Today’s Fashion Trend: Anarkali Salwar Suits

Today’s Fashion Trend: Anarkali Salwar Suits

If I ask you ‘Can you name a woman who doesn’t possess an anarkali salwar kameez?’, I am sure you are going to scratch your head, visualize the face of every woman you know and then finally reply: ‘Errr…well….I can’t!’ That is quite obvious. Afterall, these Anarkali salwar suits have become a favourite of every woman we have here! I love them too. So, here is my article on Anarkalis and I am sure, this will furnish you with every little fact you want to know about these suits, which have captured the heart of every woman in love with a revitalized vintage style statement!


Anarkali salwar suits: What is special?

The origin of Anarkali suits can be traced back to the bygone Mughal era. It almost faded into oblivion for quite sometime in between; then, anarkalis made a ravishing come back into the world of fashion. While the concept is still an old one, fresh designs and innovative patterns adorn these beautiful suits that add a different dimension to your looks! They are ethnic, they are fashionable, they give you a royal feel and they intensify your femininity! This unique combination of tradition and trend makes these frock-style salwar suit a special outfit for women of today.

Anarkali salwar suits: The varieties and types

Anarkali salwar kameez can be made out of a variety of fabrics, be it net, chiffon, georgette, silk or cotton, which can be worn to different occasions. These suits can be of various types. The most commonly known ones are:

1. Bridal anarkali suits: As the name suggests, bridal anarkalis are richly embroidered with lace, sequins, stones and zari. The bride looks gorgeous and beautiful in these heavily embellished anarkali suits.

2. Party wear anarkali suits: When you want to be the centre of attraction in a special occasion, make sure you pick a party wear anarkali with rich fabric, vibrant colour and lovely cut.


3. Cotton anarkali suits: If you want something comfortable yet gaudy this summer, choose a cotton anarkali to suit your needs. Made from crisp cotton fabric, you get them in soothing colours and fresh designs.

4. Silk anarkali suits: When you want to attend a wedding or a family function, you could go for an anarkali suit in silk. They are stunning and make you look so dignified.

How to choose anarkali salwar suits?

When you choose an anarkali suit, keep these couple of things in mind:

• What’s the occasion: Obviously, the occasion is most important when you want to invest in an anarkali. Anarkali salwar suits are naturally gorgeous. So, if you want to go for a party, you get so many options. Get a silken or netted one, with sequins and embellishments. However, if you want something for daily wear, get something in cotton, which will give you a toned down look. However, it is always good to keep it classy, no matter what the occasion is!


• Your physical attributes: If you have a striking figure, long legs and good height, you need not worry about anything! Anarkalis would obviously look exquisite on you. Catch a glimpse of Bollywood queens like Sonam Kapoor, Kareena Kapoor and Anushka Sharma; you will surely know what I mean. However, if you are little and petite, pick anarkali suits with modest flares. Try to find out something that is not going to hide your legs completely. The best part is, anarkali suits ten to hide the flaws of your body in an efficient way.

Anarkalis salwar suits are in vogue in the fashion world of today. If you want to look elegant while putting only a little bit of effort, anarkali suits are must-haves for you. Just keep your accessories right and you are ready to rock the show!

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  1. Yes exactly bang on Somreeta *happy dance* *happy dance* i love wearing anarkali suits *happy dance* it actually flaunts your waistline when you have a slim waist *jalwa* and makes me look tall also *happydance* i recently bought 4 anarkali’s and not a single A-line dress *happydance* *happydance* loving all of them *happydance*

  2. I wore salwar kurta as a child but got bored of them. I’m pretty sure these Anarkali Suits got me to wear some traditional outfits. I love them 😀 *thankyou* for the post.

  3. Lovely post… *clap* my mom is a fashion designer and she is getting a lot of anarkali suits for designing… *happydance*

  4. Even i am loving anarkali suits these days *drool* *hifive* they look cery feminine and decent yet stunning *jalwa* they have come back to the trend n will always be *pompom* i bought 4 anarkalis recently n loving all of them *happy dance*

  5. wow….nice article. BTW saloni u frm mumbai na?? can u guide me mumbai mein ache anarkali suits kaha se milte hai….comin mumbai for shopping? ne other readers frm mumbai ls help

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