Homemade Hair Regrowth Oil to Prevent Hair Loss


Make your own Hair regrowth oil!

Hiiiiiiii to Everyone, This is the very first time am writing something for a fashion blog, never in my life did it. I just feel super duper fabulous to visit this site and read reviews everyday. I’m soo much addicted to this blog, can’t express!!! Seriously never ever thought of writing for a fashion blog. But after seeing sooooo many superb reviews and also getting benefitted by those, I got inspired to write something which I am sure would benefit others. I want to share my own formulated hair recipe, which helped me a lot. Some 6 months back I experienced the worst hair loss disaster of my entire life. I found my hair everywhere from my cushion cover to my washroom. It was so depressing can’t tell. I had even developed bald patch at the front line. That was the only time when I started reading several articles on hair regrowth and came out with my own hair recipes using some easily available oils. Hope it benefits all of you!


Almond Oil (80 ml),Coconut Oil(80 ml), Castor Oil(25 ml) Vitamin E capsules(5), Lavender oil (5 ml),
Aroma magic Stimulate oil (10 ml)- For a quantity of 200 ml.


1-Almond Oil- The softening properties of almond oil increase the styling manageability of the hair, which also results in less hair breakage. The less hair that breaks, the more noticeable hair growth is.

almond oil rogan badam

2-Coconut Oil – Coconut oil hair growth benefits can be effectively harnessed when used warm with a scalp massage. The massage itself helps to stimulate the circulation of the scalp and hair follicles, which will make it easier for the hair follicles to absorb the valuable nutrients provided by the coconut oil, nutrients which are necessary to re-grow hair.

coconut oil tejas

3-Castor Oil- Castor oil contains Omega-9 fatty acids which help moisturize the hair and the scalp preventing both from becoming dry. Regularly applying castor oil to your scalp and roots to eliminate dry hair and promote regrowth of hair within months. It will also help to thicken hair that is thinning out. Helps reduce and prevent damage. Also can hide the appearance of damage while trying to improve your hair’s health leading to thicker, fuller hair over time.

4-Vitamin E Capsules- Not only does vitamin E help with split ends, but it also keeps your color vibrant. Vitamin E Keeps may also keep your hair color from going gray. Vitamin E helps with the growth of capillaries. When there are more capillaries, the circulation improves and it is thought that the improved circulation to the scalp is the trigger for preventing hair loss.
vitamin e capsules
5-Aroma Magic Lavender oil- Regular usage is helpful in controlling hair fall and improving hair growth. One can use lavender oil for hair growth and get rid of other problems like itchy scalp and dandruff. It is a powerful antiseptic and useful in disinfecting the scalp hence, treating dry scalp, lice, lice eggs or nits.
aroma magic lavender oil
6-Aroma Magic Stimulate oil- Helps remove infection in hair follicles. Stimulates hair follicles. Increases circulation and oxidization to bring about re-growth of hair and arrests hair loss. Nourishes the hair to give it a healthy glow and sheen.
aroma magic stimulate oil
Ingredients- Rosemary, patchouli, cedarwood, German Chamomile.

Method of Preparation

1-The most three widely known carrier oils mainly Almond Oil ,Coconut Oil, Castor Oil should be mixed with each other.
2-Add Aroma magic Lavender oil dropwise.
3-Add Aroma magic Stimulate oil dropwise.
4-Slit open 5 Vitamin E capsules and pour it in the above mixture, shake it well and store in a cool dark place.

Method of Use:

1-Every alternate day massage your scalp and hair before going to bed for 15 minutes.
2-Next morning you can use a hair steamer for deeper nourishment and penetrance of oil into hair shaft.
3-Cleanse your hair with your favorite shampoo as usual.


I have also used the following products in conjunction with this hair oil for getting plentiful hair growth:
1-Sahul hairina nutrient capsule
2- Herbal shampoos and conditioners
3-Herbal hair packs.

