Five Great Ways to do Neon Right

Five ways to do neon right

I think we’ve all been pretty anti-neon right from the beginning. Reason being; it’s too bright, too over the top, just too much. The usual idea was that it made you look like a disco light. But whats so wrong with that? The idea is to stand out, isn’t it? Neon is big, big, BIG, this summer. And I’m sure you wouldn’t want to miss out.

neon trend summer 2012
Neon is one of the hottest trends this season. It’s fun, interesting and new. But it’s not the easiest thing to pull off and there’s a very fine line between looking chic and looking like a street sign. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be done. So read on for five ways to pull off one of the hottest and hardest trends this summer.

1) Skirts:
A neon skirt is a good way to go, especially in the Delhi summers. Keep the cut girly but the colour super bright so that they balance each other out. Now all you have to do is throw on a black tank on top. If you’re fearless, go with a neon top too! You could also go with sheer shirts and some artful layering, but skirts work a lot easier and are totally fuss-free. And neon lace adds a flirty feminine touch to your outfit.

neon skirts

2) Accessories:
If you’re not brave enough to risk neon in your outfit, why not go with some OTT accessories? It’s a great way to stay on trend without accidentally going wrong. You can add a neon belt or bag to your outfit for instant chic. Glam it up with a bow infront or just go plain colour, both work equally well. Shoes are a great option too. They keep things interesting and totally make the outfit worth it.

neon shoes , neon belts

3) Watches:
Yes, I know a watch is an accessory, but it works differently and is a personal favourite! A neon watch won’t require planning or coordinating for it to go perfectly with your outfit. Instead it’ll integrate easily with almost anything, giving it a fun, quirky quotient. No planning required. I could wear a neon watch all week and never get bored.

neon watch

4) Nails:
Nail polish lovers unite. Because nothing is simpler or more fun that neon nails!! You have so many colours and so many ways to play around with. And the best part is; you can keep changing the colour to go with what you’re wearing. Hello fun manicures!

neon nail paints

5) Dresses:
Now THIS is for the boldest of the bold. If you’ve got the courage to wear a solid neon dress you’ll be sure to stand out in the sea of boring colours and prints. Definitely a style statement worth making, if you’re up for it. So the next time you’re out picking an evening dress, don’t hesitate to go for a neon green or pink. You’ll definitely make heads turn.

neon trend 2012 Neon dresses

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16 thoughts on “Five Great Ways to do Neon Right

  1. Good article FO. For me, it will be neon accessories. might also consider a skirt or tights with subtle white/black or sheer tops. Your idea of layering is also good. Cant go for total neon outfits though. 🙂

  2. I agree with ashu above in every point! While I regularly sport neon nails and belts and leggings….I just cant wear a whole neon dress….the idea is to stand out WITHOUT looking like i’ve just run away from the circus 😀

  3. Great article 🙂 Will def try out some of these tricks 😛
    Hehe I’ve always loved and worn neon everything ! I guess it would be a change for me to wear sober colors 🙂 !

  4. Excellent article FO. I think the easiest way is to accessorize and use fab neon nail paints. I have sort of taken a break from neons for a while but guess now I want to dig in neons again. :))

  5. neons are so flirty..i love the first dress in the first pic – the green and yellow outfit. loved Jennifer Lopez’s outfit shoes with a yellow outfit?? how cool is that!!!!..:)

  6. lovely article i m little scared of neon colors i always go with basic colors……… yesterday my mom brought a neon green (more on green side) top i really dont know how to coordinate it…any suggestion gals

    1. It’s a top, wear it like any other. Just pair it with jeans or denim shorts or even a skirt and go with some hot pink shoes? This way, you can keep it basic but colourful. Or if you’re brave enough maybe a neon yellow skirt?

  7. Thank you all, and everybody should definitely try it. and to those who already did before it was ‘in’; hats off 🙂

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