Monsoon Fashion Trends

Monsoon Fashion Trends

Hey all, monsoon is here girls. Are you ready for the monsoon fashion?? Well here they are-


Jumpsuits (As shown in pic 1) have been spring/summer look in 2011 but you can also wear in monsoon too.



It gives a casual look and so trendy and yeah bright colours are must in this season.


Among them yellow is so in but few of them are not so comfortable in wearing yellow apparel.


In that case you can use a yellow handbag or a yellow accessory whichever you are comfortable with.


Speaking of yellow, beige colour shoes are so in. You can wear it with almost all the dresses. I bought a beige kitten heels, I used to wear it with all my dresses.


I loved it so much that I even bought a beige colour ballerinas too from “Solovoga”


People used to wear footwear which were quite opposite colour to the dresses but now you can wear matching shoes or footwear too but my personal opinion, don’t go for matching footwear if you can’t carry it so well. In case you wear matching footwear, wear an accessory which complements the colour of your dress or footwear.


Have you guys saw celebrities sling back purse. Oh yeah looks like we have seen this before in our childhood, isn’t it. Well they are back. I used to wear them a lot when I was a kid. May be that why am not interested in that anymore. But hey it’s a new trend, many girls might like it.


Especially the sling backs with the chain. You can get these in “Chanel” .Please remember you need to keep the accessories minimal while carrying the sling backs.


Whites — whites are so in. As far as I know there is no girl who doesn’t like white dresses. That’s because we look like angels in white, don’t we girls?? but previously we used to pair it up with the black but now you can add yellow (In that way we can wear both the colours which are in trend)or red or beige whichever suits you best.



Tip: If you are experimenting with colours, wear accessories which compliment those colours. So that it won’t look like as if you picked up clothes from the wardrobe in a hurry.

My style: Whatever the trend is, you can’t make a good impression if you don’t carry it so well.

Hope my info is helpful to you. See you girls. Oh yeah please let me know if you liked it or not. 🙂
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  1. I liked the yellow bag :yahoo: & Jumpsuits is ideal to wear in any time notonly monsoon even in Summer too. But dunt hv idea where I cn get it :chewnails Can somebody help ?

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