Result on Me:

This is my picture taken in September 2010.At that time I was experiencing severe hair fall. You can clearly see hair thinning.
hair loss before
This is my most recent picture in April 2011.You can clearly distinguish the two pics and see how I resolved my hair loss issue!!
hair growth after
Okkk Friends, see you very soon!! Till then take care and happy blogging 🙂

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150 thoughts on “Homemade Hair Regrowth Oil to Prevent Hair Loss

  1. wow! amazing article! thank you, what have you got on your eyes in the second pic…i love the dark black eyeliner, which brand please…thanks 🙂

    1. nice article tapasmita 🙂 🙂 even my mom has made me an amazing concoction of coconut oil, castor oil n vitamin E capsul n boy it has done wonders for my hair…me super happy..:) 🙂

  2. i mix coconut oil,olive oil ,almnd oil nd vit e capsules..nd give it sme heat..its dng gud…will try dis as well… :)) :))

    1. Ya carrier oils are gud but hair do need essential oils, which when mixed wid these carrier oils can even solve alopecea areta

  3. I am definately trying this one!!thank u Tapasvini for sharing this!!my hairfall stopped in Feb but I need to grow back whatever I lost!!.thanks :thanks: :thanks:

    1. Ya dear!! my hair fall stopped significantly, i gained much of the lost hair back!! so shared dis so tht all wud have benefit frm this

  4. Me too noticed your eyes rather than your hair in the seconde pic!!! Beautiful!!!! :whistle: :whistle:

    I like the sound of this!!! But me too lazy to try!!! Somebody makethis and send it to me na…. 😛

  5. me use the same mixture just never tried aroma magic products .. instead use camphor pieces against dandruff just add them to my oil and let them dissolve themselves it also keeps my head cool 🙂

  6. me use the same mixture just never tried aroma magic products .. instead use camphor pieces against dandruff just add them to my oil and let them dissolve themselves it also keeps my head cool 🙂 nice article 🙂

    1. Thts really nice! Our hair do need essential oils ,which when diluted with carrier oils can result in significant hair regrowth.There is scientific evidence 2!

  7. Heya Tapasvani,

    i’m definetely gonna try this recipe.. i too ‘m experiencing hairfall :((

    Do u ‘ve an effective remedy for dandruff as well? I’ve an oily scalp

    n ur eyes very pretty 8)

    1. Thnx dear!! For dandruff use fenugreek paste mixed with lemon juice, it worked on everybody whom i suggested!

  8. hi tapaswini..very informative article…..loved reading this to bits…..plz tell me where do we find this sahul hairina nutrient capsule that u mentioned and how to use it?
    and what herbal masks u used….??

    1. Thnks dear.Plz use this for maximum benefit.U can get Sahul hairina capsule from Pantaloons food bazaar, big bazaar oulets and even many cosmetics shop keep it. its price is Rs 300, for 60 capsules. I use fennugreek paste mixed with lemon and several masks mentioned in this blog.

  9. Welcome to IMBB Tapaswini. :)) Outstanding :jaiho: :jaiho: :jaiho: :jaiho: :jaiho: :jaiho: :jaiho: :jaiho: I’ll definitely suggest this to a friend. you have a very sweet smile. :))

  10. dis seems wowww tapaswini….. 🙂
    u r god sent… i ws just talking abt bad hair fall/loss wid my bhabhi…. n saw ur article…
    m defntly doing dis… :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

    1. Thanks Noopur , I feel so good with ur fabulous response. Plz use this, there is enough scientific evidence regarding use of carrier and essential oil mixture for hair growth! 🙂

  11. this is so helpful Tapaswini…I will surely try this. I have everything except the stimulate oil. :((
    But I will get this also and try your recipe…I hope it works for me as it did wonders for u :))

    1. Ya jinal try this! Do use stimulate oil if you make this oil, as it is a mixture of several essential oils, just at Rs 170 which is cheap comparative to other brands of essentiial oils.There r several published articles regarding carrier-essential oil mixture for hair regrowth!

      1. hey thank you Tapaswini :))
        I will definitely try this out and Aroma magic is easily available so no problem 🙂
        Thanx for sharing the recipe as off late my hair have become very frizzy and thin! :((
        I am eager to try this out now.
        And yeah Welcome to IMBB gang :cheers:

    1. Aroma magic brands are quite popular you wont have problems searching it at all, maximum cosmetics shop keep it !!

  12. Such a great article! & with difference seen in both the snaps……I am definitely going to try this concoction…i am facing tremendous hair loss ! 🙁
    Tapaswini….what was the ratio of the 3 carrier oils….? any specific brand…to be used?

