How To Make Skin Lightening and De-Pigmentation Face Pack

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Hope your week is going along just fine. Today I have got a really simple yet effective recipe for skin lightening and de-pigmentation. Now, this one’s coming straight from my kitchen! There is one ingredient which is almost always mentioned in any of skin lightening/brightening products, which ‘Liquorice’ also sometimes is written as ‘licorice’. I thought of experimenting with this powerful herb along with another powerful ingredient, and it indeed turned into a potent mixture!

Skin Lightening Face Pack

So read on to find out which is the other ‘magical’ ingredient that will finally answer your prayers for a lighter/brighter skin and an effective anti-pigmentation face pack.


• Yastimadhu or Mulethi or Liquorice powder – 1tbsp
• Cooked oats – 1 tsp (cooked in water if you have oily skin and cooked in milk if you have dry skin)
• Your favourite natural toner or rose water – to form a paste (I have used my Auravedic toner here to add onto the benefits)




• Cook the oats in water or milk as mentioned above, and let it cool.
• Add the liquorice root powder and mix well.
• Add rose water or any liquid to make a thick paste.

How to use this Skin Lightening and De-Pigmentation Face pack:


• Wash your face with warm water and ensure it is clean.
• Apply the pack evenly and massage into your skin for 5 minutes.
• Leave it on for another 15-20 minutes.
• Wash it off with Luke warm water.
• Rinse last with cold water and moisturise.
• Use this daily or at least thrice a week for 1 month to see the results.

Benefits of the ingredients in this Skin Lightening and De-Pigmentation face pack:

Liquorice: Liquorice is a great herb in Ayurveda which is not only great for health and throat, but also beneficial for skin and hair.


• Liquorice, as a natural element, has a mild smoothening and brightening action.
• Used in serums, spot treatments, cleansers, and moisturizers, it helps in fading of hyper- pigmentation and sun damage for all skin tones in a safe manner.
• It blocks melanin production to prevent the formation of hyper-pigmentation. Its usage leaves the skin brighter, hydrated and clearer.
• The root extracts are potent for red, acne-prone skin as well as for dull complexions and dehydrated skin.



• Oats are known for their skin lightening effects as well as improving the skin tone and texture by smoothing out blotchy areas.
• They are great skin cleansers as they contain ‘saponins’.
• It creates a protective barrier for your skin and makes your skin very soft and smooth to touch.

Additional Ingredients that you can add:
• Rice Powder – Great for soft and bright skin.
• Raw organic honey for amazing moisturising effect.

Don’t make it too complicated by adding various ingredients, keep it simple and use it consistently for at least 1-2 months to notice the results. This is one of the best recipes to lighten your skin, tan and de-pigmentation. Also works effectively on dark circles!

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  1. Hey thank u so much fr the arricle..i hav pigmentation on my skin..i hav a question..can i use licorice root powder instead of licorice pwdr or are both the same??

  2. Vidhhiiiiiii…. u hv nailed it again darling… u know naa i m fan of ur diy posts.. bt wait mulethi as n in facepack…. i never knew mulethi is also known as liquorice n cud b used like this toooo… will def try as i hv pigmentation around my chin.. plz tell how to use this on dark circles.. as it is or we need to add sum more things

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