Eliza Donatein Little Black Dress

Eliza Donatein Little Black Dress

Here, I am reviewing the Eliza Donatein Little Black Dress and a look based on it.

Eliza Donatein Little Black Dress


Eliza Donatein.

Bought From:
Shopper’s Stop.

1499 INR.



Black and white belt (also bought from Shopper’s Stop) and a black leather clutch.

Marie Claire ballerinas with an ornamental decorative piece on it (no it doesn’t look like a Christmas bauble gone wrong at all, I assure you πŸ˜€ )


Hola ! πŸ˜› Imbbians ! πŸ˜› okay, riding high on your warm welcome of my first review, I couldn’t help but come up with a second πŸ˜› and it isn’t my fault at all, because IMBB manages to be more addictive than all the substances on earth put together and swirled in a giant washing machine :P, what a horrendous metaphor, yeah, yeah, I would better get on with my review πŸ˜›

So, I had this LBD (Little black Dress ), mine is more of a SBD (short black dress ) than a TBD (tiny black dress ) or a MBD (microscopic black dress ), which seems to be perennially in Vogue and is supposedly a must-have in every other fashion conscious woman’s wardrobe and the length? Oh yes, I suppose you choose it according to your comfort and age, well since I seemed to be highly uncomfortable in a MBD or even an TBD for that matter, I went ahead with a SBD version of the black dress.

What a fuss really :P, I know, its just a piece of black garment I am harping upon, isn’t that’s what advertising all about? πŸ˜›

Well, I don’t work for any firm, I am not even of the legal age to do so, so you can be assured that my opinions are honest and my blatant advertising if any are purely devoid of any evil intentions πŸ˜€

Okay, this LBD’s been lying about in my wardrobe for quite a while, squashed among other dresses, I rarely get to wear, why, because I told you I am a much much lesser known individual living in a society where people ogle women on screen wearing dresses and think its proper to do so even at the girl next door even with 1/10th of her leg showing :/ okay well, I mean, you can’t wear it while going grocery shopping or visiting your neighbor like those dreamy creamy Star World soaps portray, hell women, they have a whole camera crew behind their back along with stylists and nail filers and umbrella holders and what not! πŸ˜›

You can surely wear it to a girl’s night-out at a posh restaurant (imitating the French pronunciation with a flourish β€˜resto(n)raa’ and yeah deciding to shut up ) or at a party where you know everyone’s going to turn up in a dress anyway because the men are going to put on a tuxedo – what the heck πŸ˜› or to a dinner event, where you are assured of private car transport to and fro from your venue πŸ˜›

Enough of my reality talk (as if reality TV wasn’t boring you enough), let’s get to the fantastical event of looking fab in a LBD. Β Let me show you how its done πŸ˜›

The dress is an Eliza Donatein creation, priced desirably at 1499 INR (gosh the profit they must be making – I can hear some minds go including mine πŸ˜› ), but the material is durable and LADIES ! you won’t believe this ! this dress has managed to put glam, stylish, without being too revealing yet comfortable in one sentence :P; yeah I was stunned too, isn’t that considered no less than blasphemy in fashion? πŸ˜› so would say the judges on America’s Next Top Model with a swing of their skinny oil-free super styled heads πŸ˜›

So, this is mostly going to be a picturesque review, Β (yeah I can literally predict those knowing looks and shaking of heads) with some of my personal opinion of course πŸ˜› (knowing smiles πŸ˜› yeah I get it πŸ˜› ).

The dress label, this is Eliza Donatein Short Black Dress in Small – 81 cm.

It has other sizes available too, you have to check whether you can get it at Shopper’s Stop or any other retailer`s Β or any LBD or MBD :P. Β You prefer if you like the look of β€˜the look’ I have tried to put together with this one πŸ˜›

A little verification of my aforesaid claims :P, yeah, I wasn’t exaggerating πŸ˜› its just my behavior πŸ˜›



Err, why is Rosie Huntington Whiteley hiding underneath my gorgeous clutch? Β She loves the feel of the soft leather I suppose. You can get it at any leather goods manufacturer, I have a tendency to pool my money into goods of Indian businessmen (a twisted form of patriotism πŸ˜› ) and especially if they are good affordable stuff – why not? So, this one I got from Sreeleather’s.

