7 Great Tips on How To Wear a White Outfit

7 Great Tips on How To Wear a White Outfit


White is a muted, elegant, striking colour and is known to be versatile since it can be combined with any other colour when thinking of an outfit. Sometimes you might think wearing an all-white outfit is boring and lacks any sort of imagination but that need not be true. Remember that iconic photograph of the gorgeous Marilyn Monroe in that white dress billowing out in the front? All she had on was that dress, red lipstick, fabulous hair and her million dollar smile!

Marilyn Monroe

Read on to find out how you can look classy, breezy or elegant, or all three with an all-white outfit!

1. Be confident: Confidence transforms anyone. Forget the rule book and play by instinct. Plus you would be following in the footsteps  of a lot of well-dressed celebrities in white. Carry off your outfit with ease and most of all have fun!

2. Texturize: Experiment with textures. Try white jeans or wide jackets, flowy chiffon dresses, crisp cotton shirts, soft satin dresses and so on. Layer necklaces to add that little extra something to your all-white outfit. Using different textures adds depth and dimension to your look.

Ashley Tisdale

3. Layering: Layering always makes an outfit look well-fitted and stylish. A long blazer over a top and jeans, or a cropped jacket over a tank top does wonders to emphasize your white outfit and make you look well-turned out.

White javket

4. Matchmaking: A popular Spring 2013 trend is to wear a set – a matching blazer and tailored pants or a skirt with the same pattern on both. A pair of tailored shorts or a pencil skirt and a structured blazer would also help for a day look. Layer a white bralet or cami under your shirt to create the illusion of a plunging neckline. For evening wear you could go for matching trousers and a blazer for a chic look.

Taylor Swift

5. Invest in the best: If you feel like buying a lot of clothing items in white is a bit much, invest in one statement piece like an oversized white bag, a jacket or a white flowy dress – so that you can mix it up and use it multiple times in different outfits.

6. Silhouettes: The eventual effect of an all-white outfit depends on the kind of silhouette you want to create. If you are wearing palazzo pants or a flowy, maxi skirt, wear a form-fitting top or tuck the shirt in. The key is balance. If you wear tight pencil pants, pair it with an oversized top, and a shapeless dress could be cinched at the waist with a nice belt. Blazers also add structure and form to outfits.


7. Accessorize! The best way to complement your all-white outfit is to accessorize. If you want a pop of colour, try colourful bubble necklaces – metallic shades look lovely with white so you could top it off with a sequined gold clutch. If you want to keep the entire outfit white, try neutral shades for accessories, such as a pair of nude pumps.

Neon Green Bag

I hope these tips helped. Have fun and don’t be afraid to carry off an all-white outfit the next time you feel like dressing up!

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