The Creme Shop Milk Face Mask Review

Hello beauty conscious ladies!

This is another face pack, which was a part of my skin care haul. It was a little better than the last face mask, Blueberry Face Mask. It did not have an appealing aroma like the previous one but was better in terms of efficacy. This brand’s face packs are very common among the fellow bloggers. Keep reading further to know more about it.

The Creme Shop Milk Face Mask

Product Description:

The Creme Shop Milk Face Mask 2


The Creme Shop Milk Face Mask 3

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How to Use?
Carefully unfold the sheet. Identify the right holes for eyes, nose and lips and then apply on the clean, dry face.


My Take on The Creme Shop Milk Face Mask:

I prefer ready-to-apply face masks because they are perfect for beauty conscious people, who keep busy and cannot devote hours to a rigorous skincare regimen.

This product comes in plastic sachet, which is white and grey in color and has a matt finish. It looks attractive and sophisticated. On the back side there are instructions and description written in English, which explains how should be used and what it does. The sachet has to be cut to get the product out and as one can see in the image, it is a snugly folded sheet and to my delight it was soaking in moisturizing fluid.

The Creme Shop Milk Face Mask

It has a subtle to no fragrance, which might not be very soothing as the last face mask that I used, but it still worked amazingly well in calming my facial muscles.

First Impression:
It is very easy to apply. It is super wet but not dripping wet and it imparted a cooling sensation as soon as it is applied. Unlike the last one, I applied this mask for the right amount of time, instead of dozing for an hour or so.

The Creme Shop Milk Face Mask 4

The product is meant for irritated and dehydrated skin. However, it can be used on all skin types since it does not stretch or pull. It was easy to remove after being on face as it never really dries out. After removing the mask, my skin was wet for quite a few minutes, after which is felt smooth and had a faint glow. It also felt like I had applied something on my face, like a moisturizer. This mask managed to reduce redness on my face and made my skin slightly smoother and brighter. I guess in the long term it would be beneficial for inflamed and irritated skin.

I am very satisfied with this skin care product as it lives up to its claim and it made my face smooth and clear. I now know why this brand is famous among the beauty bloggers.

The Creme Shop Milk Face Mask 5

Pros of The Creme Shop Milk Face Mask:

  • Good packaging, attractive and kept the sheet sterile and moist.
  • Available for different skin types with different purposes and ingredient lists.
  • Velvety soft in texture.
  • Gave soothing sensation.
  • Left skin smooth and bright and reduced redness.
  • Easy to apply and remove.
  • No cleanup required after removal.
  • Does not dry out skin.
  • Nice spa experience, with duration of at least an hour.
  • Leaves skin clean and soft.

Cons of The Creme Shop Milk Face Mask:

  • No aroma, which works for me but might not be appealing for some.

Would I Repurchase The Creme Shop Milk Face Mask?
Oh yes. But, I would try out other face masks from the same brand. All those who have dry or irritated skin should give this mask a try.

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  1. I always add milk to my face packs when I make them at home to add moisturising properties. Rightly said, such masks are perfect for women who are always on the go. Have tried many from other brands and love them. 🙂

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