Purederm Grape Yogurt Pack Review

Purederm Grape Yogurt Pack Review

Hello lovely ladies,

These days, I am trying to use quite a few skin care products. I stock skin care products, but never use them regularly. So, these days, I am making a conscious effort to use them regularly.  I picked up another pack from Purederm called Grape Yogurt Pack. The name tempted me and so I picked it up. Earlier, I had reviewed the Strawberry Yogurt Pack and had loved it so much. So, I thought this one would be great too.


Product Description:

  • Wash-off type mask.
  • Yogurt extract – skin softening and refresher.
  • Grape extract – whitening and increasing elasticity.


Rs. 54 for 10 ml.


Image 2-Ingredients

How To Use:

Thoroughly cleanse and dry face.  Open the pouch and apply mask to face and massage evenly (except for eye and mouth area).  After 5-10 minutes rinse with warm water.


It comes in a sachet. This is like a trial pack, but I wish these were available in tubes. This pack would last at least 3 applications for my combination skin.

Image 3-Cautions

My Take on Purederm Grape Yogurt Pack:

Although, I didn’t like the Hydro Aloe Pack much from this range, the strawberry yogurt pack was really good. I thought this must be equally good.  I applied the pack as per the given directions. As my skin is getting a little oiler now, I took small amount and massaged it for around 2 minutes. It took approximately 2 minutes for the pack to penetrate my skin. Then, I re-applied some more pack and massaged again till my skin absorbed the pack completely. It feels lovely to massage with this pack as it is creamy and has a lovely fragrance. I could eat the pack 😛

This pack also has tiny granules, its the grape extract I believe, which is extremely tiny and I didn’t really feel it while massaging my face.

Face Pack

After washing it off, my skin felt quite soft and supple. As per the claims, it does soften and refresh the skin and the results last for about an hour or so. I will not comment on the whitening part as I never buy products for skin whitening, in fact, I hate it when there is so much emphasis on skin lightening and whitening.

The pack is creamy white with slight tinge or pink colour. The fragrance of this pack is so yummy.

My skin had little bumps which turned a little bad after applying this pack. That could be because I massaged it for quite some time.  Again, I think this pack is apt for normal to dry skin types and oily skin would not really like this pack, especially during summers.

Grape face pack

Pros of Purederm Grape Yogurt Pack:

  • Softens the skin.
  • Refreshes the skin.
  • Easy to use.
  • Moisturizes the skin well.
  • Good for normal to dry skin.

Cons of Purederm Grape Yogurt Pack:

  • Although it softens the skin, this effect is temporary, i.e, the effect lasts only for an hour or so.
  • I don’t like the sachet packaging as it becomes inconvenient to store the leftover pack.
  • This pack will not suit oily skin type.

IMBB Rating:


Will I Repurchase Purederm Grape Yogurt Pack?

No, I will repurchase the Strawberry Yogurt Pack.

Do I Recommend Purederm Grape Yogurt Pack?

Yes, but only for dry skin.

Thank you ladies for reading 🙂

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11 thoughts on “Purederm Grape Yogurt Pack Review

  1. Nice review Dipti,…. but I feel that purederm doenst give much results and if they do it is very temporary….but not too bad for the price

  2. I know purederm masks are difficult to find..but You will surely get a great variety on online shopping sites..the results of purederm masks are just visible for an hour and then they fade…:-(

  3. yess medplusbeauty has an awesome variety but the packs are not at all satisfying..for an hour you feel like u have become soo fair and after that back to your original skin lol..:-)

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