Latest Trends in Fashion Accessories

By Melissa

Latest Trends in Fashion Accessories

Latest Trends in Fashion Accessories

Keeping in stride with the fashion industry mantra, “clothes make the man, but accessories define the outfit.”  Accessory trends for 2012 are emerging with elements of 2011. Trendy hats, the Gladstone bag, snoods, stylish sunglasses, wristbands and lanyards are just some of the accessories that take an outfit up a notch.

Trendy Hats:

amish hat

Hats are chic this season; both male and female fashionistas are donning them everywhere. The wide-brim hat, also called the Amish hat, is topping outfits with the popular retro and boho style. It’s a great look with loose blouses, flared trousers and double-breasted jackets. Gucci has designed a line of wide-brim hats to wear with high boots, pencil skirts and fur. Men are wearing wide-brim hats with coats and tailored suits for a 1930s gangster style.

fedora hats for women

The Fedora hat is still all the rage on runways and with celebs. There are so many styles and fabrics in this style hat, and it can be worn with just about any outfit. Men are wearing them with casual outfits and suits; women sport the Fedora hat with man’s wear styles.

The Gladstone Bag:

gladstone bag

The modern Gladstone bag, known as the doctor’s bag, is in the spotlight for 2012. This style bag dates back to the 19th century and was used primarily by doctors, lawyers and electricians. Today, this bag has been trumped up and stamped with legendary logos by designers. At Celine’s runway show, models pranced the catwalk with the sophisticated Gladstone tucked tightly under their arm. New hues of bright colors and a magnetic center have given the bag a unique ambiance. Gucci presented its oversized version in subtle colors of moon white, gray and sorbet yellow. The Gladstone bag is elegant and smart; it has quickly become the leader of the pack in woman’s handbags.



These fashionable scarves are comfortable, warm and add a splash of style to any outfit. Celebs and models are sporting brightly colored snoods to perk up their outfits and pastel snoods for a touch of elegance. Snoods come knitted or made of fur and are worn as head-wear or around the neck. Versace and Hermes have designed these luxurious scarves to be worn with everything, including evening dresses. Easy style and versatility propel snoods as a leading trend in accessories.


Stylish Sunglasses:

Colored sunglasses

From traditional to extravagant, stylish sunglasses are definitely in vogue. Cat-eye sunglasses continue to be popular and add a playful style to any look. Round glasses, sported by celebs like Lady Gaga and Elton John, are still trendy. However, new hues and patterns are on the horizon. Contract sunglasses with contrasting lenses and frames will be taking center stage in sunglasses fashion.

Wristbands and Lanyards:


Following in the pirate fashion of Johnny Depp, men are stacking up metal wristband and woven lanyards on both arms. The more the better is the mindset of this stylish trend. Evolving from the 1960s friendship bracelet, men aren’t fussy about the colors of their woven lanyards. Bright orange, vivid green and bold purple are popular colors for this swashbuckler look.

Johnny Depp

Men are also sporting metal wristbands for that rock star style but in a subdued manner. To tone down the hardware, rugged leathers combined with subtle metals are the new trend. It’s where the two worlds of rock and organic meet in fashion bliss.

About the Author

Melissa is a young but fearsome lady with painfully good sense of fashion and fashion streams. She writes for her own blog covering various fashion, health and beauty topics.  Please visit her blog facetwister to know more about fashion.

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