7 Fashion Mistakes you are Probably Making

While all of us are aware by now about certain basic rules about fashion and try our best not to look like we committed a fashion crime, such as the fact that tights are not pants, or that muffin top is unflattering, there are certain lesser known or more subtle rules we might not know we are breaking. Here are some of them:

Fashion Mistakes

1. Wearing the wrong colour:

What makes each one of us beautiful? Our different and diverse skin tones, features, figures and body types. Imagine if we all looked the same – it would be very dull indeed! What’s important to also know is that not all colours look good on all of us. For example, a very light colour can make a fair girl look washed out because it makes her look even paler, or a too-neon colour could look gaudy on someone else. If you have a lot of pink in your complexion, wearing too many girly pastels may not be suitable, for example. So make sure you choose your colours – the ones that bring out your features and make you look your best.

2. Monochrome from head to toe:

Black Outfit

Sometimes the best of us feel lazy and then just throw on some clothes that are essentially the exact same colour from head to toe. Sound familiar? An all-black or all-beige outfit can be monotonous and make you look boring. Add a pop of colour to make it more interesting – dress up a black outfit with hot pink or green or red. If you are too worried about not being able to find clothes or jackets in different colours, a statement neck piece can do wonders to an otherwise neutral outfit.

3. Restricting yourself from change:

A lot of girls think that changing their staple style will end up burning a huge hole in their pockets – if you are a jeans and t-shirt girl, but want to try something new, stop worrying so much about how you will spend! The key is to invest in two to three unique pieces – like a coloured blazer, a pair of studded booties or a statement necklace so that you can mix and match them as much as possible. Be creative and you will become a better shopper too who doesn’t need to spend a fortune to look well-put together.

fashion mistakes

4. Ill-fitting Lingerie:

This is one mistake you should never make. Always make sure you wear well-fitted lingerie – this means if you wear a figure-hugging top, a t-shirt bra is a must if you don’t want to look lumpy in the wrong places; transparent bra straps on a strapless dress look tacky and VPLs (visible panty lines) look tacky with body-hugging dresses. Remember you need to look good inside and out.

5. Not dressing for the occasion:


A close friend recently told me about how a girl in her work place wears tights as pants and leaves nothing to the imagination by pairing it with tight, low-cut short shirts. As a result others feel uncomfortable and the person ends up looking crass and unprofessional, not to mention unsightly. Remember that you need to be dressed appropriate for the place you’re going to. So if it’s work and the dress code is casual and not too strict, it certainly doesn’t mean you can wear a micro-mini without panty hose or a low-cut cleavage baring top. Similarly, if you’re going out clubbing, plain jeans and a t-shirt just makes you look like you are too lazy to put in some effort into looking your best. Always dress to suit the place and the occasion.

6. Hesitate to experiment:


Is that right? Well, yes. Sticking to one type of clothing may be safe, but it’s also boring, and experimenting is always fun, and lets you be open to trying new things. How many times have we heard ourselves or our friends moaning ‘I have NOTHING TO WEAR’ when they have a wardrobe bursting with clothes? Try and look at your clothes, be brave and toss out any that are too repetitive or 5 years old and try to experiment more the next time you go shopping! It will definitely ensure you have a range of different outfits to choose from.

7. Baggy jumpsuits/rompers:


They may be all the rage but there’s nothing more unflattering than a jumpsuit – they are bulky, baggy in all the wrong places and make you look awkward and nothing like the polished, high-fashion models that sport them on magazine covers. Also, could you imagine trying to use a public bathroom when wearing one? It’s best to wear them at home but avoid them in public.

I hope these tips were as eye-opening to you as they were to me! Until next time.

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