QVS 3-Way Nail Buffer Review

QVS 3-Way Nail Buffer Review

By Deepa Gupta

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I have been a silent reader of this blog for almost one-and-half year now and I really enjoy reading each and every review and article here.  Finally, I am writing my first review for IMBB 🙂  The product I am reviewing is a nail buffer from QVS. Let’s check out how it fared!


Product Description:

This nail buffer not only makes your nails look super shiny and clean, it also improves circulation to the nail bed which promotes healthy nail growth – all in 3 easy steps. Cushioned to perfectly contour around your nails, shined-up dulled nail polish between manicures, and great on toe nails too.

Nail Buffer 2


INR 145.

My Experience with QVS 3-Way Nail Buffer:

I am someone who always likes a pop of color on my nails. Regular usage of nail paints have actually made my nails look pale and yellow. That’s when I thought to invest in a nail buffer.

This is a 3-way nail buffer and each side is designed for a specific functionality.  Directions to use it are clearly mentioned on the cover it is packed in. The cover has an adhesive strip which makes it re-usable and the nail buffer can be kept safely inside it after use.

Coming to the functionality now. This nail buffer has 3 sides – Light Green, White and Grey. Texture wise, grey side is smoother compared to the other two sides.

Nail Buffer 3

“Light Green” side of the nail buffer is designed to be used to smoothen the rough edges of the nails.  I did the same and it worked pretty well in shaping my nails. However, it might seem a little harsh on brittle nails and needs to be used carefully. It is mentioned on the cover that this side can be used to remove away any stain on the nails as well. At the moment, I don’t have any stain/mark on my nails, so couldn’t check on that part.

Once my nails were shaped well and all rough edges were gone, I used “White” side in a back and forth motion to buff away the nails. I could see dead skin coming out of the nail bed, though it doesn’t make the nails smooth in any way. My nails felt quite rough after using the white side.

Then, comes the last step of the nail buffing – the “Grey” side. It’s the longest side and I swiped it over my nails, as suggested in the directions for use, to get the shine and lustre.  There was an observable difference, but I felt it was more to do with making the nails more cleaner and neat than “super-shining” them as claimed by the product. The shine is momentary too, as I felt and observed.

I usually have good nail growth, so can’t say if this nail buffer really promotes the nail growth by circulation to the nail bed as it claims. I have used this nail buffer hardly 3 times and it’s already wearing out, so disappointing!

Nail Buffer 4

Pros of QVS 3-Way Nail Buffer:

  • It does a fairly good job of shaping the nails well.
  • Makes the nails look neat and clean.
  • Easy to use.
  • Easy to store and carry around as it comes in a re-usable cover.

Cons of QVS 3-Way Nail Buffer:

  • It doesn’t add the expected sheen and luster to the nails as the product claims.
  • Quality of the product, I can see it wearing out in the middle right after the second usage.
  • Availability.
  • Expensive for such an average quality.

Do I Recommend/Will I Repurchase QVS 3-Way Nail Buffer?

No, at this price range, there are better nail buffers available in the market. I would never repurchase this and would like to invest in something that lasts longer and produces better results. This seemed to me like more of an “use and throw” kind of nail buffer.

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  1. That seems like a decent one deepa *pompom* *pompom* *pompom* i love the shine the nail buffers give.. the nails look sooo healthy after using buffers *happy dance*

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