybe even under the eyebrows you, but not on its own.  I can mix it up with some navy blue for the crease and maybe silvery pink too and finish it up with a liquid black liner and I would wear a pink-based lipstick with it.

aqua shimmer

Last Word on Boots Natural Collection Eyeshadow:  Aqua Shimmer:

The shadows from this range are good, very affordable, but could have been more pigmented and true to its name. Otherwise too, it is worth the money I paid, workable, blendable and soft in texture, good to brighten up the eyes and nice to collect 😀 I am happy with what I got.  I just wish it showed up a little more for which I need to build it up.

IMBB Rating:

3.5 on 5

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  1. i think these Boots shades pop out more on top of a primer/base :yes: .. try tht neha if u find it shows less… i liked the shade :victory2: … i too luvv singles of boots more n wud pick sum in my next order :woot: :woot: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

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