Designer Half Sarees: A Rising Trend

Designer Half Sarees: A Rising Trend   


Designer Half Sarees A Rising Trend

The “Anarkali dresses” are making a comeback in a big way.  Long Anarkalis with golden and colourful brocades are becoming such a huge rage.  Everyone from the pregnant Shilpa Shetty to the new gorgeous mom Aishwarya Rai to Anushka Sharma are looking graceful in Anarkalis, but I am not going to talk about them today because personally, I have had my run with Anarkalis and the long ones tend to make me look short. :((

Anushka Sharma

Pregnant Shilpa Shetty

Since last year, lehenga sarees or half sarees have been steadily gaining popularity as a replacement for traditional lehengas and sarees.    I have seen brides decked in half sarees looking resplendent. Those brides who are in a dilemma and cannot make up their mind whether to wear a lehenga or a saree for their reception, can opt for this because this is such an awesome hybrid.

Lehenga Sarees Half Sarees Rising Trend

The ease with wearing a lehenga saree is that you don’t have to pleat it like a saree, just tuck and drape it around once and you are ready to go!!

Raima Sen

For me personally, lehenga saree is a great option because I do not yet know how to wear a saree and I am not comfortable wearing lehenga, so all I have to do is to tuck and drape, and its all done.

A little while ago pre-stitched sarees were in vogue, but not everyone could carry it off with aplomb.

Another feature with half sarees is that you can mix and match it with contrasting dupattas. There is no thumb of rule in half sarees that dictates a particular color of dupatta for a certain lehenga. So, there is always a scope to experiment unlike a traditional saree.

I first saw lehenga saree when South Star Prithviraj’s bride wore it for her reception.  Take a look, its a perfect red bridal attire with heavy work. Do not miss the tassles hanging down from the lehenga, its kind of cute!

Prithviraj Reception Photos

The traditional half saree that South Indians wear looks like these:

Bhoomika Chawla

Hansika Half Saree

kajal agarwal

The charm of half sarees is that you can wear all the three pieces in stark contrasting colours, the blouse can be green, the dupatta can be yellow, and the lehenga can be red. Take a look at how Diya Mirza rocked it at one of the Riteish-Genelia pre-wedding functions.

Diya Mirza at Genelia's Sangeet

Most of the times, matching lehenga and dupatta also work in great way for half saree.  Take a look at this lady called Poornima Indrajith.

Poornima Indrajith

This lady in the below picture is wearing a heavy embellished piece though for me it is hard to tell whether it is a proper lehenga saree or a lehenga, but whatever it is, she is looking gorgeous.

Mammooty's son's marriage

Here’s designer Nishka Lulla at Riteish-Genelia Wedding in a slightly distorted half saree, whatever that means!!

Nishka Lulla

Last but not the least, Genelia was wearing a lehenga saree for her wedding reception and she looked gorgeous.

Genelia Wedding

So, what do you think of lehenga sarees, yey or nay.  For me, its a yay.  Do share your opinion.

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88 thoughts on “Designer Half Sarees: A Rising Trend

  1. I used to hate wearing Half sarees when i was in college.. (but those time it was just a combination of plain colors without any designer work in that)
    But now i just loved it :woot: :woot: :woot:

    Nice article Jomol, will buy soon :yahoo: :yahoo:

      1. Yes for Functions at home i used to wear.. i belong to chennai Jomol born in Tuticorin (thirunelveli district), there people used to stare at me when i wore Suits, over there Half Saree was the only dress accepted 🙂 now only the trend is changing in my native 🙂

          1. Yes Jomol, its very near to sea shore, even my house in Chennai is near to Sea shore, 10 mins walk.. You heard VGP beach in chennai (i am residing near to that) 🙂

            1. Wow….you are so lucky Shami…….I love beaches and having a home near is such a great thing…..I want to own at least a waterfront property one day :waaa:

