MAC Ruby Woo Glitter Lips Step by Step Tutorial

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I love glitters and having purchased a glitter kit from Nyx recently, I couldn’t wait to try this look on myself. I tried this look yesterday and thought of sharing it with you guys, as Christmas season is approaching soon. This red glitter lips would look perfect on you during this Christmas and you can also pull of this look for retro theme parties by paring it with 90’s winged eyeliner. I chose Mac ruby woo lipstick for this look, thinking that every makeup junkie will have this one in her vanity. Also, its one of my personal favorite shade of red lipstick. I’ve pared this lipstick with the same color glitter “ruby” from Nyx to give it a nice subtle wearable look. You may also rock this look by wearing it for weddings and parties too. The steps are very simple and I would love to know how this looked on you.

Mac Ruby Woo Glitter Lips Step by Step Tutorial

Mac Ruby Woo Glitter Lips Step by Step Tutorial Applying Foundation
Step 1: Start off with applying foundation with fingertips on lips and try to even it out with the help of a sponge or beauty blender. The foundation provides a nice even-looking lips and base. Next, we can move on to apply the lipstick.

Mac Ruby Woo Glitter Lips Step by Step Tutorial Apply Lipstick
Step 2: I’ve used a thin edgy lip brush from BH cosmetics No 12 to outline my lips with Mac ruby woo lipstick. Then, I went on to fill my lips directly with this lipstick and it looked gorgeous afterwards.

Mac Ruby Woo Glitter Lips Step by Step Tutorial Applying Glue
Step 3: Then, I’ve used brush No 13 from BH cosmetics to apply the glitter glue. This is a flat lip brush and gives a good precision to apply the glue. You can also use a small size flat eye brush for applying glue and glitter on lips provided it doesn’t move outside the lip line. I’ve used Nyx glitter glue on my lips to set the glitter afterwards. If you do not have this glitter glue, you can also use eyelash adhesive or liquid sugar as an alternative to help glitter stick on your lips.

Mac Ruby Woo Glitter Lips Step by Step Tutorial Apply Glitter
Step 4: I’ve used the same brush to apply red color glitter from Nyx. I first applied the glue on my lower lip, dipped the same brush in glitter pot, picked up excess of glitter and gently applied it on my lower lip by patting it slowly on my lips. I’ve followed the same method for my upper lips to complete the look.

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Mac Ruby Woo Glitter Lips Step by Step Tutorial Apply Compact Powder
Step 5: After I am done with the lips, I’ve used a q-tip to remove and set in the excess glitter that moved outside the lip line. I then moved on to applying setting powder around the lips with the help of a powder brush to conceal my lips.

Mac Ruby Woo Glitter Lips Step by Step Tutorial Final
Optional Step: If you like your red glitter lips to look glossy and fuller, you can also apply a lip injection serum on top of this look and it’ll make your lips look plump and give it a nice fuller look.
And here is the final look.

Mac Ruby Woo Glitter Lips Step by Step Tutorial Products Used
Products Used:
Maybelline dream matte mouse foundation.
The face shop sponge.
Mac ruby woo lipstick.
Nyx glitter primer.
Nyx Glitter GLI15 “ruby”.
BH cosmetic lip brush 12.
BH cosmetic lip brush 13.
Fit me matte powder.
BH cosmetic powder brush 3.

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