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Rupika J. Asks:


This is Rupika. Actually, nowadays, I am having a lot of pimples on my face and my complexion is also getting down. Could you please suggest me something and help me out please.

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13 thoughts on “Products To Improve Complexion: Ask IMBB

  1. I had loads of pimples. Loads of cream or cosmetics dint give satisfactory results. Now my face wash is 1:1 ratio of green gram (dried and powdered) and Kasturi Manjal (Cosmetic turmeric) powder and a handful of besan (U can add as u wish). This is keeping off my pimples that my co workers have remarked me saying.. “ur face looks clear… ur scars are fading”… Give a try.. its been 3 weeks since i’m using this religiously twice a day…

  2. Hi rupika , I would reccomend you olay whitening face wash and cream with spf. It worked for me , it might work for you as well.

  3. hi rupika.if u hve chronic pimple problem then plz consult will surely help u.telling u from my personal experience.ur skin will definately b healthy if u consult dermat.if u wil try on gng loads of cream and mask ,it wont help much.

  4. 1. Kasturi manjal
    2. lemon juice
    3. Kumkumadi lepam
    4. Lotus white glow range
    5. Aroma Magic face packs. These work wonders. My sister tried these after her face got tanned and dull after being out doors mainly for an year. Helped her a lot.

  5. Use lactocalamine as night cream. And lemon juice for 15 minutes daily. These sre cheap natursl and the best!!!
    Personal experience 🙂

  6. protect your face from sunlight during day…and my exp. ‘borik acid ‘ creams ‘boroline’ or boroplus really fairs the skin ton..only con is those are very thick and sticky..

  7. Before going to bed at night, clean your face with good cleanser/face wash. After this apply lactocalamine as a night cream. you will definitely see the difference in a couple of day. I am also doing the same routine to get rid of pimples/whiteheads on face. All the Best Rupika

  8. I love kama soap free cleanser. Use it everyday instead of a facewash and it has helped a lot. Apart from that fab india clove gel is wonderful for pimples. I use a homemade facepack twice a week…the usual ingredients, orange peel powder, sandalwood powder, green gram powder, lemon juice, rose water. You could also store besan turmeric and camphir powder in a jar in d bathroom for use. Hope thebtips help. 🙂

  9. i have combination skin for clean skin apply besan+haldi(kacchi haldi which is powdered)+milk or rose water (according to skin type) on face & afetr it dry scrub & wash it.It’ll give instant glow & best part is it’s all natural…

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