              1. I have been to Marina Beach in Chennai Shami, but that was very crowded and I had to walk a lot in the sand to actually see the sea, but when I went to Pondicherry and Puducherry, I saw the most beautiful seas. :yahoo: :yahoo:

                1. My Area is not that much crowded, it will be similar to Pondicherry beach only 🙂

                  I never go to marina beach, toooo much crowd.. but i like Elliots beach or besant nagar beach, there is famous church in that place, visit it when you come to chennai next time :):)

              2. But Jomol, ppl who live near beach wont feel in that way, bcos we are used to that know, even my Colleagues from other parts of india told me that “We are lucky to have home near beaches”.

                I rarely go to beaches, once in a month or once in two months :headbang: :headbang: :headbang:
                But every weekend my son ask me to take him to beach :):)

                1. You rarely go to the beach :shocked: :shocked: :shocked: :shocked: :shocked: :shocked: :shocked: but I think in the evenings it might be fun. You know the home we stayed in Puducherry, we could hear the waves in the night. I still feel you are damn lucky :yes: :yes:

  2. Good Morning Jamuley !! :puchhi:
    Awesome Compilation…Loved Anusha’s anarkali suit :heart:

    I personally love anaarkali suits and have got so many of ’em :yahoo:
    Half sarees are soooooo comfortable !! I bought one from Bangalore :preen:

  3. Hey Jomol.. Nice article.. 🙂
    Can u pls suggest some good websites/place where we get good lehenga sarees.. I searched a lot for it in Bangalore.. But none were as impressive as the pics u’ve posted.. :star: :star: :star:

  4. Genelia in her wedding attire looks simply stunning!!!! :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot: I agree Jomol, these lehenga sarees so stylish and easy to wear :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

  5. Aaah that was a nice one Jomol.
    I am thinking of draping my beautiful dupatta in this style that i wore for my weddding with the wedding lehanga for the next function that i attend..

  6. Hi,
    I’ve been a silent spectator at IMBB for more than 6 months now and swear by the reviews before buying any small cosmetic stuff under the sky. Rati u’ve been doin a fab job. Keep up d gud work… :yes: I’m so so in love wid the Anarkali suits these dys… Don’t have one yet though… :worship: N i bet these lehenga sarees are jus awesome!

      1. Swathi….thank you for compliments and Rati…she is complimenting you for this awesome blog that you have created :puchhi: :puchhi: :puchhi: :puchhi:

  7. OMGGGG !! Jomo i want anushka’s anakrakali :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot: I have worn anarkalis so much that now I am quite bored of them but seeing this post, i want to pick up a new one soon :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

    and for people like me who cnt wrap sarres on their own, i think these half sarees are a great option. Loving Dia’s . :victory2:

    1. Ha ha ha … “people like me who cnt wrap sarees on their own”… I can totally relate with you on that…whenever I’ve to wear a saree I just do my makeup first and then wait for my mother-in-law to come and drape it 😉

    1. O:) O:) O:) O:) O:) O:) Bt i love this lehnga chunri style. Bachpan mein I used to so with with my skirts and mom’s dupattas. 😀 Dint know it would become a trend one day :hihi: :hihi: :hihi: :hihi:

  8. My sis’s wedding is coming up and I didnt want to wear a lehenga nor a saree for the recption.. my cousin suggested these lehenga sarees 😀 Great post Jomol..

  9. i loouuuuuuuuuuuddddddddddd the 12th lehenga a lot. its is beauuuuuutiphuuulllll…. :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot: . i’ll design somthing like this for my reception. :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: well whenever it happens :waiting:

  10. For my first KC, i wore my wedding lehnga and draped the dupatta like a saree… i was wayy ahead of the trend… :p

    nice work compiling all the pieces jomo 🙂

  11. Nice article Jomol with cool pics….I too love lengha sarees,. :heart: :heart: :heart: …I wore them for my civil wedding couple of years ago. :love: ….They have been in for quite awhile now….they are such a boon to ppl who are not pros is sari draping….