    1. i re read the article….& found the ratio! i missed that earlier !! 🙁

      Do let me knw on the brands used for the carrier oils…& vitamin E capsule….since I am based outside India….I will have to get my mom to courier it.. 🙂

      The Sahul Hairina capsule can be taken at anytime during the day…or a specific time ?

      1. I used patanjali coconut and almond oil, castor oil from a chemist shop, and Vitamin E capsules meant for hair or facial massage ( any cosmetic shop) , 1-2 sahul capsules should be taken twice daily in an empty stomach with lukewarm water !!!

  13. Very informative post tapas. thank you. very badly needed this info.
    Also, you have lovely eyes.
    How long should these sahul capsules be taken?
    Dosage is 1 or 2 per day?

  14. Great article Tapaswini…Rati, there should be an option of e-mail article for every blog…. That way we can share with our friends some interesting articles…. :announce:

    1. Almond oil- Rs 100, Coconut oil- Rs 40, Castor oil-Rs25, Lavender oil- Rs 110, Stimulate oil- Rs 170, Vitamin E capsules-Rs 70 for entire 50 capsules bottle !

  15. thanks taps.i am simrita.i have already bought all the products except almond oil.can i use olive oil in place of almond oil?

  16. nice article!!can u suggest me a good herbal shampoo for dry hair..most of the herbal shampoos i have used, made my hair extremely rough and dry!!:struggle:

    1. Amrita, I would suggest you shampoos from Jiva range, even I have dry hair, and i swear by their shampoos, well go to http://www.jiva.com, and you can shop there, there is option of cash on delivery too!

  17. This is so BEYOND amazing!
    That’s what I like about this blog..right info at the exact time I need it.
    Thanks, Taps. And please pray that it works on me. Want to go in for permanent straightening and it will look bad on my now-thinning hair. :((

  18. hey tapwaswini….im having extreemmmeee hair fall too…tried evrythn…..spent 10000’s on treatments..nthn worked…i hope what u suggested does work….

    and wanted 2 ask…those capsules…Sahul hairina nutrient capsule
    hw does it work??wht does it do???

  19. Hi! Thanks for sharing this article. I will try this for sure. Also, just a quick question, These Sahul Hairina tablets, are they safe..hope they dont interfere with conceiving and all..And for how long do you have to take them?

  20. Hi Tapaswini..just in continuation with my earlier mail, can you please tell me how long did you use this oil till you started seeing the difference….In your photos, you have clicked the second one after 7 months…so just wanted to know when did you initially notice that your hair fall is under control with this oil..Please let me know….I made this concoction and have started using it since three days…so am really eager to know when can i see the difference…Thanks heaps dear..You’re a life saver 🙂

    1. I think you can see differnce in one month i think with the oil anf if you use sahul capsules and take proper nutrition then your hairfall would stop within one week !

  21. hey tapaswini even i wanted to know dis in how many months u started seeing the difference as in after how long u started feeling your hair regrowing & thickening….yeah reading this u solved d biggest prob of my life…thanks for such a great help…will surely try dis.. :thanks: 🙂

      1. thanks a lot :thanks: ..can i use lavender oil in place of stimulate oil as it is nt avilable here in dat same quantity in which stimulate is being used…. 🙂

  22. Hi Tapaswini!

    I am from Bangladesh and we don’t get the stimulant oil here. Is there any other generic products that can give me the same benefit!

    Loved your article!

  23. hey i jst want to knw dat ican only find vitamin E-evion capsules so can i use them for the hair oil…or any other u used???

    1. ya absolutely and Vit E capsules has many other benefits too – you can use them on scars, pimples etc..i am trying them currently for dark circles too ..

