Korres Soft Eyeliner Pencil in Gold Review

Korres Soft Eyeliner Pencil in Gold Review

Hello All,

How was your Valentine’s Day celebration? What all gifts you guys got? I would love to know how you made your day special.  Mine was okay, good actually. It started on a fantabulous note, but just when I was about to surprise him in the evening, we had a small argument and that too because of Pahal. I scolded her because she was playing with the gift I had made for him and he thought I was becoming a nagging mom. But trust me, I am really at my patient best with Pahal and also with him!!!!! 😛 Having had the argument, I pretended to be upset but he knows how to cajole me and he did and we had a nice evening with homemade momos and spinach pasta! 😀 I would do a post on my “home made” V-day celebrations after I am done with my current engagements. So, all in all, a good day.


Coming to the review. I recently got Korres soft eye liner pencil in gold color and I loved the shade of this pencil. I like it, but just for the shade and nothing else.  That’s such a sad thing from Korres.

Product Description:

Soft pencil, rich in vegetable oils and waxes, ideal for the eye contour and the inside of the lid.  Jojoba oil and vitamin E moisturise, comfort and protect the skin. All lines, around and inside the lid, are softly defined. The high amount of finest, cloisonne-like pigments provides a satiny shimmering glow.

How To Use:

Apply along lash line from inner to outer corner. Leave as it is, or blend for a softer look. Its soft texture allows easy application and excellent colour consistency.


Approximately $10

My Take on Korres Soft Eyeliner Pencil in Gold:

I adore the shade. I am in love with it! I guess it looks well on eyes and I love the color. But more than that? Naah, it disappoints me. They say it is a soft, easy to glide pencil but I doubt. I have reviewed the Korres brown eyeliner pencil earlier and I liked that one, but this particular shade has nothing to boast of. And yeah, the shade is pigmented in my opinion. Of course, you can’t compare the pigmentation one gets from Faces eye pencils, but okay or maybe it’s the shade itself.

Korres 2

It stays for about 3 hours comfortably and with primer, it stays just a little longer, say 4 hours, but the pencil has a lot of fall out. Surprised? I was surprised too. I thought how could a solid pencil have a fall out, but sadly, this one is too soft and is also not easy to apply as while using it, I am continuously worried about breaking the tip and even with a bit of pressure, I break the tip 🙁

Also, the quantity that one gets in the pencil is a bit less as compared to the price. I mean if we compare these pencils with Faces or Colorbar pencils, then these stand nowhere at all.


The only two major pluses about these pencils are the shade and their “no-harmful-chemical” formula.  I have very sensitive eyes and these have not caused any irritation to me. So, I know I am safe when I apply them.


Let’s see pros and cons:

Pros of Korres Soft Eyeliner Pencil in Gold:

  • The shade is gorgeous and I love it; I guess it would suit everyone and anyone.
  • It is free from parabens, sulphates and other harmful chemicals.
  • Stays for about 3-4 hours, if you consider it as a pro.

Cons of Korres Soft Eyeliner Pencil in Gold:

  • Fall out of the color.
  • The pencil is too soft to be convenient to apply.
  • There is always a fear of breaking the tip.
  • Pencils are a little short, i.e., a little less quantity for the price.

IMBB Rating:

2.5/5 (the shade is gorgeous and the natural formula always wins on me!).

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  1. hey very nice color Surbhi 🙂 … i love korres 🙂 .. looks lovely on lids 🙂 nice one ! i agree this shade will suit one and all 🙂

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