Floral Print Trend

Floral Print Trend

Hello Fashionable People,

First of all a big “THANK YOU” to all IMBBians out there for such sweet and lovely comments. I am glad that you have liked and appreciated my OOTDs. It’s very motivating and inspires me to contribute more and more. So, after a bunch of OOTDs, I have come up with this article on the current trend of the season – floral prints.


Yes, it’s Spring-Summer and yes, it’s the time to slip into those floral clothes. Spring has always been celebrated in the world of fashion by incorporating floral motifs in the clothes. Floral prints are back this season and are here to stay.

Now, wearing floral in not an easy job, we have to be very careful in pairing floral clothes or we might end up looking like a bouquet. So, here are some tips on how to wear floral prints right.

Say No To Big Floral Prints:

Big Floral Print Top

For people who are overweight, they should stay away from big floral prints as it will only highlight and accentuate your curves. If you are already big, some prints can make you look bigger.  You should opt for smaller floral prints which will compliment your body type. You can also accessorize it with a neck piece as it will drag the attention from your problem areas.

Floral One Piece:

Floral Print

Now, this is the easiest way out as you do not have to brood over how to team it up whether the bottoms or the top. Just add some few nude accessories and you are all set. Floral one piece can be in the form of dresses, gowns or jumpsuits. Just remember that you are wearing one whole floral outfit, so keep the accessories basic and simple. No printed shoes or bags.

Extreme Floral:


If you are confident enough, you can go with an all floral head to toe look. You can team up your entire outfit in florals, but personally, I am not comfortable with this style as I find it too loud and over the top. It all depends on how one carries herself so if you are bold enough, go ahead and make a fashion statement. Someone said that rules are made to be broken. Wear what looks great on you which you can carry off. Remember to use minimal accessories.

Floral Paired with Solid Top or Bottoms:

Floral Pants

This is the safest way to play with floral prints. You can easily mix and match a floral print top with solid colored pants, shorts or skirts. It’s the best way to highlight floral print. While wearing floral bottoms, wear a solid spaghetti or a shirt which matches the background color of your bottoms. Say yes to accessories; flaunt your bags or shoes in a similar shade from the floral print you are wearing.

Floral Accessories:


For people who shy away from floral, you can definitely include it in your outfits by way of accessories. You can indulge in floral print bags, shoes, scarves but remember not together. If you are not comfortable being clad with flowers, you can add a dash of it through these accessories.

Hope you guys liked it. Happy Spring to all :*

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