Belt: Β Price 360.


Got this black and white belt from Shopper’s Stop when I bought the dress keeping in mind the fact that this colour combo would go with most of my other clothes and this SBD and give me a classic look too, I hope I make sense πŸ˜› Try colourful belts with an LBD, just to break away from the pattern and give the look some colour and dimension.



Aha! Sarah Jessica Parker weren’t the only one to go bankrupt as the movie character Carrie from Sex and the City. Β It’s a deadly affliction with little or no cure πŸ˜› ( I can see some wistful male faces nodding in agreement and some female faces going all gleeful πŸ˜› with no extra blusher needed πŸ˜€ )

Brand: Β Marie Claire.

Price: Β 1199 INR (A perfect multiple of 11 πŸ˜› I love the arithmetic progression of the the digits taken in groups of two, so yeah, I can definitely justify this purchase πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ )

Finally, the dress *drums and colours* (the dramatic significance of this would’ve done Shakespeare proud πŸ˜€ )

Eliza Donatein Dress

The material has tiny flower-shaped err.. well yeah intentional β€˜holes’ in them πŸ˜› as one man would say to another :P, butΒ they are ultra miniscule and looks pretty and sensuous. Β So, no harm done really, yeah.

Black dress

The dress looks deceivingly simple and is truly very wearable. Β I wouldn’t go into the unfathomable and unending discussion of what is decent and what’s not here :P. Β This I feel can be carried off by women and girls alike and that is why I reviewed it in the first place. It is sleeveless, made of a very comfortable material which incidentally absorbs sweat too (might you land in an embarrassing or stressful situation sending your sweat glands to work overtime or for whatever other πŸ˜› err… reasons πŸ˜› ) Its mostly cotton blended with maybe lycra. I am not too sure.


Finally, here’s me sporting the SBD πŸ˜›


So, here’s Β my look with the SBD and the accessories mentioned above.

Multiple hours in the sun for Sports Day in the school has got me all healthily tanned (thankfully sighs), so all charged with vitamin D, I bring this exclusive review πŸ˜›

For the face makeup: Β I intended to keep the look dramatic (why because I wasn’t obviously wearing this look to the grocery store πŸ˜› ), so a Revlon lip shade in red and kohl-smudged eyes and with copious lashings of mascara (I used Maybelline Volume Express – its more dramatic than my MaxFactor 1000 calorie one). Β I bronzed the cheeks, the forehead and a pint on the cupid’s bow with yeah I know-how-stupid-this-sounds-but-its-just-a-sentence :P, the Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse Bronzer and I accessorized one of my dad’s antique lamps to add some unique nocturnal drama to the picture (yeah as if the blood red lips weren’t enough ):P.

For the hair, I technically washed it and used a leave-in-conditioner and combed it out with normal fan air; I am very anti-heat as long as my hair is concerned :P. Β Being an Aquarian, I am already hot-tempered, I surely don’t need any machinery related assistance on that for sure πŸ˜› :P, hope you liked this look and I am open to further suggestions if you have any :P.

Thank you if you had the patience and courage to see this review till the last :P.

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  1. Awesome post Arja! i’ll surely go n check for size ‘M’ in shopper’s stop.
    I like the clutch as well .cannot see its price anywhere…have u mentioned it in this post?

  2. My My :thumbsup: :thumbsup: U r luking smokin HOT Arja :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: i agree with Aruna need super fit figure to carry such bold otfit

  3. Arja, you look awesome . :d I have a similar dress in bloo. :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: I love you your eyes looking in last pic. :puchhi: :puchhi: :puchhi:

  4. I really liked ur writing style.. its so phunnyy.. :teeth :teeth :teeth ..
    but loved the first pic the most.. u looking so sensuouesss.. πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ ..

