Vaseline Total Moisture 24 Hr Nourishing Lotion

Vaseline Total Moisture 24 Hr Nourishing Lotion

Vaseline Total Moisture 24 Hr Nourishing Lotion

Description of Product:

Beneath the surface, healthy skin is 90% water enabling it to act as a moisture and nutrient reserve for your entire body. So keeping your skin well hydrated is critical not only to the wellbeing of the skin, but to the well being of your body overall.

Unfortunately, we lose about a pint of water and vital nutrients from our skin as we go through our day.  Ordinary winter creams that leave behind an oily layer, might not give skin the deep nourishment it needs during winter. Vaseline Total Moisture nourishing body lotion with Soya, Glycerin and Vitamin E. Not only moisturizes but also nourishes skin, Replenishes nutrients and the moisture. Skin needs to look healthy everyday, even in winters and gives 24 hour moisturization.

Vaseline Total Moisture Lotion Glycerin Rich lotion leaves your skin feeling healthy, soft and smooth. Our 24hr nourishing formula combines pure soya + strays 3 multi-layer moisture. Absorbing quickly, infusing moisture at the top, core and deep down layers of the skin.



With pure Soya and Stratys 3 Multi-layer Moisture.

Cost and Quantity:

25 ml @ Rs 6/-, 40ml @ Rs 25/-, 100ml @ Rs 55/-, 300ml @ Rs 129/-

Directions For Use:

Apply daily all over the body. Best results when applied after bath.

My Take on Vaseline Total Moisture 24 Hr Nourishing Lotion:

Today, I am going to review “Vaseline Total Moisture 24Hr Nourishing Body Lotion.” I’ve been using Vaseline products since I have been a little girl. As we know Vaseline, a brand from Hindustan Unilever is one of the most trusted skin care brand.

Vaseline Body Lotion

My skin is dry by nature and as we all know that dry skin is very sensitive and it has its own set of skin problems.  My skin becomes very rough in winter days and needs more moisture. I was looking for something that would give extra moisturization for the whole day. When I spotted the new range of Vaseline Total Moisture body lotions, I picked this up because it claims to be for dry skin and containing Soya and Glycerin. Moreover, it claims to give Strays-3 formula with 24-hour moisturization. Stratys-3 is the first moisturizing complex designed to work across all layers of skin without leaving a greasy residue.  So, finally, I decided to give this body lotion a try.


It is a light white-colored lotion which is medium in consistency, neither too runny nor too clumpy and comes in the regular Vaseline body lotion bottle.  Another thing that I really like is that it’s not sticky to the skin. It doesn’t feel greasy like some lotions and is quickly absorbed into the skin.

body lotion

When I started using it, I was really surprised that it was really effective. My skin was quite dry and rough before I started using it and now my skin has become very soft and it retains necessary moisture in my skin and that is the reason why my skin is glowing. It works well in re-hydrating my skin because after each use, my skin feels soft, refreshed and moisturized.


This lotion is definitely cheap and it does the job, but this one is good the moment you put it on, but the feeling of moisturization doesn’t last very long. To keep my skin always hydrated, I need to re-apply it every once in a while, maybe twice or sometimes thrice during these dry winter days, but since I know that most of the lotions are not effective with respect to the moisturizing factor, I think this can be neglected.

Another problem with this lotion is the smell.  It has a very mild fragrance, which is on the sweet side and the smell is more of a sunblock lotion, rather than a daily lotion. Although the smell is not that strong, it’s not really pleasant or refreshing like Vaseline Cocoa Glow Body Lotion. For a person who is used to putting on scented lotions, the smell of Vaseline maybe a little too much on the chemical side.

Pros of Vaseline Total Moisture 24 Hr Nourishing Lotion:

  • Keeps skin moisturized.
  • Comes in various sizes and also travel friendly.
  • Gets easily absorbed and does not leave a greasy feeling.
  • Very affordable price.
  • I trust Vaseline as a brand especially for winters.
  • The consistency of the product is quite likable (is neither too thick nor too thin) especially for all skin types.

Cons of Vaseline Total Moisture 24 Hr Nourishing Lotion:

  • Smells okay, not much refreshing.
  • Does not contain SPF.
  • As the lotion reaches the end, one has to wait for it to come out which takes a lot of time. I store the bottle upside down for that.

Final Verdict:

This body lotion works honestly for those with dry and sensitive skin. It absorbs into the skin almost immediately without leaving the skin greasy. It keeps my skin moisturized, soft and smooth. I definitely recommend this product to those with sensitive and dry skin. Good price as well!!!

Will I Repurchase?

I really like this one, but I personally think Vaseline Cocoa Glow body lotion is better than this one as it makes my skin feel much better!!!

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27 thoughts on “Vaseline Total Moisture 24 Hr Nourishing Lotion

  1. i have it and love it absolutely!!!! :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: a definite must-have in these winters. nice review mata!!!

  2. I love Vaseline lotions.. but i am looking for cocoa glow. i like pleasant smelling lotions better..
    Nice review :waytogo: :waytogo:

  3. i have used the cream version of it and i used to love it so very much. i am picking up one of the vaseline lotion super soon. thankoo for the review. :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

    1. Hi Rati Gud Morn…….I hav never used cream frm vaselline, i think this is the replacement of Vaselline total moisture light yellow colored bottle wid blue lid na????

    1. yes devilgal, healthy white is also gud one, bt cocoa glow is amazing, infact diss one and cocoa glow are launched dis year by vaseline in India…

  4. I have this, but the smell is not pleasant, its neither bad nor good… Otherwise its a very good lotion.. i will try cocoa lotion next :yahoo: :yahoo:

  5. oh really, i had same prob wid vaseline petroleum jelly wen i was younger, bt nw i hav stopped using it as so many body lotions and skin creams are available in market to replace it!!!

  6. Naice! :woot: But I think I’ll get the cocoa one instead. I’m a chocolate fiend. :dumb: :drool: :preen:
    Nice review,Mamta. :))

  7. I am about to finish my second bottle of this, and I must say it is definitely an imorovement over the previous formula.
    Better moisturization and stays on a bit longer. :yahoo:
    However, I think the smell is similar to the old yellow lotion, and not any more chemical-like.
    Good review, Mamta :))

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