Bare Essentials Dye Brush Set Review

Bare Essentials Dye Brush Set

I went to my local H&G store one fine day… no I had no plan or intentions of buying anything but just out of curiosity. I headed straight to the dead end where they had baby products and some body and nail care accessories. There were brushes, sponge applicators of all colors shapes and sizes, nail buffers etc. etc.I thought since I have entered why not spot something that I can buy, I recalled that I need a tail comb very badly. I spotted a blue tail comb hanging on display from Bare Essentials but when I examined it carefully it was a set of dye brush. Who uses dye in this age even both my parents use hair color  *preen*

Bare Essentials Dye Brush Set

Product details:

Designed for Styling, Foiling and Dying, Soft Brushes, Long-lasting, Easy Grip, Skin Friendly, Highest Standards of Quality and Precision, Tail Comb with Metal Pin.
Dye brush set for hair colouring. This dye brush set can be used for styling, foiling and hair colouring. This set contains a dye brush and a tail comb with metal pin which possess a dye brush, so it helps in hair grooming as well as to dye your hair.

Bare Essentials Dye Brush Set


INR 99 for a set of two.

My Experience with Bare Essentials Dye Brush Set :

I had a strong call of conscience that I could put this into a very good use and came home happily with it…and a few other products of course *hihi* . The brush is brilliant blue with black bristles and has a very sleek look to it. I am currently using it for all my hair pack and I swear it does a very good job. The brush glides inside several layers of hair without pulling or tugging the hair and it gets as good as new after washing. I use the bio musk root pack with curd so this has really come to my rescue and I feel like a pro-hair professional myself  *rofl* . As you can see in the pics that it comes in a very flimsy packaging of just an ordinary plastic wrap. The set of two brushes have their own utility, one is a simple generic dye brush only much better than the black ones I’ve seen my mom having those and break at the drop of a hat, the other brush has a metal pin similar to a tail comb…in fact it has a comb too and brush on the other part. Now coming to my overall experience with this brush set I am very satisfied and planning to buy a backup as well as one for my mom, I loved the way it parts the hair even with the brush end that does not have a pin, otherwise I have noticed a lot of hair being pulled by the previous brushes while applying hair pack-I use the bio musk root mixed with curd which is quite thick. I have been using it for a few months now but it looks as good as new because I wash them off with warm soapy water and let them air dry. I would suggest the brand to rename it as a hair pack and hair dye/colour brush because a lot of people would never give it a second look if they see the name ‘DYE BRUSH’ on it. Honestly I didn’t expect it to be this good, it has exceeded my expectations *happydance* . You all could use it as a hair pack applicator, though the company says you could use it for hair grooming as well but I say “abb zyada ho raha hai” LOL!!! Let it remain the humble brush.

Bare Essentials Dye Brush Set3

Pros of Bare Essentials Dye Brush Set:

1. Set of two.
2. Ease of use.
3. Good quality.
4. Affordable.

Bare Essentials Dye Brush Set4

Cons of Bare Essentials Dye Brush Set:

None actually I am impressed with it.

IMBB rating:


Bare Essentials Dye Brush Set5

Would I buy Bare Essentials Dye Brush Set again?

Yes definitely.

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