  5. really love to read you, Arja, you are so amusing and informative all at once. and you look smoking HOT! you rock the look :stars:

  6. I loved reading the article and staring at the pictures. :woot: :teddy: :teeth :pompom:
    I can think of sooooooo many ways to wear that LBD! :woot: I’l get one as soon as I lose some weight. :joker:

  7. ooooo…greeeaat figure….cool dress…and i see u have replaced your trigo sheet with vogue…good going πŸ˜› and i soo agree with all your heart-rending lament about the suppossed propriety code wen it comes to women’s dresses in india πŸ™ (I suffer quite regularly on tht count (what does one do when you hv to go to a cool party but u hv to avail PUBLIC TRANSPORT? ugghhhh :scream: :pan: ))
    the only thing that didnt go down very well with me is your extra-dark eyes….but thts only coz when I try to do it…i end up looking like a panda :panda:

  8. Thank you all of you – the blind ‘idiota’ that i am – i promptly missed the posting of this article even after checking the site religiously for the last two days :yahoo: :yahoo: Thank you for the kind comments :thanks: :thanks:

  9. @oopsii πŸ˜› aahahaha πŸ˜› i know seriously – in that case the only wildly imaginative option would be to carry the dress (in that clutch??? naaaah ) in a duffel bag and secretly change in the loo πŸ˜› or to wear the glitzy top then cover it with a huge faded oversized tee,so no unsuspecting individual can even get a whiff of how hot you are underneath it all πŸ˜› yep trigo sheet`s gone πŸ˜› :lol2: vogue made a better contrast to it πŸ˜› thanx for the entertaining comments and for reading it (^_^)

  10. @ Rati di : bloo`s one of my fav colours actually πŸ˜› since i change skintones faster than a chameleon (due to my unfortunate forays into everything ‘sunny’ πŸ˜› ) ,blue suits me at any time of the year ,and there is atleast one shade of blue that suits everyone ..Navy blue uniforms (remember ben affleck in pearl harbour ? ) :love: :love: πŸ˜› btw your complexion`s gorgeous – i`ll hunt down your skincare regime right now and adjust it accordingly it to my oily skin needs πŸ˜›

  11. @ pragnadweepta : your name`s so interesting πŸ˜› try the audrey hepburn look once if you want – with gloves and a exotically experimental hat πŸ˜› and do share some of those ideas you have got πŸ˜› πŸ˜› :tongue: :tongue: thanks for giving the review a read :thanks: :thanks:

  12. @ bee : * shoots as a meteor in the sky * * trying to not to act too pleased * hehehehe thank you,and looking forward to your posts alike :thanks: :thanks:

  13. @praseena – thank you for continuing to read what i pen down (or madly clatter away on my keyboard ) πŸ˜› I`m so very happy to know that my suggestions helped πŸ˜€ hehe :thanks: :thanks:

  14. @poo : Did it freshen you up like the listerine toothpaste (referring to the smiley) πŸ˜€ ? Sensuous? aww that`s the most ear-gratfying thing i`ve ever heard πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ thank you so much for giving this review a read :yahoo:





  15. @vikki : yep pretty and affordable too πŸ˜› :woot:

    @nids : and all i can say is :happydance: :happydance: :happydance: glad to know you liked the review πŸ˜›

    @jyo : thank you , my hunt for a proper camera person ended in the faithful reflection of the mirror πŸ˜› (everyone seems to be so busy these days *sighs * ) :thanks: for giving the review a read..

  16. @ jiya πŸ˜› πŸ˜› i`ll tell you the truth πŸ˜› Dont worry its not another Irritatingly -in- shape -even-after-marriage Lara Dutta wielding a bag of Kellog`s low calorie chocos in your face and whispering ‘I EAT ‘ so loud that you fall off the treadmill and crack you head instead :stars: πŸ˜› Its mostly swimming – being in a team or swimming indiavidually or with a coach obviously helps – or any form of natural exercise or sports ( if you love being outdoors like me ) and thats all .really. yea. no chocos πŸ˜› or a mythical mapple syrup diet (shut up demi moore for our sake πŸ˜› ) :jog: :jog: :jog:

  17. @ Srishi : do try it and if they are out of stock – try some other creation – am sure you`ll rock it in your own smouldering style :phoolan:

  18. @kimi : love your curled tresses in your dp :woot: looks so gorgeous πŸ˜› I am getting better at photography you say ? :thanks: :thanks: :thanks: for giving the review a read :shying:

  19. @ neha : :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: bong girl eh ? i`d rather like to be Pierce brosnan`s bond`s gal than craig`s anyday btw πŸ˜› thank youu for giving the review a read :thanks: :thanks:

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