  24. Usually when i ask ppl wit great hair to give tips to tackle hairfall, they kinda never wanted to tell it out as though it were a million dollar secret :nonono: ..u have done a GR8 job! GR8 article!
    Im gonna try this soon :jiggy1:

  25. hey…can u also tel abt the herbal shampoo and conditioner that u have been using??? i m facing severe hair fall 🙁 and i m experiencing that my hair fall out even mor wen i oil dem before washing 🙁

  26. Very informative. Thanks so much. Could you tell me how much essential oils to add? Should I put in the entire bottle of lavender and stimulate oil? I have already bought them from aroma magic.


  27. Can we use only coconot oil, almond oil, castor oil and vit-e capsules. how much qty. we should mix all of these if we make it alternate days.

  28. The article’s too good….very informative….!!! n you look so cute… :puchhi:
    Was just wondering if this oil works for oily hair too…????

  29. hi! can we put this oil at day for 30 min and then wash the hair or only at night?
    please reply.how many drops of each oil we can put?

  30. Hi Tapaswini,

    Nice to meet you. I have a lot of hair fall, So i want to try this. But i want to know some things..
    I stay in US and i dont find Evion Vitamin E capsules here. Can i use “Nature Made Vitamin E 1000 Iu Softgels Dl-Alpha” instead. And can i use “NOW Foods Lavender Oil” or “Lavender 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil”

    And i have a 2yrs old girl. Her hair is thin and like brownish color. I want her hair thick and black and long. I want to take care of her also from right now. Can u suggest oil and shampoo for her

    thank you
    Waiting for ur reply

    Please let me know.

  31. hi tapaswini,
    its really an awesome home remedy. :heart: :heart: gr8 work done by you.
    me too suffering from hair thinning and hair loss. 🙁 undergoing treatment from dr. batra but it doesnt seem to work till now :nonono: :nonono: :nonono: (already had 4 months of medication).
    i am surely going to try out your remedy but i am having problem in finding hairina capsules. i called them up but found out that they do not market this product in mumbai. :(( :(( :((
    so can you pls help me out on guiding me how to find this product?
    thanks a lot…. :rose:

  32. Did anybody else gave it a shot?? I my problem is not regarding hair loss, but severe hair thinning. So i m a lil worried about using a new hair oil 🙁 Right now i m using trichup advance hair care oil, so i m a bit reluctant about switching to something different.. :/ please help!!

  33. @ritu… i have the same problem of hair thinning. i have used it… don’t worry this recipe is totally herbal and vl not further damage your hair. you can go ahead with it

    @maria.. all the oils and capsule mentioned above are easily available at any medical store. the essential oil, you will get from a beauty shop. the only problem is the hairina capsule that is available only in kolkata and few other cities.. i stay in mumbai and its not available here… do tell if you can find it at any other place.

  34. @Supriya, u have tried it na, u saw any results?? Like regrowth n all or hair getting thicker than before??

  35. hey tapaswini….. wrr u dear…y u r not replyin to any1s queries???????
    can u pls temme , i have to consult a doctor b4 takin sahul hairin capsule??? and for how long i have to take that capsule???? is it harm ourselves in the long run????

    pls do reply dear…………

  36. to all IMBB-ians who is trying tapaswini’s hair regrowth method … can u pls reply for ma above query????? pls , pls, psl……….. ;(

  37. to all IMBB-ians who is trying tapaswini’s hair regrowth method … can u pls reply for ma above query????? pls , pls, pls……….. ;(

  38. thanks tapaswini for sharing your secret..have started this regime (minus coconut oil) ..people tell hair look nourished and somewhat shiny now.

    want my hair to thicken and increase volume ( as they were) …lost lot of hair last year trying to restore that now. Read ur post took almost 6 months ..will continue this formula lets see 🙂

  39. Hi Tapaswani,
    i have a sever problem of hair fall..and i was going through the options of making oils and using it..so you are saying with your oil receipe..you got new hair also..and ur hair stoped falling….and how long did u use the oil before you could see the improvement..and how often do you recommend putting the oils in the beginning.thanks

  40. Hi Tapaswani,

    I have thin, limp, dry hair and scalp.
    I have a severe problem of hair fall – one of factors could be less sleep – I sleep for only 5 hours everyday (as I have a small baby)
    Sometimes, I feel that I am balding…

    Sometime back – a friend told me home-made oil recipe – which I have been using for nearly 2 months now. It goes as follows:
    1) 5ml Almond Oil
    2) 2.5ml Castor Oil
    3) 5ml Coconut Oil
    4) 5ml Olive Oil.

