Revealed: Korean Beauty Secrets For Flawless Complexion!

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How are all you beautiful ladies doing? Flawless skin is something we all crave for, but only a few beauties are blessed with it. We often try a number of creams and products in order to achieve that beautiful skin, but nothing works!! Korean women are known to have gorgeous skin that is bright and luminescent. Want to know what these ladies do for their skin to shine through so bright? Read on to know their secrets!!

1. Korean women follow a strict cleansing routine called the “424 method” or double cleansing. This method involves rubbing any facial oil on the skin for four minutes followed by a foaming cleanser and then rinsing it off with water. This method helps in clearing the skin off all the make-up and sebum.

Double Cleansing Method

2. All of us are aware of the goodness of fermentation, but it turns out to be a fairly new concept in skin care!! A lot of Korean skin care companies are now incorporating fermented plants in their skin care products to help the skin reap all the benefits which our body does when we eat fermented food. Fermented food is good for our skin because it is packed with a number of fruit and sugar acids, which makes it a great moisturizer, especially for all you dry skinned beauties. Also, if you are concerned about fine lines, the amino acids help in firming out the skin along with revitalization.

Korean skin care

3. Korean beauties swear by sheet masks and consider it a must-have in their beauty regimen. These sheet masks have now become popular in the Indian beauty market as well. Basically, these are thin cotton sheets soaked in different liquid-based formulas that one can choose from depending on what their skin needs, i.e., brightening, treating fine lines or just moisturizing. These are also very simple to use, all you need are 15 minutes and you are done! They result in smoother and plumper looking skin- which lasts a few days!!

Korean skin care

4. Foundation is again a must-have, but the techniques for different issues are different!! All of us suffer with pores (big or small).  In Korea, smooth skin is the most sought after. In order to hide pores and achieve that flawless smooth complexion, they start by using a gel-based moisturizer while adding a tiny amount of primer to the outer areas on the face. They use pore diminishing balms with a cotton pad on areas where large pores are an issue and leave it to settle on the skin. Finally, they take a matte foundation and apply it with a wet sponge and the result – Pore-Free skin!! Also, they use foundation to achieve a brighter-looking complexion.  They love dewy skin and start working on their skin with primer first, followed by rubbing oil in circular motions to take care of any age spots. They use the air cushion technique (where the sponge is soaked in foundation) to get the dewy look!!

Lancome Cushion Foundation

5. Korean beauty market is filled with creepy sounding names of products and the newest fad is definitely snail slime. Snail slime incorporates anti-bacterial properties and works wonders. I know that sounds “Ewww” but it really does the trick as Korean women swear by it, and use it before special occasions to get brighter skin.


6. Like we have cat-eyes, Koreans have puppy eyes. They believe that it makes them look youthful and fresh, which is in fact true!! To create the puppy eye look, start by making a simple wing down from the top lid making a triangle at the outer corner of your eyes!

Korean Puppy eyes

7. Aeygo Sal- if you didn’t know, it’s the puffed eye look which one can easily fake with makeup. It is supposed that it makes the eyes look young and bright. You can use some contouring techniques with a brown shade to create the puffy eye look.

Aeygo sal

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  1. Hehehe isnt it weird how they get double-lid eye surgery and all , to get rid of the monolid , and also , they use this peach highlighter on the inner rims of the eye , to make it look bigger. Michelle Phan does that a lot.

  2. Snail slime!!!! I need a lot of courage to try that 🙂 I have heard a lot of good things about cushion foundation. Lets see when they reach India!!

  3. Yeah I have heard they are into very dewy looking skin.. equating it with softness and youthfulness. To each their own 🙂

  4. Interesting article. You are right – snail slime is just ewww! I might give #6 a try some time. I wonder if it would suit our eyes.

  5. Korean beauty trends are big at the moment. Like literally. Even on YouTube. I find their makeup style to be beautiful and unique. Thanks for the article! I was expecting this one. And yeah, would have been glad if you also added the ‘gradient lip’ trend. ^o^

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