Clean and Clear Deep Action Cleanser Review

Clean & Clear Deep Action Cleanser Review

Hi girls! Today I will be reviewing clean and clear deep action cleanser which I have been using since past 3 weeks. I picked this one up from one of my visits to Hypercity store. So far I have tried so many face washes of a variety of brands for my oily skin. Neutrogena was my worst nightmare when it came to oil-controlling and acne soothing face washes. Rest of the brands were satisfactory. I have tremendous oily- T zone so much so that you can fry an egg on it. Nothing seems to be working.
Since nothing works, I try to search for a product which reduce or controls the oil-production. This product was claiming just that and so I picked this one up almost instantly. I remember using clean and clear face wash when I was in school – the one which was orangy- transparent fluid in a transparent bottle – it worked quite fine till I was in 12th.. After that my skin became very oily.

Clean Clear Deep Action Cleanser

So let’s get to our review – –

PRODUCT- Clean & Clear Deep action cleanser
PRICE – Rs 47

CLAIMS – Clean and Clear deep action cleanser goes beyond cleansing. It gives you long lasting oil- free look and feel by deep cleansing to remove excess oil and dirt that clog pores. Also contains Triclosan to help prevent blemishes. Its gentle clean – rinsing formula is non-drying for skin.

Clean Clear Deep Action Cleanser


Clean Clear Deep Action Cleanser

This face wash comes in a tube like packing with a flip-cap top. So it makes this face wash easy to carry. Don’t judge yet because the moment you open the flip-cap and squeeze the tube… NOTHING COMES OUT … nopes nothing.The face wash is so hard that it is impossible to make it come out of the tiny hole. I have tried a gazillion times. Now I just unscrew the whole cap and get the face wash out.

I like the creamy texture of the face wash .  It also lathers up very easily. I use this face wash every morning by dampening my face with warm water to open up my pores. After which I take a small amount of the facial cleanser and lather it right into my skin using my fingertips and massaging it in a circular motion and focussing more on my T-zone. When I am done I rinse my face down with warm water to remove the face wash and splash my face with cool water as it helps close and tighten my pores.  My skin then looks very clean, oil free, and fresh. This is followed by toner and moisturizing.
This face wash lives upto its claim of giving you the oil- free look for some hours after which it is back to square one – OILY, SHINY FACE !! It does clean up my skin thoroughly BUT I have not experimented taking out my makeup with this face wash. I would recommend this facial cleanser so anybody with acne prone skin and simply looking for a good cleansing facial cream that helps remove dirt from the face.

Clean and clear deep action cleanser

So far, this facial cleanser has proved to be good for me as it gives me a matt –oil free look for few hours. Don’t expect results right away. Continue using this product to see the difference.  It will eventually work. To this day now it has not broken me out even once. No new breakouts. 😛
The product I must warn will not smell heavenly like roses and jasmines. It has medicinal smell but I am ready to ignore that as long as it does its job. I guess this product is a must for all combination skins out there.

Pros of Clean and Clear Deep Action Cleanser

  • Affordable
  • A little amount goes long way
  • Easy to carry packaging
  • Prevented acne (at least for me)
  • Oil-free look for few hours (2-3 hrs max)
  • Non- irritating

Cons of Clean and Clear Deep Action Cleanser Review

  • Very difficult to squeeze out the face wash from the flip cap top initially.
  • Does not give results from day one .

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52 thoughts on “Clean and Clear Deep Action Cleanser Review

  1. I think this what wat Rads too reviewed on her blog…I remember the tough coming out part.. 😛 😛 Good review Rids..I too have oily skin, but not planning to buy this!!

  2. Yaaaaaaa…it was exactly like she mentioned…nothing came out of the me though ke oh it has some cover inside blocking it and opened the cap…nothing came out for so long ke I was just thinking I should take a pin and make some hole or something!!!! Is good for ppl looking to tone arm muscles…morning evening exercise :spank:

    1. hii Noopur!!! 🙂 🙂 Nope…I woke up late and was grumpy…coz of bad bad dreams…. so just got ready in haste..but me applied a shimmery black eyeliner and smudged it!! :toothygrin: :toothygrin: :toothygrin: so me happy…how are you Noopur???

      1. me much better now, m getting loads of sleep thz days w/o being scolded or disturbed…. khihkhihki… 😀 the only part I like about being sick 😛 😛 😛
        :toothygrin: :toothygrin: :toothygrin:

  3. mast review che RIds :yes: :yes: :yes:
    I have oily skin too…..but this made my face dry and uncomfy after washing…..:((

  4. I love this- It used to be my HG back then… U know what- it even removed my haldi properly from my face in my wedding.. ehehehehe
    but then every1 used it and finished it… :spank: :spank: :spank:

  5. Sadly I have had acne since I hit puberty and I’m 21 now. I still have a few breakouts from time to time, but my real problem is the sporadic scarring all over my face. Does this product help?

  6. Hey! :thanks:
    Thanks for the review! Just bought this today and was upset at the facewash not coming out of the cap…lol I thought it was a defective piece and almost went back to the shop to get it replaced!! I’m 22 and have been suffering from pimples like crazy over the past few months and recently gave up on Garnier’s products and started with this one…If this doesn’t work out I’ll have to increase my facewash budget and move up to Neutrogena or Body Shop. After which my last-ditch effort may be a Clinique or Clarins…at the moment am praying that my pimple problems are solved (cheaply!) with this one! 😉
    Anyways, brilliant blog (reviews have been very helpful!), keep it up! :toothygrin:

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