Top 10 Winter Must Haves


The idea for this post came from yesterday’s Currently Loving Post. I thought I’d do a full on elaborate winter must haves post. Well, why not? 😀

Body and Face Scrubs :I use scrubs the most during winters. They keep my dry skin behaving. I am not fond of Brazil Nut Body Shop body scrub but since I have it, I am using it anyway.And Aromamagic Coffee Scrub for face you already know it. 😀


Body Lotions : Lotus Cherry bliss is a lightweight one so I keep it handy for daily use. Vanilla Velvet one is thicker and more moisturizing so works better for my dry skin especially during these months.


Eye Cream : Apart from the regular winter moisturizers, I stress a lot of putting under eye cream. Love the Forest Essentials Anise Eye Cream.


Vaseline for feet : I use either vaseline or that basic Nivea cream for night on my feet. Can’t do without these.


Hand Cream : I absolutely adore this Soap and Glory Hand Cream but this is not working well enough now that the months are drier. I think I’d pick up one from L’occitane or the Body shop Hemp Hand Cream.


Hair Masque for dry hair : I also tend to use more hair masks in winters. My absolute fav is one by l’occitane.


Lip Scrub : If you are a lipstick lover, you gotta have a lip scrub handy at all time. My Current fav is the Bliss Lip scrub.


Lip Balms, Lip Balms, Lip Balms : Vanilla, Cocoa,Velvety Rose from Lotus are my current fav.


I stress a lot on Dewy Skin during winters : So I use an illuminating primer from Chanel, Benefit High Beam for highlighter and MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural for touch ups.


Red, burgundy and soft warm beige Lipsticks : Bobbi Brown Crimson, Lotus Magenta Fire, Bobbi Brown Warm beige.



So what are your winter must haves? 🙂

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29 thoughts on “Top 10 Winter Must Haves

  1. OMG! I am using exactly same products right now! *happy dance*

    Except for the lip scrub and lotus lipsticks, which I dont have. Every thing else is my current fav too! *happydance*

    Lovely pics, very warm and wintery!

  2. hello di..i wanted to know whats the difference between high beam and an illuminator.??.also whats the diiference between the formulation of hand cream and feet cream??..can’t we just use a body lotion on both hands and feet??
    and yah from what i have seen you are a amazing person.. *puchhi* love u..and our blog..cheers to imbb *pompom*

  3. lovely compilation…
    out of the list, I have this soap n glory hand cream, lip balm n vaseline..will pick up the FE eye cream!

  4. Amazing list! I need to get that lotus body lotion and lip balm. My vaseline one is a about to finish. Also I wanted to ask which shade of tinted mosturizer of lotus you use? I have the same skin tone as you and have to order online so confused about the shade. I have asked this to you twice before but you didnt rply. 🙁

  5. Hi! I have super dry skin. Which body lotion do you think i should use? Lotus Vanilla Velvet or Vaseline cocoa glow? Please help!

  6. OMG Rati..drooling over the piccys.. I agree hand food is not coming handy in this season *nababana* *nababana* I will check out the hemp one from TBS *puchhi* *puchhi*

  7. i loveeee this winter edit post *clap* *clap* superrr like BB’z burgundy one and the FE eye cream 🙂 how are the winters in delhi treating u ????

  8. I am using a couple of products u’ve mentioned – vaseline, mac skinfinish and the forest essentialls eye cream but thats part of my daily routine. The only little change for the winter is I apply more moisturizer on my face before applying my maybelline dream satin liquid foundation (this I bought just 2 days ago :)).

    I am back to experimenting with TM and foundations. Lotus TM just not suiting me unfortuntely. *waaa*

  9. so many products on one shelf.. *drool* , beautiful pictures rati di..i am surely picking the FE eye cream, need it badly… *haan ji*

  10. Goodmorning Beautiful.. i love this post.. and yup dewy skin in winters looks amaaazzinggg *hifive* .. i have to repurchase FE eye cream glad u reminded *happy dance* *happy dance* warm lippie shades are wonderful.. helpful post 🙂 🙂

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