Most Iconic Bags Of All Time

Most Iconic Bags Of All Time

“I’m thinking balls are to men, what purses are to women. It’s just a little bag but we would feel naked in public without it.”

— Sarah Jessica Parker as Carrie Bradshaw (“Sex And The City”)


You wouldn’t ever spot a woman without her bag, ever!! She stores her world in there (quite literally). Our favorite fashionistas be it Victoria Beckham aka Posh or SJP, all have their favorites they swear by, ones that have made them the icon they are today!
These bags deliver style, quality and impart you with a sense of confidence which helps you conquer the world. These bags are evergreen and even your little princesses (in future) will enjoy them as much as you.

This is a list of 12 of the most iconic bags, true gems to be passed down from a daughter to another (start saving up ladies!);

1.) Hermes Birkin:

Hermes Birkin

This handmade leather bag was christened after singer and actress Jane Birkin. She inspired the then creative designer to make a leather bag perfect for the weekends. Apparently, the contents from her straw bag kept in the overhead compartment fell and allegedly inspired him to create this beauty. She stopped its use since this bag tempted her into carrying a lot of things, due to which she had to get an operation to fix her shoulder (whaaaaaaaaat?). Nevertheless, it was an icon and will always remain one. It is available in a variety of hides- calf leather (probably the most popular), ostrich crocodile and lizard and the most luxurious (read: expensive) –crocodile skin and is lined with goat –skin. Free of any logos, the bag’s most recognizable features are the lock and key, top and side flaps and loops meant for closing the bag. Fancy, indeed!

2.)Hermes Kelly:

Hermes Kelly

This beauty was first introduced in 1935 as Sac à dépêches and was later named Kelly after the Princesses of Monaco and actress Grace Kelly was pictured trying to cover her baby bump with the bag. The easiest way to identify the difference between the Birkin and the Kelly is the handles. The single handle handbag is the Kelly, and the Birkin has two handles.  A little known fact it takes a craftsman about 18 hours to make one.

3.)Lady Dior:

Lady Dior Bag

Diana Neuro Hospital

The bag first made waves when Princess Diana was spotted carrying one after receiving it as a gift from the then first lady of France. She liked it so much that she bought one in every style and was rarely spotted without one. The most notable feature are the soft leather Rolled handles and the ‘D’, ‘I’, ‘O’, and ‘R’ chains attached to one of the rings joining the handles and the bag.

The new face of the bag is none other than my personal favorite Jennifer Lawrence.

4.) Jackie ‘O’:

Jackie O bag

This bag was a personal favourite of Jacky Kennedy, the most stylish first lady in American history. She gave this Gucci bag the status it enjoys today back in the 60s.  The classic Jackie O. shoulder bag is made of top quality leather and denim with jacquard double G pattern and a unique metal push/slide closure. Gucci recently launched a brand New Jackie Bag. New Jackie O. shoulder bag is more variation with a distinctive color like jewel green, wine red and deep tan. It features single adjustable strap with woven detail.

5.) Gucci’s Bamboo Bag:

Gucci Bamboo Bag

Another favourite of Ms. Kelly, the bag was first created in 1947.  This small handbag was crafted in pigskin with a bamboo handle. Made in the same manner as it used to be before in their Florentine workshop, it takes 13 hours to complete the smallest of the details.  Use of the bamboo was more of a necessity than a statement. Due to the shortage of foreign supplies during the Fascist dictatorship in Italy, the brand started experimenting with new materials and used glazed Bamboo instead of leather as the handle of the bag. A true example of, “necessity as the mother of invention.”

6.)  Fendi Baguette:

Fendi Baguette

Launched in 1997, this bag became an instant a favourite of just about everyone, from Sarah Jessica Parker to the Olsen twins. Every girl 90s had one or one of the many reproduced versions from various high street stores. The bag available in over 1000 styles is to be carried under the arm like the French loaf from which it takes its name. The different styles are a perfect blend of the modern as well as the classic, using materials ranging from sequins to knit and what not. Its described the minimalist era perfectly.  Fendi keeps the tradition alive by re-inventing the bag every other year taking help from artists from the world, Damien Hirst being one of the many!

7.) Louis Vuitton Speedy:

Louis Vuitton

A personal favourite of Audrey Hepburn is one of the cheapest iconic bags you can find. It is practically indestructible and even if something happens to it, the LV people are always happy to fix it for you, a service offered by no other brand with the exception of Hermes; then again, it is hard to find a Hermes less than a grand. A lot of people aren’t fond of logo prints (I happen to be one of them), and for those people, there are Damier and Epi leather options always available, as well as whatever graced the runways that season. The best part, you can literally fit your whole wardrobe in it. Fashion with Practicality.

8.) Tod’s D –Bag:

Tod O Blog

A favourite of a Diane Kruger and our very own Deepika Padukone, the shopper bag is known for its simplicity and ability to fit in just about anything. It is handmade in Italy, and is a true example of Italian craftsmanship and simplicity. This bag was again made popular by Lady D!

9.) Chanel 2.55 Bag:


The list couldn’t have been complete without it. Every Fashionista on this planet owns at least one of the many styles it is available in. It is eternal and some fashionistas actually have a hobby of collecting them (moi? I only collect stamps. # Poorgirlproblems).  An investment bag in the true sense. It was allegedly christened 2.55 because Coco produced the first bag in February of 1955, the first after her comeback (her comeback? Now, that’s an entirely different story).  She was the first person to take the quilting way from quilts, using it to make bags and still making it look fashionable. The burgundy lining represents the colour of the uniform she used to wear in her orphanage. That lady was smart. Rumor has it she wouldn’t worry about fakes as she felt that it would help in the growth of the brand, free marketing you see. This marketing idea was later on adapted by every other brand out there. It was the first among the many chain bags out there. A lot of firsts and that’s what makes it the most iconic of them all.

(And, Congrats Rati di on your buy!!:D!)

10) LV Neverfull:

Louis Vuitton Neverfull

A little known fact is that Chanel used to love Louis Vuitton for its quality and craftsmanship, and it was her go-to brand when traveling. This bag is made with monogram toile canvas and natural vachetta cowhide leather trim and straps which will turn a honey color with time.  Christened so for its versatile and generous volume, it holds everything making it perfect both for traveling and the city. The bag pays homage to LV’s travel rich history and its trunks.

11.) Prada Gauffre Bag:


My first introduction to this bag was when one of my friends showed me a picture of Mrs. Beckham looking oh-so-chic. I searched the net for hours to know what that pretty leather was called and who was it by. This bag is first on my list to be bought. It is available in various styles and sizes be it a clutch or a shopper bag. Fans include Victoria Beckham, Anna Wintour, among many. Prada has always been known for its unique designs and ability to mix the modern with the old without looking too dull or too flashy (no big logos, you guys!). This bag is a perfect example of that, the ruched leather stole my heart!

12.) Hermes Constance:

Hermes Constance

Named after the then designer’s fifth child, it was introduced in 1959. It has a classic clemence leather style, highlighted by a “H” buckle. It is available in three sizes and various leather materials and is second on my list to buy. It has a shoulder strap to keep your hands free. Simple yet chic!

PS: There is going to be a second part of lesser known iconic bags.

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    Also, great post! <3 🙂
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  5. I love and appreciate the craftsmanship, detailing and designing that goes into these high street brand bags…but ‘calf skin’, ‘lamb skin’, ‘pig hide’, ‘crocodile skin’ etc. just make me nauseous with disgust. It’s high time the designers switch to other cruelty free and eco- friendly materials for their bags, so people can go ahead and purchase them without suffering a guilty conscience.

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  7. Thank you all!:)
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