    I mix these in the above quantity and apply it on my hair and scalp every alternate night – and wash it the following morning.

    Initially, it worked – as I could see reduction in hair loss and shine too (in my hair).
    However, I have again started experiencing hair fall – should I add Bringhraj Oil to the above mixture also?

    Please let me know about the mixture that I am using and whether – I should add/remove some ingredient to it.

    Thanks and Regards,

    P.S: I don’t have any problem of dandruff (at any point of the year)

  41. hi m new user where can i get vitamin e capsules from
    i lve in mumbai.plz let me knw abt the sites or shops where i can get deez.coz i’ve been to medicals n beauty shops but dint get dem.so lemme knw

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  43. hi..great article 🙂
    i have oily scalp n bad dandruff.. 🙁 due to it i suffer from hairfall…plz help me to regain my loss hair…lukin forward to hear from u 🙂

  44. Hey Tapaswani, very informative article..m having severe hairfall since like a long tym ..n i feel lyk getting bald now ..i wish to try this recipe too n wish it helps..

    Just had sum querries:

    1). Almond oil of patanjali comes in 60ml pack.. n u’ve mentioned 80ml ..of each- almond n coconut oil ;

    2). Im not getting this Sahul hairina capsule nywer , so kindly best suggest . Also m having a 2.6yrs baby, whom i still bf in night , so is it fine to take these ;

    3). My hairs r very dry , lustreless , frizzy ..u suggested Jiva range of shampoos, which one u took … and which conditioner u used ;

    Kindly revert asap… if this works, i wil b really thankful to u from the bottom of my heart .TIA

  45. I have dandruff and itchiness on my scalp. My hair type is normal. But now a days become oily. Not all products suits me. I consulted dr also but i cant see much result of his medicines. Pleas let me know what to do

  46. Hi Taps,

    Very nice blog and thanks for the pics. It helps to understand which products you used. Can you please specify which Vitamin-E capsules you used and where do you get it?
    Also, sahul hairina oil is available online. Dont see the capsule. Can you please help where can I get it online?


  47. hi Tapaswini,

    I m suffering severe hair lossing problem and i found ur blog and feeling happy with ur blog after reading recipes for prevening hair loss. I ve almost all, but i am confusing which vitamin E serum use for hair 🙁
    I found Jason Vitamin E 5000IU skin oil.Can i use that for hair with other oil???
    I found some Vitamin E serums which r having gelatin and also those are supplements.
    And i am not getting Auroma magic stimulate oil.I am searching that oil,if not what is the replacement for that?

    please guide on that, so i can start my hair care. plz little sooner…..


  48. Dear I am going through severe hair loss, taking supplements like vitamin E and C, Omega3 n other prescribed medicines by doc. But still not getting relief. Most irritating thing is that I get more hair breakage while OILING. What should I do??Help :'( P.S I use mixture of Almond oil, castor n coconut oil n Vitamin E. Shampoo Nuforce lotion as prescribed my doctor

  49. I am not sure whether you are still active or not, I would like to thanks Tapaswini. I used it back in 2012 and have seen amazing results back then but stopped using for a while after that and trust me, thats the worst thing I have done to my hair. I have my damaged my hair so much that I had to visit a doc and to take a treatment to get back my lost hair, that too doc promised only 25% of my lost hair :'(. I even developed bald patches in the front part of my hair. Thats when I remember about this post I have seen 4 years back and used fr around 2 years and it gave me awesome results. Mine is oily scalp (if i do not wash even fr a day, my hair becomes oily). My doc asked me not to apply hair oil at all, but it has become unmanageable and tangled.
    I have been searching for this article link fr sometime now and gald I found this again (joy). I am going to start this “magic potion” again. Really Thanks alot, you are a savoir.

  50. Hi tapaswani i m 26 year old i have very thick hair in previous .bt now i loss my thick hair .now my hair are very thin and easily come out.i lost my hair due to thyroid can it combat my hair .kindly help me to solve this problem.and suggest me good shampoo also.

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