    With these type of sarees how ever , the pallu should be pinned up instead of let loose(flowy style) to see the true beauty of the saree…. However i struggle in pining up the pallu,,,, doesnt look quite good like in these pics

    1. Supriya, even half sarees have been worn in South India since ages, but the thing is that this trend is now catching up uniformly across India, so that’s why thought of bringing it up O:) O:) Both pinned up and flowing version looks good :love:

  12. I luv Anakali suits… biught 1 gr8 piece for myself this time n it luks gogs on me :whistle: :toothygrin: :victory2: … just tried till now.. waiting for the rght ocaassion to wear it… 😉
    n the half sarre is 1 thing tht i want to try next… thinking to pick 1 up for my brother’s marriga whenevr tht wud be… :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
    gr8 pics n post jomo. :clap: :clap: :pompom: :pompom: … u have really jagao my spirits to go shopping :stars: 😀

  13. Nids……I am so happy I jaagaoed your spirit. :happydance: :happydance: :happydance: :happydance: ….Nidsy, mera ehsaan kabhi nahin boolna :nonono: :nonono: :nonono: :nonono: :nonono: :nonono:

  14. :drool: :drool: :drool: :drool: :drool: :drool: @ Genelia’s lehenga!!! :heart: Thanku for this Jomol! U have revived the desire to wear anarkalis & half sarees!! :puchhi:

  15. I love anarkalis :pompom: :pompom: They suit me better than regular chudidar n suits :toothygrin: n the one Anusha is wearing is gorgeous Jomo :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot:
    Have not tried the half sarees though!!! :specs: may be this yr 😉

  16. Ekdum mast compilation Jomol..frm here & there & everywhere :dance:

    Am suppa duppa fan of Anarkalis..but not those OTT types.. :yuck: Sabyasachi makes the awsomestestest ones :jaiho: Baaki saare make ’em look like poori saree shop collaged in one piece :yuck:

    @Half sarees…I wear it the way we gujjus wear on chaniya choli or I wuld prefer like flowing dupatta over lehenga. This latest trend has yet to appeal me.. :haanji:

    1. Longggg backkkk..I used watch ‘Bournvita Quiz contest’ when Derek O’brien made his debut & he used to wear those droolworthy kurtas with geometrical work on it..very hat ke frm traditional ones & I used to wait to read the Costume Designer’s name & thats when I discovered Sabyasachi.. :teddy: Tab se me loyal to him :hugleft: In fact I have designed & embroidered 2-3 kurtas/sherwanis of my hubby in those assymetrical & geometrical ways & they became huge hit in Diwali Functions.. :dance:

  17. Jomol :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes:

    am so tempted to buy anarkalis.. But i’ve to lose so much weight to fit into those and luk gud… :waaa: :waaa: :waaa: :waaa:

  18. Good article Jomol!! Being a south Indian myself I have LOVEEEED half sarees since ages.. I wouldnt have to go through the torture of draping, not liking the pleats, and then re-draping till I get tired n wear a suit instead :lol2: :lol2:
    For some strange reason I also feel young when I wear these.. O:) O:)

  19. I bought lehanga for my reception it will look good rite? for tht ocssion i opted it becz its dfferent and trendy thz days i bought 2 colors purple n baby pink vch color shld i wear n i want to drape it lyk half sAree ll it luk gud plzz suggest

  20. I bought lehanga for my reception it will look good rite? for tht ocssion i opted it becz its dfferent and trendy thz days i bought 2 colors purple n baby pink vch color shld i wear n i want to drape it lyk half sAree ll it luk gud plzz suggest

  21. Lehenga style saree is the latest trend, Absolutely no other dress can hold a candle to a gorgeous and ethnic designer half sarees in bright color combination and heavy embroidery and embellishments that are usually done using Sarkozy stones, authentic beads and sequins, fine zari and laces.

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