How to Get the Retro Look

How to Get the Retro Look

Dressing retro generally means wearing a clothing style that was a trend in the past. It is a fun way of experiencing the styles of past decades. If you love the vintage-inspired looks and totally adore the classic feminine styles then you must give this trend a go.

All you need is confidence and strong personality to pull this trend off. Mentioned below are few tips that will help you get the look with ease.

• Pairing retro clothes styles with current trends is very fashionable and allows you to create a unique look. But, stick to an era and choose your stuff accordingly is you don’t want to look like a kid who is going to a fancy dress party.

• Research well to get the perfect look. Go through magazines and internet to find out what was popular in that era.

• Bright colors and a fit-and-flare silhouette define a classic retro style. Wear an A-line sleeveless dress with a short hemline that flares outward. Hemline, with a scoop neck, that hits at the mid-thigh is the classic and one of the safest retro look for dresses. Opt for bold patterns and funky colors to nail the look. Make sure you you wear red lipstick to get this 1950’s look right.

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• You can also go in for shorts to flaunt a retro style. Pick up a pair of flattering, high-waist shorts with a short hemline. Opt for bold colours such as blue or green to make an impact. Wear a button-down shirt with them. Tie the two front ends of the shirt together to give it an edgy retro look.

• For a hippie look of 1960’s, wear bell-bottom jeans and grow your hair long. Incorporate leather and fringe in a handbag.

• Retro girls loved their high heels. Don a platform heel to go with dress, and wear wedge high heels with the shorts to complete the look. During the cooler months, booties are typically worn with retro dresses.

• Pay attention to the hairstyle and makeup as well. For example, mod fashion makeup included heavy eyeliner on the top lid to accentuate the black clothing. On the other hand, hippie fashion was very natural; women often used no makeup at all and jewelry in natural colours.

• An easy and inexpensive way to add retro edge to your look is with a glam pair of shades. From big ’60s Jackie O sunglasses to the ’50s cateye, get playful with your eye wear.

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